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Jul 23, 2006, 12:36 PM
A strategy for modern era warfare--fight on your turf

This assumes you are going to war in the post RR era with a strong AI. While I usually find the game decided by then, occasionally there is a situation where I'm in a late war and I find this a useful strategy. This assumes a land border.

When you DOW the AI will send its mobile force to attack you. There will be some infantry but mostly cav/gunship and art (and tanks). The key here is twofold:

1. You want to attack collateral damage units before they attack you.

2. You want to use your 10 square mobility to get your force in action on counterattack and make sure you pick up all the damaged enemies while safeguarding yours. This is an important point as even if your base win % is not that high your actual kill ratio will be much higher as most damaged units are pretty much 100% kills.

So you DOW and wait--do not send even a single unit to attack. If you have a city that has no cultural buffer you abandon it--it will be perfect for your CR units to counterattack. You can trade it back and forth several times. Who cares if the city is wrecked--after all at this stage you will win if you can win this war.

If you have a city with a one square buffer, that can be a good kill zone for Cav/tanks as they often charge in and make hopeless attacks. The key is not to let an artillery stack at one of your cities. Assuming you have a reasonable army you should be able to mop up the AI's force in a few turns, then you get down to the grind of taking their cities.

An important point is to estimate the size of the attack force and have somewhat more than that number of units available for counterattack. How many more depends on what you think your typical kill rate will be. You don't have to target the entire force the turn the AI attacks but probably most of it unless the AI fragments its attack. You don't need to be that close to the AI on the power graph as the AI will probably leave 5 or so units per city garrison and you will leave one (obsolete) unit. So typically a 10 city AI might have 20-50 units to send at you while keeping 50 back, while you can use all your relevant units on counterattack.

If there is an attack route you don't want the AI to go--(defensive terrain)--then fortify an infantry there--AI seems to avoid that.

As for what units to build I tend to hurry to industrialization to get a decent force of tanks and marines(important vs. art) and skip air units in favor of trying to get to mech inf and modern armor. By that point the AI has almost built its ship (or else this is all irrelavant).

My experience is somewhat limited and mostly emperor but my guess is that it is good at other levels.

Jul 23, 2006, 08:52 PM
Personaly, i perfer to bomb the enemy civ into stone age, before i even send in my ground forces. Air power can not be stressed in modern day warfare, rember to always to attack there oil,uranium, iron, coal and happy reasorces.

Jul 24, 2006, 07:50 AM
I had in mind a more advanced AI--if you can get flight and a bunch of air units and be able to deal with their ground units then you probably can win a number of ways. Of course is good advice to take out oil asap if possible--I think other resources less important.

Jul 25, 2006, 08:23 AM
Mate you oughta check out Plato90s great guide

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