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Feb 15, 2006, 08:20 AM
AS some of you are aware, some of the other teams have been recruiting "great" civ players for their teams. As we sort of discussed none of us at that time had won the game passed Monarch( that might have changed withnew faces), so do you guys know of anyone who is a "great" civ player that might be recruitable to our team.

Are you guys happy with our situation or do you think we should go recruiting.

Robi D
Feb 15, 2006, 08:28 AM
I wouldn't worry about it too much, since being able to beat the ai at higher levels doesn't mean you can beat a human player, however if anyone does know someone experienced at beating civ4 on the higher level then by all means, invite them to join the team.

Feb 15, 2006, 09:40 AM
i fully agreen with robi. also i think more important than beeing a "great" AI player is, that u r willing and have the time to join discussions. what could really help, would be people haveing much experience playing longterm multiplayer games.

Feb 15, 2006, 10:02 AM
Well we have a few on here already that have played long term games in multiplayer.

Feb 15, 2006, 10:10 AM
AI and human players are really different so even a warlord level player could in theory beat a monach player, i dont play many SG's which ive found the majority of experienced players are but i do play a few mp's so i might ask around.

Feb 15, 2006, 11:19 AM
I joined a few multiplayer games in the past few days to hopefully improve my feeling of how to play against real people. nice to the Chinese. :)

Feb 16, 2006, 06:40 PM
I am fairly confident that I beat emperor. But I haven't played game above monarch :)

Feb 18, 2006, 04:07 PM
i have beat monarch repeatedly :) but no more.

I have great faith in general Robi to steer us through the storm