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Mar 04, 2007, 10:17 AM
Welcome to the History Office. Here you will find a detailed view of our rich history, as well as a shorter, role-play oriented version of our history.

The second post of this thread will contain the shorter version of history, as the third post will contain the in-game history of each turnchat.

The current History Scribe is NKVD

Apr 11, 2007, 08:07 PM
circa 4000 BC - Our glorious fathers of Yasutan settle along the banks of the Surrio river after thousands years of nomadism.

While out exploring, Scouts sighted a small village. After peaceful negotiations (reports about the daughter of the Chief are UNFOUNDED!), the village passed along a map to us. Although not quite what they wanted, the map revealed significant land to our north!

circa 3400 BC - Yasutan's scouts met France kingdom (Napoleon) to our west and Germans (Bismarck) scouts from the north. Tribes around our glorious empire are already bowing to us and gave us 104 gold. Unfortunatly, Yasutan people lost its first men from being ate by black panthers while crossing the mighty jungle.

3200 BC - Falcon's heaven is founded and we also met Romans and their leader Ceasar. He also becomes leader of buddhist since that religion is founded in Rome. Peace ensue

1680 BC - The first attacks from Barbarians at our borders

1080 BC - Rumors has it that France have warriors with axes made of some sort of a metalic substance called copper. We fear France military might and panic ensue. Nonetheless "cows+gold" is founded

1000 BC - Lyons is founded on our borders. The hate of the french is already mounting within the Yasutans

925 BC - Yasutan's society enters classical era!

more to follow...

Apr 12, 2007, 05:03 PM
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Apr 12, 2007, 05:03 PM
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game creation 4000 BC (

turnchat 1.3 ( (.zip)

turnchat 1.4 - 3600 BC (

turnchat 1.5 - 3360 BC (

turnchat 1.6 - 2800BC (

turnchat 1.7 - 2400BC

turnchat 1.8 - 2080BC (

turnchat 1.9 - 1680 BC


turnchat 2.1 - 1080BC (

turnchat 2.2 - 900BC...

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Apr 12, 2007, 07:44 PM
By the third post I was referring to the 3rd post of the thread, not the third reply.