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Oct 29, 2006, 11:11 AM
What is our overall strategy knowing what we know now? Dom/Conq/Space are the 3 likelys, and how do we handle The Leader as a neighbor?

I think the Leader is playing a typically strong game, and dont doubt that cats/maces would be an attack force they would bring to bear on us if we are both isolated. They have half of the mace requirements already with Civ Svc. I think maces are the civ 4 equivalent of Civ 3 cavalry in some ways.

What do we need to do? IMO, a couple things, 1) find some new friends to use our new alphabet with; 2) prep for war at the end of our peace deal; 3) figure out what to do specialist-wise, we are liz so we should use our traits; 4) decide on what tech path we want to take to achieve a solid footing at 1 AD.

With a Great Merchant, would using him in Leader territory and using the gold for mass upgrades of axemen to maces be a viable idea? What are the costs of upgrading 10 of them?

Oct 30, 2006, 01:55 AM
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Good call Killer, we had plans for TGL and the tech trade, but there hasn't been much discussion since. As stated, we should play to Liz' strengths: financial - lets get those coastal cities in, and Philo +100% spec. - not really my area of expertise, but once we get libraries, etc, in, this will happen.

Re your other points,
1) meeting friends - particularly important considering the Leader. 1-2 galleys after the GL, and work toward the canal city.
2) The Leader is far too close to maces for comfort, but they have a long way to come to get us... with a mobile/naval army along with horses, we should be able to hold them off/ make it a costly excursion for them. I don't like it now that we don't have any units up near them for an early warning, tho. Getting a city way up on the elephants may be a good idea, ior at least deny it to the Leader.
4) Obviously horseriding and construction IF we are going to war. Has anybody noticed that Judaism hasnt been taken yet??

Oct 30, 2006, 10:18 AM
I like the idea of upgrading our warriors to axes with the GM. If we decide to make a run at judaism we should let "The Leader" know it's hands off if we trade the ag techs they want.

Should we be considering lots of coastal cities too?

Tubby Rower
Oct 30, 2006, 11:05 AM
is this advisable to have a strategy?? I've never tried anything like that before :lol:

Oct 30, 2006, 11:45 AM
I think it is too early to come up with a path to victory; we don't have enough knowledge fo the world either geographically or politically. Right now we're establishing a strong base - a necessity no matter how we decide to win.

I like the idea of going for Judaism so that we can fight the Leader's religion in our borders. Plus I like Organized Religion for internal growth and a Great Prophet building Solomon's Temple helps the coffers.

Otherwise I would go for Math/Construction and make darn sure we settle the Elephants so we can take advantage of it.

A long shot is run for Music, get the Great Artist, and culture-bomb him someplace we want time to settle OR in an annoying spot for our enemies. Planting a city on the NW coast from the isthmus and rushing 4000 culture points would probably make the Leader ticked.

Of all these, I like the first the best. But I am cautious by nature.

Oct 30, 2006, 12:37 PM
Hmm good thoughts. I like possibly culture bombing something up towards the Leader. What is our expansion objective up that way? To the Rice and Ivory spot?

More random thoughts: I would bet on the Leader rapidly expanding right about now w/ their Codes of Laws. If they dont, something is amiss (war buildup or another wonder?). Speaking of CoL, we can greatly expand when we achieve that nice little technology with Caste System. Caste System also eliminates the real need for a library right now to generate our academy in the capital. A merchant until we have more cottages down and an artist to expand borders in Treacle Cottage would be nice.

I dont think we can expand too much right now with maintenance costs on a city up on the isthmus. The capital is at the happiness limit, perhaps we can get some more workers and a settler to the SW of Pig City. Maybe on the hill to share the pig and get some cottages on the floodplains there.

Warriors to fogbust/kill barbs are probably necessary right now too. Treacle and Hamburger on warriors or is there a more urgent need? Granary perhaps? Boat to find others first out of Hamburger?

is this advisable to have a strategy?? I've never tried anything like that before
I knew "strategy" would be just crazy talk in here. I have to have a forum to throw out my ramblings though :p