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Apr 27, 2002, 03:08 AM
The Real Deal

v2.01 (Compatible with 1.29f!)

Updated to correct pediaicons.txt

Updated Man-O-War to have correct actions.

v2.0 (Compatible with 1.29f!)

Now Iím nearing a happy medium for this mod, I thought Iíd start afresh and name this update v2.0. Ideas have come from mainly my own views, some based on realism, some on balancing and some on just pure fun. From recently looking at a few of the other mods about the forums, I noticed that many of my views and opinions are shared, some pure coincidence, others I used and modified.

The aim of this mod is to slightly prolong the early ages as I felt these were progressing to fast, produce a more balanced game with nothing added that the Ai itself couldnít utilise effectively. Just you wait until the Ai uses those outlaws and privateers to steal your workers/cities and sink you laden galleons while Neutral towards you! It seems that in bringing the privateer further forward in the tech tree and separating it from the frigate, the Ai actually builds it! Overall the age of sail has been lengthened with the frigate and galleon also being brought forward in the tech tree. One canít, however, just beeline for Navigation to get these too early since they still require saltpeter from Gunpowder to build them. In general, all the way up the tech tree the naval aspect has been tweaked and improved. With kayaks (canoes for expansionist civs) is now possible to expand from those hopeless island starts at the beginning of a game, however, just beware of those more deadly barbarians ships now.

One of the major improvements was to prolong the map trading and communications trading aspect of the game. These have been substantially delayed to improve the fun, explorative part of civ3 which will now last right up to astronomy.

You just got to try the new improved bow and arrow units. Addition of a zero range, defensive bombardment means they are useful in defending as long as they are part of a stack. This has now been included for the marine and the modern infantry units to bolster their capabilities. The marine and helicopter now have a range of 8 and the helicopter can carry 2. With the late game modern infantry the helicopter should be fairly useful.

The mid-late game has been tweaked to make the Space race trickier and has many more improvements to build for the pacifist builder. One of the problems was that the end game became boring if not at war, since much of the tech tree contained solely military units. Now with theatres and shopping malls we have two new improvements, with the museum, shipyard and now readily available ironworks we have essentially 3 extra SWs and with the Internet and AI we have brand new late game Wonders.

More missile-based units adds to the modern feel and makes bombardment and air defence play greater roles. The thing I like about missiles is they prevent the end game tedium of having to move round tons of units since they themselves are destroyed when used. Their powerful lethal bombardment more than makes up for this failing. The cruise is a powerful land-based missile which can be loaded onto nuclear subs and the AEGIS, whereas the tomahawk is less powerful, immobile but has the ability to be re-based quickly (including island to island). Introducing lethal bombardment to these and the stealth fighter meant that they can have their role for finishing off weakened units in the field or cities, but with their relatively lower power not become over-powerful or replace the bomber.

To install:
Unzip contents of "real" into a temporary folder.

Put "Real_Deal2.0" into "Civilization III\"

Backup old "resources.pcx" then copy new resources.pcx into "Civilization III\Art\"
Backup old "pediaicons.txt" and "civilopedia.txt", then copy new versions over into "Civilization III\Text\"
Backup old "buildings-large.pcx" and "buildings-small.pcx", then copy new files into "Civilization III\Art\City Screen\"

Put "66crossbowmansmall" and "66crossbowmanlarge.pcx" into" Civilization III\Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Units\"

Copy and paste contents of "Civilization III\Art\units\Explorer\" into a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\Outlaw\". Rename "Explorer.ini" in the new Outlaw folder to "Outlaw.ini"

Copy and paste contents of "Civilization III\Art\units\Paratrooper\" into the "Civilization III\Art\units\Marine\"folder and rename "Paratrooper.ini" to "Marine.ini"

Copy and paste contents of "Civilization III\Art\units\Marine\" into a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\Modern Infantry\". Rename "Marine.ini" in the new Modern Infantry folder to "Modern Infantry.ini"

Download "Tomahawk" (later on in thread) and add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\ Tomahawk Missile\"

Download "" (later on in thread) and add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\ Canoe\"

Download "" (later on in thread) and add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\ Kayak\"

Download "" (later on in thread) and add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\ Crossbowman \"

And away you goÖ

So, hereís the Deal:


Penalties for draft and sacrifice reduced to 15 turns.
Fortresses give a 100 defensive bonus, rivers 50, and towns 10 (similar to all terrain).
Wealth now 6 shields/gold.
Forests give 15 shields.
Barbarian ship is now the Privateer instead of the Galley. Helps curb early exploration by making sea travel more dangerous.
Intercept: 60
Intercept stealth: 6


AI to AI tech rates modified to bring it more in line with the human player:
Chieftain 115
Warlord 120
Regent 125
Monarch 130
Emperor 135
Deity 140

Human now gets lower bonuses against barbarians.


Only 1 free tech for each civilisation instead of 2. Helps prolong the Ancient Era.

Flagged choices for building artillery, naval and air units for various civilisations.

Changed each civís colour so that they are always the same colour.
Barbarians: Pink
English: Red
Americans: Dark blue
Babylonians: Purple
Persians: Light Pink
Chinese: Turquoise
Japanese: Deep Red
Indians: Orange
French: Blue
Russians: Green
Iroquois: Brown
Zulus: Black
Egyptians: Yellow
Greek: Light blue
Aztecs: Dark Green
Germans: Dark Grey
Romans: Light Grey


Due to the way the AI in 1.29f concentrates mainly on tech advances that are required for era advancement and will often bypass ones that donítÖ
Printing Press,
Advanced Flight,
Free Artistry,

All are needed for Era advancement now. This helps slow the AI up a little especially in the Middle Ages.

Astronomy now allows map and communications trading instead of Map Making and Writing.

Tech Rates now
Standard 245
Large 330
Huge 415


Communism now has elite spies
Monarchy has veteran diplomats and spies
Despotism has a slider limit of 80%
Monarchy and Republic have slider limits of 90%
Communism and Democracy have no slider limits
Democracy now no longer immune to propaganda


Slight reduction in general certain espionage costs.


Tax collectors now 2
Scientists now 2


(Food, shields, commerce)
Fish 3,0,1
Pearls 0,1,2 (sea, coast)
Whales 2,2,2
Gold 0,0,5
Oasis 2,0,0 (desert)
Oil (now appears in flood plains in addition)

Sea movement 1
Ocean movement 2

Defensive bonuses:
Forest now 50
Jungle 50
Hills 100
Mountains 150


All Spaceship parts scaled up in costs from (160, 320 and 640 to 300, 500 and 700)

SS Stasis Chamber {now Recycling}
SS Planetary Lounge now cost 700

Theatre {Free Artistry} cost 160, culture 4, +50% luxury output, maintenance 1, requires Colosseum (otherwise will always be Aiís first choice of building).
Shopping Mall {Corporation} cost 200, +50 tax output, requires bank, maintenance 1
Factory now gives -1 culture, 1 unhappy citizen.
Solar plant now gives 3 production instead of 2 (encourages more of a will-you-wonít-you swap your hydro plants for them situation when they become available)

Small Wonders:
Museum cost 300, culture 20, requires 5 Theatres.
Shipyard cost 300, culture 2, pollution 2, production 1, adds 1 shield per worked water square, adds extra food per worked water square, requires 5 harbours, requires iron and saltpeter and coastal town.
Ironworks cost 300, production 3, pollution 3, now requires coal and iron, but not in same city radius. Made it more likely to build as Iíve never seen this built before.

Great Wonders:
Great Wall puts Walls in every city on continent, now costs 400; previously it was useless especially to the AI.
Internet {Computers} cost 1200, culture 3, acts as the Great Library. Will help move the modern era along a bit, but if the tech leader builds this they gain no significant advantage.
Artificial Intelligence {Robotics} cost 1200, culture 3, gives research labs in every city. +50 tax output. Will help move the modern era a long a bit.
Cure for Cancer now culture 40! Cost 1200, the big culture wonder for those cultural victories.
Longevity {Sanitation} cost 800. Basically this was useless where it appeared in the tech tree.
Copernicusí and Newtonís now cost 500.
Manhattan now cost 100.
Great Lighthouse, now increases ship movement by 1, increases shield and food in worked water squares. No safe sea travel since galleys can now safely traverse the sea.


Att/def/move (bomb/range/rof)
New units

Canoe {available from the start} 0,0,2 cost 20, carry 1, only available to expansionist civs, upgrade to Galley.
Kayak {available from the start} 0,0,1 cost 20, carry 1, available to all other civs, upgrade to Galley.
Crossbowman {replaces longbowman}, longbowman is the English UU.
Outlaw {Feudalism} 3,1,1 cost 40, hidden nationality, foot unit
Modern Infantry {Ecology} 12,15, 1 (12, 0, 2) cost 110, draft, infantry upgrade, requires rubber, foot unit, offensive + defensive tagged, lethal land (basically, if unit is in a stack when attacked it will get one free bombard attack like artillery do. This was added to make sure thereís a useful infantry unit in Modern Era and help the cause of the Helicopter).
Tomahawk missile (12, 6, 4) {Rocketry} cost 60, immobile, re-base. Different missile mechanics to the cruise missile. Only cruise missile tagged to prevent re-basing onto nuclear subs.

Changes to existing units

All missile troops have ZOC (guns and arrows)
All units can be airlifted

Explorer {Astronomy}
Archer 2,1,1 (2,0,1) lethal land, see modern infantry for explanation on bombard with 0 range. Makes archers, bowmen , crossbowmen and longbowmen worth building and also useful in defence.
Bowman 2,2,1 (2,0,1) lethal land
Crossbowman 4,1,1 (4,0,1) lethal land, upgrade to Marine
Longbowman 5,1,1 (5,0,1) lethal land, upgrade to Marine
Swordsman upgrade to Marine
Infantry 7,10,1
Marine 10,8,1 (10,0,2) airdrop range 8, amphibious assault
Helicopter can now carry 2, range 8

Tank wheeled
Panzer wheeled
Mech Inf wheeled, deselected offence tag.
Modern Armour wheeled

All artillery have higher strength, lower rate of fire.
Catapult (5,1,1)
Cannon (10,1,1)
Artillery (16,2,1)
Radar Artillery (22,2,1) {Miniaturisation} move 2

Ironclad, Destroyer, Battleship, Transport, Carrier and Submarine +1 hp;
AEGIS and Nuclear Sub +2 hp.
Galley 1,1,3 now can safely travel seas (previously isolated starting positions were impossible, this helps to alleviate this for human and AI).
Caravel 1,2,5 {now Education}
Galleon 1,2,7 {now Navigation}
Frigate 4,2,7 (4,1,2) {now Navigation} available to non-expansionist civs, upgrade to Destroyer
Man-O-War 5,2,7 (5,1,2) {now Navigation} available to expansionist civs, upgrade to Destroyer
Privateer 3,1,7 (3,1,2) {Astronomy}
Ironclad 5,4,6 (5,1,2) {Industrialisation} (slower than frigate/galleon across ocean), upgrade to Destroyer
Destroyer 12,9,4 (6,1,3) all terrain as roads, (fastest ship with potential movement of 12 if it doesnít attack)
Battleship 20,12,3 (8,2,3) all terrain as roads, radar, blitz (potential for 3 assaults if no other movement)
AEGIS Cruiser 12,15,3 (6,2,3) {Nuclear Power} all terrain as roads, lethal land, radar, blitz, see invisible, carry 2 missiles (naval power and missile transport selected)
Transport 1,5,3 all terrain as roads, carry 8
Carrier 1,9,3 {Advanced Flight}all terrain as roads, carry 5
Submarine 10,5,3 all terrain as roads
Nuclear Sub 10,5,3 all terrain as roads, carry 3 missiles

Cruise Missile (16,4,4) tactical missile and cruise missile selected
Fighter 4,2,1 (2,0,2) range 5
Bomber 0,2,1 (8,0,3) range 7
Jet Fighter 8,5,1 (4,0,2) range 7, lethal land/sea, air bombard and defence selected
F15 8,6,1 (6,0,3) range 7, lethal land/sea, air bombard and defence selected
Stealth Fighter (6,0,3) range 8, lethal land/sea
Stealth Bomber (10,0,3) range 8, lethal sea

Pre 1.3 edited after 26 downloads.

1.3 edited after 64 downloads.

2.0 edited after 11 downloads.

Apr 27, 2002, 03:11 AM

Apr 29, 2002, 10:18 AM
Version 1.2 is here!

Look at first post for details and download. :)

Feedback would be appreciated.

Enjoy folks :)

May 07, 2002, 01:26 PM
Good but musketeers should be 4 4 2 because they were offensive and defenders of the king and rode on horses so they could move a bit faster than musketmen I guess different time periods though

Just a question shouldn't regent be equal 100 for trade bonus and 95 for cheftain the rest is great

May 08, 2002, 02:47 AM
Version 1.3 of the Real Deal is here!

Some major changes have implemented for an improved gaming experience...

See first post for details and remember to download the attached Tomahawk on this post and, if you haven't done so already, the modern further up...

Installation instructions can be found on the first post and in the Readme included in the

Enjoy and any feedback would be appreciated. :)

Jun 10, 2002, 05:39 AM
Anyone any suggestions for improvements before i release v2.0, which will probably be my last update as i'm nearing a very playable and enjoyable mod now.

In 2.0 the main attraction will be an Internet Wonder, which basically works like a modern age Theory of Evolution for the lucky bugger that gets there first. The other option is to make it so it gives a research lab in every city on the continent. However, the late game tedium leans me towards the first idea being the better one.

Furthermore, there will also be the Interceptor SAM, which will act as a defence against bombers/jet fighters within the city's worker radius (2 squares). This missile will basically be a better, more appropriate option than the garbage SAM site which only use is currently for the SDI defence small wonder.

Jul 09, 2002, 08:52 AM
Make the Internet a small wonder which boosts science in all cities size 6 and above 50%. Make the World Wide Web a great wonder and have it put a research lab in all cities.

Jul 18, 2002, 09:48 PM
Greetings - I like this mod alot (though the v1.29f patch is very unforgiving of any errors, so it no longer runs - I don't envy your having to fix things up), however, the Theatre seems broken to me. I mean - 8 culture and you can build them everywhere? That's just seems like overkill to me. Perhaps have them generate 2 culture and be built everywhere or make it a minor wonder?

Great work, though - I can't wait to see your next version.

- Yarlen

Aug 06, 2002, 06:12 AM
Hi Maple and Yarlen, thanks for the comments.

YEah a lots been updated since the 1.29f patch, i now have the mod in complete working order and am currently play testing a very stable version 2.1.

In it there has been some major changes. Too many to shortlist here for the moment. Here's a taster:

New Internet Wonder
New Artificial Intelligence Wonder (may call it World Wide Web as that's also appropriate and maybe preferable - thanks Maple :))
New Shipyard Small Wonder
Buildable Ironworks
Streamlined tech tree progression (slightly slowed ancient and middle ages, quickened modern age slightly)
New Kayak unit (canoe for expansionist civs)
Longbowman UU for English, Man-O-War expansionist specific
Improved naval side of things
Improved explorative aspect of civ3. Map trading and communications trading pushed back in the tech tree.

The jury is still out on the Theatre, i have now made it require a colloseum since the Ai was having a tendency to always build this as the first improvement in new post-Free Artistry cities. Dropping the cultural value may be a useful idea, but i was hoping to try to encourage cultural victories of which i have seen zero!!

You see improvemtns double their cultural value after 1000 years. Because free artistry and the theatre don't arrive till the late middle ages, there'll never be any doubling. A temple built in 1000 BC could give 2 x 2 x 2 = 16 culture points by 2000 AD, so it didn't seem too much?!

However, i am considering dropping the price and dropping the culture value though...

Aug 06, 2002, 02:20 PM

add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\Canoe\..."

Aug 06, 2002, 02:21 PM

add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\Kayak\"

Aug 06, 2002, 02:22 PM
Tomahawk Missile:

add contents to a new folder: "CivilizationIII\Art\units\Tomahawk Missile\"

Aug 06, 2002, 02:22 PM
Version 2.0 has arrived, which has some interesting updates and is compatible with 1.29f!!

Check out the first post in this thread for details, which is copied from the readme file.

Once you've downloaded the real deal mod, download the 4 extra units from the previous 4 posts:
Tomahawk missile

Make sure you follow the instructions for getting the Outlaw, Marine and Modern Infantry correct in the Civilisation\Art\Units folder.

Also make sure you follow the instructions for getting the rest of the into the correct places. I have tried to make this as simple as possible. :)

Enjoy, and remember to give some feedback...


Aug 10, 2002, 03:58 AM
v2.01 (Compatible with 1.29f!)

Updated to correct pediaicons.txt

Updated Man-O-War to have correct actions.

Aug 15, 2002, 04:32 AM
Can't believe i forgot to put the Crossbowman up!? :)


add contents to a new folder: "Civilization III\Art\units\Crossbowman\"

Aug 15, 2002, 07:20 AM