View Full Version : Tweaks for diplomacy schema

Apr 28, 2006, 04:40 PM
For those who are annoyed by the high rate of annoying demands from the AI (and the negative modifiers triggered), here is a tweak(and the file with):

Open XML LeaderHeadInfos , copy and move it to custom assets. Then:

For each leader, scroll down and search for Contact delays.


to 40.


to 40


to 100


to 100

This will double the amount of time between same type of demand. Changing to more than this may affect dramatically the game, never tested with more.
Only CONTACT_JOIN_WAR could be changed to something around 100 because even at 40 it acts same (AI is at war at least 10 turns, then 10 peace and not likely to start it again before 20 turns or so)

Have fun.

If anyone needs more diplomatic changes, feel free to ask, as I spent a lot of time looking at this file and it can change absolutely everything in diplomacy schema. You can have them always trading techs, open borders and such. Not sure it keeps the game challenging, but to everyone his/her style.

I know this may fit better in customization forum but IMHO its more about strategy than customization. If I am wrong, move it please :agree: