View Full Version : Mon. vs Emp.

Nov 23, 2005, 04:35 PM
i was wondering if any one know the difference that AI get between Monarch and emperor, i know it does not get smarter but what does change?? after finishing my current monarch game i would like to try emperor. i usualy win on monarch( well for the the last 3 games i did) if i get good start loc.
I am a warmoger( or just think i am) i usualy go for domination/conquest victory??

If any one know what bonus AI get on Emp that is different from Monarch i would apriciate that. Tnx

Nov 23, 2005, 04:48 PM
I do notknow them, but they are all in the XML files. You can browse them and see what the handicaps are.

Nov 24, 2005, 12:29 AM
Where do you find XML files? I just have a lot of empty folders in my Civ4 directory.