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Oct 28, 2005, 03:00 AM
Hmm. Seems this game has more bugs and proper code. Atleast thats what i get from reading through the forums. Why is it that they release it now, instead of in some months? (think i might ask 2kgames). We already got some brand new, WORKING, games out the last couple of weeks, which i know is gonna require alot of time to play. Thinking about Fifa 2006, Age of Empires 3 and Football Manager 2006.
When Football Manager 2006 was released they offered a patch the same day that fixed some problems. ok. The game wasnt perfect, but there was a patch to download the day you got the game. 2Kgames gotta do alot better than this. Back in the old Civilization 2 days, they waited until the game was finished with releasing it.
It also seems like the coding itself could have been made so much better. People wonder why linux is faster and smoother than windows and programs for windows... Well. The Unix/linux coders do their job properly. If the game development want us to continue to purchase their products they better make the coding better. Use 6 months more with productive coding, instead of releasing it soon, full of bugs. I know i am more than willing to wait for the game if it runs smooth. You can do that with good coding. Now think twice before releasing a game. Do your job. All manifacturers.