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Apr 17, 2007, 03:17 PM
I've run into a little problem while modding... that the game seems to automatically search for art files in the folder where the game was first installed, and not in the folder where it is now. You see, I'm total-modding Conquests by copying the entire Civ3 folder. That way I can mod the game while still enabling city view and stuff. But now the game keeps fetching graphics from my first Civ folder instead of the copied one. This is strange, because it works with the text files and not with the graphics. Now if this was just a scenario I could use the option to set the path for the art folder. But now, that art folder is in a different Civ directory, and the editor won't allow me to use full C:\ paths! How do you set a path that's not inside the original Civ folder, or otherwise work around this problem? And why the heck does the game still get the txt files from the current civ folder?

Edit: Nevermind, wrong forum! But anyone reading, please come to the main creation forum and help me