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Apr 15, 2006, 07:32 AM
We need to finish this up!!!

Is there any last things we can change now that the patch is out? Any last rule you want? Post now:

1.0. Out of Game Actions
1.1. Reloading
Reload the game save to gain an advantage is not permitted. These advantages can include, but are not limited to, getting better combat results, exploring more of the map, or any other in-game outcome.

1.2. Screenshot Trading
Screenshots taken in-game a city, minimap, or anything else are not to be traded to another team either as part of a deal or a gift until the required tech for map trading, Paper, has been discovered by one of the teams involved. Verbal descriptions using generalities and landmarks are allowed.

1.3. Save Manipulation
Editing the save file with or without a utility to gain an advantage and/or change game data is not allowed.

2.0. In Game Actions
2.1. Renaming Cities
Because cities are tradable, refrain from naming a city something that can be confused with something else, such as "8 Gold" or "Theology". Naming cities is allowed as long as it is not for trickery.

2.2. Gifting Units
Giftings units from a non-Militaristic civilization to a Militaristic civilization and back for the sole purpose of gaining 2 experience points for free is not allowed, nor is gifting/receiving units for the purpose of fighting an enemy while in an ally's territory who isn't at war with them, and then gifting it back to avoid it being killed.

2.3. Gifting Cities
Gifting a city to an ally when it is about to be taken in war, or to somehow gain an advantage is prohibited. Gifting cities are only allowed as gifts of goodwill, and each case will be reviewed by the administrators.

2.4. Suicidal Units
Attacking your ally's units or vice versa with the pure intent of gaining experience points, not for war, is not allowed. By suiciding warriors or any unit on each other, you can quickly gain many experience points.

2.5. New Exploits
This list does not cover all exploits; if you find an undiscovered one, it is your duty to inform the administrators. An amendment banning this exploit will require a simple majority vote.

3.0. Game Procedure
3.1. Time Allowed
Each team is allowed 24 hours to play the save and send it to the next team. If they are unable to do so, they may ask the administrators for an extension. No team has to use all 24 hours; please play promptly.

3.2. Sending the Save
When you are done playing the game, save it. Log into your team's email account, and attach the save and send it to the next team via email (see this thread ( for team email addresses). Also send it to the administrators.

After sending, post in the "Turn Tracker" thread that the save is on to the next team.

3.3. Battle Log
For convenience, please attach a battle log of your team's units against another team to an email and send it to them. An example line could read: "2.0 Warrior vs. 3.0 Archer - loses, Archer now 1.2".

3.4. Receiving the Save
When your team receives the save in its email, you are allowed one person to play the save. The others are allowed to open it and make any non-reverseable changes (build queues, tile allocation, etc.). The designated players will play the save and the cycle starts again.

3.5. Defeated Teams
If a team that a player was on gets defeated, he is permitted to join another team. However, he may give out no spoiler info (info that his new team does not have, yet his old team did), and if he thinks his suggested actions are tainted by his unfair knowledge, he must refrain from sharing his ideas.

3.6. Team Espionage
Trying to enter a team forum, joining multiple teams under different accounts, or processing through screenshot and save uploads, or anything else deemed as deliberate espionage is not tolerated will be harshly dealt with.

4.0. Amendment Listing
There are no current amendments.

Anybody see anything wrong..let me know or post in the ruleset discussion.