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Apr 24, 2002, 01:05 AM
Once Upon A Time,
There were seven empire in the Mediteranen, Middle East and West India. The Germans were in the Indus Valley, the Zulus in Afghanistan, The Franks in Turkey, the Indians in northeast Belkan, the Russians in southwest Balkan and Greece, the Babylonians in Tunesia and the English in France. Me myself was Persian and was settled in the very center, Mesopotamia.

The first 5000 years were slow and I was on about the same tech as tho others. But I had more cities then them, and steady recources of iron and horses and a very lot of bonussen en luxuries. However, that *****y girl Joan of Arc builded a city on the same place as I had planed my very first harbor city. That was the beginning of the very first war in the (known) world. Between 1125 and 1350 I conquered entire Turkey and also begane invading India. So I thought I defeted the French. Not. They settled themself in the Nile Delta. That was t close to my newfounded city of Tyre, so I dispatched a few other troops and conquered them as well. Exit Franks.

After I conquered India's four major cities in nowaday Bulgaria, I made peace with them to have time to heal my forces. In this time (round 1500) I had my first railroad (yes, i was getting very advanced) After a while I went to battle again, and conquered India. My next target was Russia. I meanwhile upgraded my knight to cavalry. but i waited to attack, to give my empire time to grow, and for India to become a bit civilized again. Around 1750 I made a blitzkrieg with about 20 cav, and conquered 5 Russian cities in one turn. However, competition was quite tough. The russians had gunpowder already.

To be continued....