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Mar 09, 2002, 02:08 PM
Growth of Imperial Egypt

"We have to expand our borders in order to acquire resources necessary to build Ironclads and Railroads", stated King Alexander before the Egyptian Senate. "The American refuse to trade with us, and have signed an embargo with the Greeks. In the course of our events we must acquire these resources, and we must do it now. Therefore I submit this bill before the Senate of our Egyptian Republic to declare war on America. I leave our fate in your hands."
The King then left the Senate to meet with his military advisors. "General Nauptra, what plan do you have in order to defeat the Americans? I feel the Senate will declare war on America, and the Egyptian people need a fast and decisive war that will afford them both luxuries such as dyes and incense as well as resources such as Iron. "
"The American Army is relatively strong, and if we are to win the war we will need to strike quicky and decisively to capture the Capital of Washington. After we do so, the Americans will negotiate a cession of lands near Lake Herica and allow Egyptian Access towards these resources. My plan calls for a direct attack on Washington to cut the supply routes to Houston. After Washington is captured, our 2nd Royal Calvalry will march south to Miami and split the American Territory in two along the Nauptra River."
The King then responded, "This plan seems logical, if the Senate passes the resolution, then we will go forward with this outline. Thank you"
"Sire!", the messenger stated, "The Senate has just passed the resolution with a vote of 10 to 3."
"Thank you", stated King Alexander, "We will mobilize in the morning."

Mar 09, 2002, 09:31 PM
good so far... keep it comin :)