View Full Version : Possible workaround for animated leader bug

Oct 31, 2005, 06:47 AM
Ok, there's this annoying bug that sometimes a foreign leader wants to talk to you the computer crashes. It seems that many of you are having that problem.

Here is a workaround that might help. I could play some time without crashing.

1) Search for the file Civ4Leaderheadshader.fx located in Civilization 4\Shaders\FXO
2) Simply rename the file
3) Play the game

Now, when talking to a leader, you don't see him, just his clothes. It's kind of stupid, but much better than a crash.
In addtion I encountered some issues with some units not displayed correctle (eg. helicopters).

This is not a solution, but maybe the game becomes playable for some of you. Please report your experiences!