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Sima Qian
Mar 27, 2006, 11:34 AM
I tried asking this question in a thread ( over at the C&C forum, but didn't get much of a response as they're mostly windoze users there. It's actually a peculiar situation, where my mod would work fine on windows (Vanilla v1.29) but cause some rather serious problems on a Mac.

To save you some of the trouble of reading through what I've already posted about this, I'll summarize:

I'm running a succession game ( with modified civ leaderheads and UU assignments. Everything works fine for me under XP, but one of our players is using a Mac and got this problem:

Actually I'm havign a problem too, the advisor windows have no background which makes the text very difficult to read and for some reason I can't change what I'm researching, and using the sliders is a very difficult task

In addition to that, whenever he tries to go to the foreign advisor window (via F4 or clicking the advisor head), the game crashes.

I thought I might have a corrupt or improperly formatted pcx file somewhere, but can't find it for the life of me.

I also thought it might be some problems I had in the pediaicons.txt file, since I thought the case-sensitivity and forward slashes used in MacOS might be an issue. But when I downloaded the Mac GOTM package and read the version in there, and everything is the same format as the windows version of pediaicons.txt, with the only difference being that the space was deleted from some lines like this:

Windows version:
# Small Tech Icons
Mac version:
#Small Tech Icons

I don't think that should be an issue, and since I'm not the one using the Mac, I can't really test it either.

Could it have anything to do with the different ways the Mac handles CR/LF characters?

I'd really appreciate any help from the Mac users here who might be able to help me track down whatever is causing the problem. Thanks in advance.

All the related downloads (for Vanilla v1.29):

Setup instructions: here ( and here ( (need to do both)

Mar 27, 2006, 02:14 PM
I downloaded the zip file, transferred all the files into my old GOTM modded installation for vanilla 1.29b2, backing up the two text files, of course, and launched your scenario as a random game. It came up to a 4000 BC starting position (playing as Apple, of course), and all the adviser screens opened as you'd expect.

Sooo .. I haven't played any turns, but it looks OK to me. I'd say tuplo may have a faulty installation.

[EDIT] I didn't do the unit duplications, as I wasn't planning to play it. I *think* all you need to do is to create folders for each of your new units and put copies of the .ini files from the original units in them, probably renamed to the new unit name. They should then point to the old unit graphics and sounds.