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THis is the guide to earth 1000 a.d. for each civ even going to contain vikings and bzantines (though last) you can play them!this is expected to take around 2 months so all help is appreciated.I'll edit this post each time i find the strategy for each civ.Also for each one im using the default difficulty for each. All ready here we go!

Don't attack china simply raze the iron near the first city they have with an archer and destroy their route to silk road. then settle one settler near a lake and wait for him to talk (he'll demand that city) Take all of your army (minus an archer an settler) down the silk road. Setlle the remaining settler above saladin in the silk road. Then gather all troops near the border and attack him. take the city on the silk road the one to the east of baghdad, bagdad and jeruelaum. attack jeruselum even if europes conquered it. dont garrison any keshiks in the city dont heal them either till you get to baghad. cut all routes to jeruselaum then when all keshiks healed attack have near jeruselum trade techs and get on his good side. by this time saladin will be hoping for peace give it to him but try to get musa to attack. convert to christianity and trade techs with europe. after this whip an army:whipped: an finish him off, byzantine too if you can. then you can basicly do whatever you want but dont sign open bordes with anyone and encircle europe.keep an tech imperialism with the world for as long as you can.

Fight saladin. he's sitting on the best land in the game and you can take it.Slaving is the only way i could get troops plus with all those recources this works really well.I found that catupults and elephants (slaved) make the best combination for attacking. By 1500 you should have all of his empire under your control but thoese 2 north african cities are no use so i didnt conquer them. you should be able to extract a pretty good tribute from saladin for peace. Also capture constantinople and the sities east of it if you can, else the europeans might use it as a conduit to attack you. you can cruise to any victory from here but i reccomend diplomatic.

Your in a perfect place to expand in europe. Build oracles asap to get musketeers On the second turn you should have cordoba and fight off the culture with the great artist that spawns in paris. Build up an army and attack england, preferably before redcoats arrive:p after england, spain:ar15: Even though your uu is mostly crud it is a good replacement for knights. If you attack germany be ready to fight. frederick builds up a huge army usually to fight byzantine and you should take advantage of this by attacking before byzantine is destroyed.

Oct 02, 2006, 05:14 PM
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Oct 07, 2006, 01:20 PM
Maybe you should provide more general tips for each civ depending on their location, as opposed to highly specific scenarios, which are unlikely to help anyone if the AI does not behave similarly in their game.

For instance, this thread here, on the Earth- 18 civ scenario, was very popular and informative. Of course, you have to be a real expert to provide tips that will almost always work. I'm assuming you have beaten 1000AD Earth with every civ before, right?

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Oct 22, 2006, 07:36 PM
okay im going to complete this guide and make the strategy more flexible.

Nov 07, 2006, 02:44 PM
added france, any comments welcome

Lance of Llanwy
Nov 08, 2006, 06:19 PM
My recommendation for France is to build the Oracle ASAP. You can slingshot Gunpowder and have musketeers in action ridiculously early. Finish off Spain before going across the channel. You don't even need to worry about the New World much....just conquer the Old!

Nov 08, 2006, 08:46 PM
My recommendation for France is to build the Oracle ASAP. You can slingshot Gunpowder and have musketeers in action ridiculously early. Finish off Spain before going across the channel. You don't even need to worry about the New World much....just conquer the Old!ive added some of your post

Nov 13, 2006, 04:49 PM
I'm playing a game in saladin right now be complteted in a couple of days

Dec 14, 2006, 10:56 AM
I'm reading.... and I'm the Prince of France... umm was...

My progress ... basically I forgot the UU of France is Mukeeteers... so.. pulled out really late... but rely a lot on Knights and rather peaceful expansion by utilising Creative trait ..... it goes like this...

I didn't attempt Jereselum... but I took Cairo... based on a very distinctive sight of the pyrimid. and cut off the route to Middle East. Go Representative.
Take out that 2 cities in North Africa and make peace... total, use 6 knights.
Of course do Oracle... Great Library and many Wonders ... although I failed on sis chapel and something else... utilise Industrial trait, Mable and Stone. London's culture is a trouble. Use wonder to power up culture ... and
Got Civil Service Early... for wonder building..

Expansion ? Africa ! Lots' of cot cities... along the river of Nile, I built 3 cities on flooded plain and 1 on glassland... and gold, silver, gem can be aquired in middle and south Africa.... and should took a tech lead from there.

More Expansion in Middle Age, took Vikings. except it's capital, the last city to be captured.
Cultural Expansion convert Bermen then. by that time I have Calvary.

More Expansion........ Infantry on Spain. Settles in South America Coasts.

got Boardway, Effe Tower and Rock and Roll... convert Salzburg. Then march to Constantinople.

Got allied with China, Japan, Mongol (Mutual Enemy bonus got really weird in this sceanario.) Formed Evil Four.

Stir up a war, India vs Mongol & Japs ; China vs Mali ; Me vs Germany.
It was intended to make Arabs to attack any of us, but nothing happen.... Monty and British in war instead.
Take rest of Italy.
Tanks vs Elephants of Mali, anything vs HC less than 10 riflemen. So total Control on Africa and South America (with a hole in Jungle...).

Suddenly I have United Nation... I go like Electricity > Radio > Industrial (make time for 2 wonders), then Mass Media.
First Resolution: Diplomacy Victory.. and it passed... oh... suprise.

I just feel safe with having spain, british and german as my ally in the early game. I feel very risky on warring spain and british early ... while german is that close to me.... they DO have a lot of longbows.....

Dec 16, 2006, 06:43 AM
when i played france i pulled the knights from jeruselem and europe to ferry them to africa to capture Tunis and Tripoli, then managed to get that goodie hut in the desert before saladin. i had france build somre barracks and knights, and was able to take 3 cities from mansa musa, (the 2 barbarian, and the one he founds) i managed to rack up some great general points (being a simple warlords conversion), got the West point in, got peace with saladin for some gold and what not, (mansa musa capitulated btw) built more knights (now with west point + barracks + 2 civics + stable = 3 promotions) and got a lot of 9xp macemen going aswell, whipped if neseccary, invaded spain (hadnt taken corboda, so was pretty easy) turned on coboda (by this time i had researched cavaly - had belined to it) so with city raider III macemen, trebuchets and combat I and flanking I,II cavalry, i took corboda, and turned my attention to germany.

thats as far as i got as i couldnt be bothered playing it anymore, just wanted to try france out. i took salzburg nicely, but rome and bremen required more units for a good conquest.

Apr 11, 2007, 06:44 AM
Playing as Saladin

Take units from Suhar and Mecca (Tripoli if necessary) fortify them in Jerusalem.
With the galley in Syracuse take the one archer from there and sail to cordoba and on the way pick up another archer from Tunis. Turn research off completely for a few turns to upgrade those archers to longbowmen. Spain won't be able to take cordoba back. Whip some longbowmen out if you want.

With your three camel archers attack and take the nearest Indian city (can't remember name) and Benares. With some reinforcement if possible take Hanoi (which should still be barbarian) and Angkor. Destroy the other two.

Turn research back on to maximum when able. And make peace with Europe & Asoka ASAP.

Build oracle on first turn. Get nationhood with free tech and beeline to cavalry. Conquer the Byzantines and if you want Mansa Musa (though I wait until gunships to conquer him and Africa). Take Tanjore from India and get rid of them.

You should at least have infantry by now. Take Spain who should be fairly weak. Now with a large tech lead you can pick your opponents off one by one.

Nov 01, 2007, 04:33 PM
I appreciate your strategy tips so far and hope you will continue for each civ in the Earth 1000 AD scenario. I only won my first game on Prince level last week playing as China. Multiple resources make happiness and health easy to manage. I almost achieved world domination by first surviving the Mongols - then take Hanoi early, move quickly to Australia and South Africa, conquer Japan, then plow through the Mongols and across America about the same time, and finally attack powerful Russia to derail its space race. I got a space victory before the newly conquered cities normalized to add to my territory for domination. In earlier games, I got my butt kicked as Spain when France invaded, and as the Mongols I had to deal with China attacking me, and England got a decisive advantage in tech before I was through taking Asia. I also played Arabia and Russia without success. I am going to try your Mongol strategy and move everything westward right away.

Nov 01, 2007, 06:02 PM
I have played all the 1000 AD civs in vanilla and things I have found

The general challenge is the Europeans.. they are on a low difficulty level and will be a real danger of Space Racing

General Starting Strategies
Wonder Rush:
The West Europeans, Russia, Arabs, Chinese and Japanese all can take part in this
Oracle, Great Wall, Great Library, Sistine, Temple of Artemis, Great Lighthouse, Statue of Zeus, Masoleum, Colossus are all available... the first three are very potentially useful (given the number of barbs on the map)
Oracle can be used by Chinese or Arabs if they trade for Education to pop Liberalism, and so get an additional free tech

Eurasian Tech trade:
European and East Asian civs have different branches of the tree
Arabs, Russians, Mongols, Indians and Chinese are best positioned to exploit this by becoming tech brokers. (given the ability to get early contact by sending a move 2 unit)

The civs can be divided into a few categories

West Europeans (Spain, England, France, HRE):
Advantage=Difficulty level
Strategy.. expand either in Europe/Arabia against hard targets or to America/Africa against Soft targets (as you set the Difficulty level above the default, the more you want to go for the other Europeans your biggest competitors)

Advantage=Tech Level, Shrines, Size
Disadvantage=Difficulty level
Strategy.. you need to take care of Europe, and Russia is the soft underbelly, get peace with the Rest of Europe ASAP (transitioning to Christianity can help and give you some AP clout) before taking them out one at a time

Advantage=Difficulty level, potential size
Disadvantage=size, techs
Strategy.. broker techs, get peace with Arabia, expand, work on a specialist Economy

Advantage: Tech
Disadvantages: Mongol
Key strategy.. hold off the mongols[slavery and whip spears for China]/start expanding through India+Arabia Your size can then make up for the Europeans

Advantage: Tech
Disadvantages: land
Key strategy.. triangulate between the Mongols and the Chinese to get a hold on the mainland/start expanding through India+Arabia Your size can then make up for the Europeans, alternative 2 is to expand by sea first to the South Pacific, and then rush for Astronomy

Advantage: not much (land is decent)
Disadvantage: tech
Key Strategy: peace with Arabs.. try trading techs with China.. expand into open areas and then attack the Arabs once you have surpassed them.. overall similar to Russia, they are behind but in a good position to broker

Advantage: Army
Disadvantage: Tech+Land
Strategy: Hit China Fast and hard and don't give up until they have muskets... then take a break and reload

Note: not including BTS civs of Vikings/Byzantines/Koreans/Khmer, since I haven't done them

Next we move on to the Third World, Mali, Aztecs, Incas
I normally play with Permanent Alliances, so in that case, a key strategy is allying with a European for the tech boost (just make sure their capital is well defended.. I did an Aztec BTS 1000AD and the Europeans launched a major nuclear attack on the HRE(my ally)'s capital when I launched our spaceship)

If no Permanent Alliances, then the Internet is a good thing to aim for but that is harder in BTS than in Vanilla due to its new position

In any case, for Third World civs
Advantage: Available Land
Disadvantage: Tech
Mali is less extreme than the Americas

So the strategy is the same, REX and develop your Economy as fast as possible... Mali also has to use Diplomacy to stay peaceful with Both Arabs and Europeans.

Nov 01, 2007, 07:17 PM
I played a game as the Byzantine not long ago. With their cataphracts they are in a really good position to expand.

First I attacked Arabia with every thing I had. I rushed to capture Jerusalem before the Europeans did. After that split your forces up in to three. Cairo is pretty weakly defended. With a bit of luck Mecca will only have archers. Baghdad should fall pretty easily after that. You might be able to vassilise Aribia if you keep going but I didn't.

Next on the hit list was HRE. Withh most of my cities pumping out cataphract I was able to eventually take over Rome and salzburg. I razed Bremen. By this stage Cataphract were about to be obsoleted so I declared war on France. They were pretty strong They controlled Ribe, Danzig and most of scandinavia. I conquered them just before I got cavalry. With my newly upgraded cataphract I took over Spain easily.

In BTS cavalry doesn't last long anymore so I amassed a large army of Infantry and took over all the good parts of Russia up unitl the Urals. The came paratroopers which were really good to conquer England, Scandinavia and Northern Europe with. By now India and Mali had offered to become my vassels. THe remainder of Russia was my vassel as was Spain which controlled some decent cities near Russia.

I begun my colonisation of all of Africa, sending about 10 settlers down there. That area with the jungles and rivers becomes a really good spot for watermills (Of course I was running state property).

England had cities in North America so I attacked them with tanks against there longbows and musketmen. They became my vassel and I continued on to vasselise the Aztecs. It didn't take long to vasselise the Inca.

So it was mid 19th century now there were only the Japanese, Chinese, Mongols and Khmer left.

I stopped playing at this stage because it was taking about 10 minutes between each turn.

Dec 25, 2010, 12:54 PM
Please update this more(!) I love this scenario but I think theres not enough forums about it.

BTW great tips so far, but use the city names instead of descriptions about where the cities are located. thx!

Dec 25, 2010, 06:25 PM
Japanese Noble Raging Barbs
Run pacifism, bureacucracy, Monarchy and Caste system to get a couple GP quick.
Move all Samurais to Hakata. Build Oracle in Kamakura - Pick Liberalism to get 2 techs on the same turn that its built. Dont mind Kyoto, build Moai statues and give the hills to the other cities.
Samurai rush Korea, then improve the Peninsula so the cities gets useful.
After Korea, get open borders with China, sail down to Khmer and kick their ass then asemble a good army and pick China apart from both north, south and east. (if your lucky mongols will help)

When launching an assault on China, surprise him with samurais going ashore near LinŽAn(by now you should have longbows in Indonesia so you can move your last few samurais from there to LinŽAn as well) then capture it. Go directly for Guangzhou, take it and his last navy threat is eliminated

Russia Noble Raging Barbs
Novgorod - Great Wall(blocking barbs and you can expand freely) - Oracle - then focus on lots of workers.
Note; your first worker should CHOP the forests around Novgorod until Oracle is built, then build cottages on the tiles adjected to rivers.
Kiev - worker(help to chop near Novgorod as well) - whip out a horse or 2 then focus on workers.
Kherson should try to get as much culture as possible, do it all, whip monastries even.

Your first settler should settle in the Moscow area, but be aware of barbs since you yet havent finished GW.
with your horses you should capture all barb cities BUT Balanjar, just make sure to build maximum culture in the other 2 barb cities so that the Europees cant use Balanjar as a route to settle in Siberia since you will want that for later.(eergo DONT have open borders with any europe civ but England.(OH and you can declear war on Vikings when they ask just to keep em happy)
Once your economy is at check you can expand as you wish(but dont take your time since they WILL find a way around your closed borders)

Vikings - attack Russia and expand, make peace with the rest of europe as fast as possible, 8/10 cases Russia will capitulate to you
(working on the rest)

Aztecs - Noble
Everyone knows Monty starts quite isolated in this scenario.
BUT he has a real shot of getting the GW, all he needs to do really is improve his capitals BFC land, i.e farm corn 1E, chop forrest 1W, build road to stone and quarry that, if you feel you're pressured for time on this one, whip when possible. This wonder will significantly help Monty's rise in North America since his only opponents before the europeans discover the continent, are barbs, and with these unable to attack and pillage, you're free to focus on technology. Not much more to say, this is really just one strategy to give Monty a bit of an head start. (P.S DO NOT try to capture Chichen Itza, too heavily defended, charge on the cities defended with only one archer, by now u should have GW so no need to worry, you'r citys are safe.)
Crucial in playing Monty is that you settle whole of the east coast as it will be the europeans settling ground, but leave them the tundra.

Dec 27, 2010, 01:11 PM
Couple of points of limited value.

New Earth 1000AD Byzantines are about the strongest - you're UU is online and there are lots of Arab cities to grab. Jerusalem is obviously a great prize. I've found the Christians usually build the AP and I try not to completely kill the Arabs - it gives the AP something to do - drag me into 5 holy wars for mutual military struggle bonus. Make peace with the Arabs before the next vote and guess what the next vote will do? Great fun and it stops the annoying "reassign half your cities" and "stop killing your neighbor".

Arabs - Christians often like the AP. Gives you incentive to keep it out of their hands. Byzantines might have a couple of Islamic cities, giving you some influence with them, especially since Justinian is a zealot.

Jan 13, 2011, 12:56 PM
Sry my bad. I was tired posted in the wrong topic nvm me!.

Jan 14, 2011, 08:09 AM
And my question is if you think rushing Scandinavia ASAP when playing Earth18 as England is smart?[/QUOTE]

England in 1000AD is pretty hard when they have berserkers who can capture one of your cities real quick if your not good at defending, but in the original 18earth map where Vikings arent included then u just have to beat Germany

Oct 20, 2011, 05:37 PM
I am having trouble getting extra BTS civs on BTS, I can only get the original ones. What's up with the desu thing?

Nov 07, 2011, 10:29 AM
I fixed my own problem, but one strategy I am thinking of for Spain is attack Cordoba and then go for France, and then Tunis and Algiers. After that, maybe go for Cairo. Any ideas on whether or not this is a good strategy?

Nov 09, 2011, 10:28 AM
You would get probably more for your initial buck if you go Cordoba -> Tunis -> Tripoli -> Cairo -> Jerusalem ( if the Byzantines have not got it already ). Saladin normally pushes all avaliable units to defend Jerusalem and that means that most of the African cities if his are understaffed and that the camel archers he has in the beginning there were moved elsewhere.

Dec 15, 2011, 06:49 PM
However, France's borders often block Spain from access to iron.

Dec 15, 2011, 07:01 PM
You start with a handful of knights, remember ? Those , if you move fast, are enough to get to Cairo . And besides that, there is iron in Morrocco ;)

Jan 23, 2012, 07:18 PM
I found that playing as the HRE and conquering Arabia is a good strategy, with their landsknechts and rathauses. Go for Danzig, Syracus, Tunis, Tripoli, Cairo, Aksum, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Mecca, Mushiqdo, in Arabia. Then I went for Cordoba, Santiago in Spain (the French captured Barcelona). I am planning on kicking out France next (it's 1905).

Feb 21, 2012, 08:27 AM
I find it quite boring only playing for victory since this is quite easy for some civs, and a bit harder for others(mali, inca)

So I set up a few of my own goals per continent like; Strong europeans(Holy Romans empire, Byzantines, France, England) should go for either colonize all of America and vassalize the civs there or go for an Apostolic Palace victory(diplomacy). This is available once every civ has at least ONE city with the AP religion(Christianity in this case): This goal is a bit harder than just conquering everything and everyone since you have to "be on you'r best behavior".

Arabia; quite clear, destroy the heathens! take all of Europe and vassalize all you can. Make your religion the bigest and best. Unite the world under Islam.

Mongols; (Duuuuuuh 'poking in nose') Conquer China, Korea, Khmer and India, in that order, be friends with Japan and create an alliance if possible.(Also, war against Arabia often creates some fun since they are occupied with euro).

China/Korea/Khmer; Whit stand the invasion from the north and destroy them!(vassal) Be friends with all east asian civs and settle the Islands and Oceania.

Japan; attack the main lands, take on either Koreans or China at first, or both, but conquer the mainland and befriend with Mongols if possible. Also, settle all of the Islands and Oceania.

Inca/Aztecs; Settle all of the continent, preventing europeans from doing it. Advance in techs and try to be a technology threat to the Europeans.

Mali; Sustain an empire stretching from Morocco to South Africa and Madagaskar. Pose as a technology threat to the europeans.

Russia; Easy - settle ALL of real time russian lands(even the tundra if you want to) and box out all other civs trying to claim the area. Get western coastal cities to build up a navy. Pose as a threat in technology to the europeans, win either by democracy(AP or UN) or space race. And for the heck of it, create you'r own Cold War with the europeans, espionage, steal their techs and havoc their lands!

Vikings/(England)/Spain; colonize the Americans and eventually create a colony(bring forth Washington)

Or, as Vikings, destroy Russians and take their goody lands, you can even take Kherson and bribe Bysans since they are one of your biggest threats and not easy to "butter up".

Got any more personal goals I havent mentioned?

Feb 21, 2012, 01:21 PM
Arabia; quite clear, destroy the heathens! take all of Europe and vassalize all you can. Make your religion the bigest and best. Unite the world under Islam.
Done ( . Fun, but exasperating game. Was forced to war vs China that wasn't on the plans ...
Japan; attack the main lands, take on either Koreans or China at first, or both, but conquer the mainland and befriend with Mongols if possible. Also, settle all of the Islands and Oceania.
Done ( . Taking China means basically game over :p
Inca/Aztecs; Settle all of the continent, preventing europeans from doing it. Advance in techs and try to be a technology threat to the Europeans.

Done ( ( well, almost and only for the Inca ) . Harsh game, with very little diplo manouver space and very tight MM . Won via AI stupidity ( Russia had enough votes for UN win but never called the vote :D )


Apr 12, 2012, 07:53 PM
Just a thought, but a strategy that I like for Japan is taking korea, then going after khmer, then hitting China from east and south, India is easy to take after that, and that essentially ends the game.
Britain, in my opinion, should settle Britain and ireland (after beating back vikings) then take iceland and build cultural stuff(theaters, monasteries, etc...) as well as building up a navy. After this, they should go for North America, and wait until they see a major Euro conflict. They should attack the losing side and take their land. Then the jolly old Brits can just build colonies anywhere, and they should have a lot of commerce which will give them a tech edge.

Jun 27, 2015, 06:35 AM
I have a holiday period and I want to win this scenario with all 17 civs on noble difficulty. I've been going through the more easy civs to begin. I will post more in coming days.


Strongest Civ in scenario. Starts high in tech and with lots of Cataphracts which are unique unit of knight and have 12 strength. Send all of your cataphracts down to jerusalem, take it, then send 2 to Cairo, 2 to Mecca, 1 to Suhar, 2 or 3 to baghdad. After this send them all east and take Persian cities. You should be able to accomplish this with out building any units within 5-6 turns. Meanwhile build christian temple and monastery in all cities (for free hammers) and oracle in Constantinople. If you did what I said you will have won the game already. You'll get huge amounts of income from your shrines. The christian powers will not declare war on you for a couple of hundred years. China is the only real threat but won't attack for a while. You can also take India quite easily aswell after Persia though you'll need to build some trebuchet and some more Cataphracts.

Very easy. You have marble and stone, industrious trait and a kickass capital city and you play your turn before HRE so you can take Danzig. Run bureacracy and get a few wonders in paris: oracle, great library, taj mahal, national epic. You should be able to stay near top in tech for most of game. Go for steel when you can and use cannons to invade HRE and Spain. Don't bother going after anyone else. You should be almost always ahead in tech throughout. In the end I got a cultural victory with Paris, Danzig and Rome. Be careful of Peter in this game, he gets strong around industrial period and will go after you. But you should always be ahead of him in tech and you will be defending so you should be able to hold him off without even using significant resources.

Easy. Get oracle early by chopping forest around Novgorod. Don't settle Moscow, settle top of Sweden for copper and iron and deer and blocking in Vikings. Get exotic resources from India and China so your cities can grow larger. Send a horse archer to meet eastern civs ASAP. There are 3 barbardian cities at the beginning to the east of Kherson. Send Horse Archer to sack the one really close to Kherson, take the other 2 before 10 turns are done. If you wait too long Byzantine or Saladin will take 1, Mongols will take the other. Don't open borders with anyone apart from Elizabeth. Focus on blocking Western powers from Russian virgin land. Once you have done this you can settle it at your leisure. Watch out for occasional barbarian. Chop forests to get granaries, forges, christian temple and christian monastery (for hammers) in new cities. Settle a bit faster around the time you get Cossacks. Saladin and Genghis will also settle faster at this time. Around this time you should have a large number of cities with nearly all useful buildings built, making a lot of research and with a lot of hammers. I just spammed Cossacks at this point and invaded Saladin and then invaded India. You can do whatever you want now, no other civilization will be able to hurt you. I invaded China and then Europe with tanks. Won a diplomatic victory after Spain, France, HRE, Byzantine, China, Khymer all my vassals.

Quite easy. At the beginning move all your crossbowman to the northernmost city and make peace with Mongols ASAP, then develop chinese lands, get oracle and then liberalism for 2 free techs, send an archers along silk route to meet all western civs. Trade techs to become near top in score. After you have developed china begin sending settlers and mounted units up to Siberia and do it quickly, byzantine, Saladin, Russia, Mongols will all be doing the same. Try to reach ice at top so your land is all connected and its stops anyone else moving east without open borders with you. Once you get cavalry invade Mongol cities, should be easy as they only have longbowmen. With a good chunk of russia and china you'll be in the score lead at this point. If you just develop what you have noone should be able to catch you, but again beware of Peter, he is the only one who will be able to beat you at this point. Build a military to defend against him.

Also very easy. Take all camel archers over to jerusalem, leave 1 in baghdad for barbs you should have about 8 or 9. It's very difficult to keep Corduba and Syracuse, even if you upgrade to Longbowmen they will most likely be culture flipped so forget about those places. Make peace with France, England, HRE, Byzantines though not Spain, give them a cheap tech if you have to. Then send all of your camel archers east and take India. With India, Persia, Arabia, Egypt you should be able to comfortably stay in the tech lead at all times (with shrines) you can go for whatever victory that you want. Though watch Peter from time he gets Cossacks he has good land to expand into and he is clever and he hates you Muslim heathens !

This game was very hard for me at the beginning. I followed the guide set in the first post of this thread however I believe it doesn't work. If you send all of your army west and attack Saladin he will fairly quickly upgrade archers to Longbowmen but more quickly he will bring Camel archers which are more than a match for your horse archers, you can just about get baghdad and eastern cities (I lost my whole army taking these places, and I moved very quickly) but you definitely cannot take jerusalem without being very lucky and probably reloading the game many times.
If you look at the units Saladin has and the units China and Korea have, Saladin is further away and better defended than China and Korea, its not worthwhile.
I took the northernmost city in China as my capital and then took Korea with my 11 HA and then settled 2 cities just north, mean while my 1 archer went along the silk route through Arabian empire to meet India and all Christian civs and Mali. I converted to buddhism, gave 1 or 2 techs to Khymer and Japanese and gave Iron to Khymer then get them to declare war on China (by giving them another tech). With all 3 of you attacking from sea and north and south the Chinese don't develop at all. Use HA you have left pillage chinese countryside, China has no Iron and no horses though eventually it will make loads of musketmen and destroy your army. Try to steal workers from china during this time. Then develop your lands and try to get to Military tradition for cuirassers either by trading techs or by research. Invade china (which will be just trying to get its economy together after all war and raiding) with purely promoted cuirassers (you can storm it in 5 turns) and then you will be in lead and I stormed India then with cavalry. Then Khmer offered to become my vassal. With China and India land and Khymer vassalised you should be able to peacefully take lead in tech. And with tech advantage and loads of resources and productive cities and income from shrines and virgin Russian land to north unsettled, the world is your oyster.
One thing to note is that once I got military tradition I traded it with 5 or 6 civs for 5 or 6 different techs. Mali and Byzantines even gave me techs that are worth more than military tradition. This allowed me to go to near the top of tech lead.

Quite hard. Don't settle immediately on that hill, head west and settle so you get the 2 corn resources. Then build workboat and a scout (for the 5 tribal villages in south america) and research sailing, improve land around capital, send workboat to make contact with Aztecs. After sailing go for feudalism for serfdom and longbowmen. As soon as you get a galley ferry your troops to Argentina and settle your 2nd city around Buenos aires so you have 2 corn's and 1 fish and 2 hills, using this city you can make workers and settlers very quickly once it is grown a bit. Watch out for barbarians you don't have iron, you'll have to build longbowmen. Using your 2nd city move as quickly as possible to settle all of east coast of South America, especially important is oil and aluminium resource in Brazil. However france and HRE still managed to make a few cities up near venezuala in my game. As soon as possible convert to christianity for diplo bonus and also for extra hammers from christian temple and monastery. I then continued settling inner South America, bottom, west. At no point will you be anywhere near the top of score. Don't annoy Isabella (she always goes looking for trouble), don't worry about Elizabeth (a pacifist who doesn't usually interfere). Try to appease Louis and Charlemagne and Justinian them but not too much that they will get something worthwhile, like a tech you just researched. You can declare war on Saladin, to appease the Christians. Try to stay at peace and get computers to build Internet. Then go for a space victory. You'll have aluminium and industrious trait to make Space elevator and make laboratories ASAP. The whole game you will never be ahead in tech or military or score, diplomacy is very important.
One final note is the starting game is critical for Inca, make sure you are alway building something or researching or doing something for your overall strategy. Pick the techs you research carefully, make all your moves carefully.

Jul 02, 2015, 03:11 PM
Easy if you have the right strategy but difficult if you adopt the wrong one. I played as Japanese 4-5 times before I won. The successful strategy I found is to immediately invade Korea and then just expand peacefully into Russia while carefully managing Eastern diplomacy to contain China.
Send a scout to meet European civs ASAP. Build Oracle also ASAP and take Liberalism and then Nationalism. With these 2 techs you should be able to trade for all European ones and be well ahead in tech race. Best guy to trade with is Justinian and Elizabeth and Mansa Musa. Stay buddies with Mongols, Khymer and India. Give them techs in return for declaring war on China. You can stay permanently at war with China aswell, blockade them constantly so they're port cities starve. China offered to be my vassal in 1600-1700 even though we barely fought.
DON'T INVADE CHINA. The cities are all close together and there are 7 of them, even if you take half of them China will culture bomb you and flip them back. And China starts with the ability to build Musketman and protective trait and you don't even start with engineering so you will incur huge casualties to take each city. It's not worthwhile.

Very Easy.
Take Corduba and on the same turn load up your galley with knights. You start with 6 knights and I used those knights to take Tunis, Tripoli and Cairo. It's worth taking jerusalem but you'll need to build more knights and maybe trebuchets. I had troops wait near jerusalem and someone attacked the defenders but didn't succeed and I 'stole his kill.'
Once you have jerusalem be kind to Mali and they will offer to become your vassal. Then just peacefully expand into Africa. The game is very very easy from this point. None of the Christian powers will attack you, you have loads of land, you have best 2 holy shrines in game, you are among best in tech at beginning and will be at all points. Before 1900 I vassalised Saladin, Byzantines and Russia and then France with a tank rush and won a diplomatic victory, I didn't even need bombers they were so behind in tech.

Very Easy.
Send your knight in the middle east through Russia to meet with the Eastern civs ASAP. Keep on good relations with China and India and Khymer so you can get their resources. You can declare war on Mongolia to please them and on Saladin to please Christians. Neither of them will ever hurt you. Be very aggressive with Viking land invasions, throw your longbows at him and your knights, don't worry if you lose nearly all of them. You don't need them once Ragnar gives up, your are on an island surrounded by friendly christian civs. Settle at the top of Britain with one of your settlers. Build Oracle ASAP. Adopt pacifism and build the national epic in London and you should have a steady stream of great people and Golden ages. Build a caravel and send it round Argentina to circumnavigate world. Build 2 knights and take Dublin. Get Great Engineer to rush build Mausoleum for longer Golden ages if you can. Perhaps you will be able to rush Taj Mahal aswell. Go for Economics aswell to get Great Merchant and for free market civic. After Economics get Astronomy and settle East coast of North America quickly and attack Aztecs with knights and then Cuirassers. Don't give open borders with France, Spain, Byzantine and HRE or they will try to set up cities in North America. Games over at this stage. You are ahead in tech and its very hard to be invaded due to the Atlantic Ocean protecting you. Christian civs all like you anyway if you managed diplomacy well.

Jul 09, 2015, 09:38 AM
Holy Roman Empire

Very Easy. On first turn move knights to near Danzig. Louis always attacks next turn and kills 1 swordsman and then attacks again the subsequent turn and captures. Let him kill 1 swordsman then kill the 2nd one taking the city. Take barb one near constantinople aswell but sack it because its bombarded with byzantine culture and it flips over easily to byzantines. Now build workers and run serfdom and pacifism and build the oracle to get a free tech. Develop your land and get a few golden ages. Don't build wonders other than national ones. Meanwhile send the knight near jerusalem east to meet China and the eastern civs. The moment you meet them you should be able to trade 5-6 techs and go from average position to top of the tech league. About research, after you trade with eastern civs head for liberalism for your free tech and then head for economics and corporation for extra trade routes which will boost your economy alot. Build Christian monasteries, temples, granaries, lighthouses, forges in all cities, if you need build markets and harbors and aqueducts if you have BIG health and happiness problems but try not to. Try to get resources from India or China to solve health and happiness problems. After you have done all this its time to expand. After corporation head straight for Steel so you can get cannons. While your waiting to get it build as many pikeman (HRE unique unit is landsknecht) as possible. Run theocracy to get 2 promotions on creation. These guys are really cheap and can defend well which is all you'll need. The cannons will weaken your enemies so much only anything can finish them. When you have enough cannons and pikeman (maybe 8 cannons and 15-16 pikeman split them in half and declare war on france. Push 1 half on the hill beside Marseille and the other half beside paris. The next turn with 4 cannon in each army you should easily take both cities with almost no losses (should have some cannons promoted for city raider and some for collateral (suicide guys)). Louis will be ready to capitulate at this point but take Bordeaux first then vassalise. Shouldn't be too well defended. Continue spamming those landscheckts (build heroic epic at this point if not already done). Then declare war on spain. You should have 30 pikeman by this point and at least 4 cannons in decent condition for each city assault (Spain has 3 cities which you assault one after the other. You can use ship of line to bombard. After Spain head for Justinian. Russia is busy settling Russia and England usually stays out of European affairs. At this point you have all of western Europe and you have a tech lead and a massive army. It's easy to finish yourself.


Difficult if don't use right strategy. Your cities all have terrible production and you are at war with all of Europe and you are behind in technology. Your army is low quality than other powers aswell. Berserkers aren't as good as knights in strength and mobility. However you do have a large army and a large navy. First step move all your troops bar 1 from their boats near Norway back to Norway (without moving ships). Now move your 2 ships with 1 berserker to the horse resource in england and drop your berserker. You should capture 3 workers. You also have a galley northwest of ireland. Move it towards norway and drop the troops off again there. Meanwhile move all troops including longbowmen (apart from 2 longbowmen in capital city Ribe) near to Upsala and move all your boats around and make peace with anyone you can if you can. Also convert to christianity in this time and change to bureacracy and organised religion and research meditation for monasteries, then paper which is good for tech trading. Once your army is assembled at Upsala (eastern Sweden). Load berserkers and axemen into boats and declare war on Russia. Russia has 3 horse archers and 2 archers in Novgorod and 2 archers in Kiev. Your army should be enough to capture Kiev and Novgorod the 2 most important cities (vassalise Russia then). At this point Apocalyptic palace usually demands you end the war, and some times demands you return cities. Just refuse all demands. Your cities will be totally paralyzed with angry faces however it doesn't matter you should be able to chop important buildings at beginning. Get peace ASAP with all Christian civs, give them techs if you absolutely have to. Build a scout also quickly and meet with Eastern civs for tech trading. Don't sign open borders with any mainland European civ. They will settle Russian land that belongs to you. The game becomes very like playing as Russia at this point apart from your a little bit less developed and your relationships with other Europeans is less good and you have a few squaters in Russia (barb cities in south usually taken by the time you set yourself up). You have to be little bit more cautious. But the game is a walkthrough at this point. Keep what you have in west and south and expand east with little competition.