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May 01, 2006, 02:06 PM
Guv'na Whomp is growing mighty fond of this little coastal town on the sea.

Mic's Gate has become an integral part of the health of this great nation. This great city is renowned for its highly productive workforce mining the hills, working the forests, growing a village and most importantly its highly successful copper mines. Mic's Gates citizens are proud to have produced and provided the weapons for our many victorious and heroic axemen in our great struggle against the scourge of the world, Genghis Khan and his mongol hordes.

Though the city has been a production powerhouse it has lacked many of the necessary food resources to grow its population. The city has a magnificient library that's the envy of the sciencific community but few scientists can stay long enough before retreating to Boaring Wallow due to "The Gate's" food shortages. Mic's Gate also hopes to attract some fishing merchants to become a great commerce center as well.

To this end, Mic's Gate needs to achieve a goal of attracting many new citizens. The city, under the guidance and support of King DaveShack, is working hard on building a great construction project called a lighthouse. The lighthouse is expected to double the amount of food as well as increase the amount of commerce the city so desperately needs. This will allow the city to become the commerical and scientific leader of the country. Possibly even to the envy of citizens of Boaring Wallow.

This office is open for business so feel free to ask any question, grab a chair by the seashore, drink our famous Egyptian Eggtaioneon and watch the magnificient construction of our great lighthouse.

Pictures will follow...

May 14, 2006, 06:54 PM
Dear Governor Whomp,
Go to the Governor's Council, and decide what happens with the states.

-Ice2k4 of Auda City, Governor