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Jul 04, 2007, 06:18 PM
Inspired by TheLopez:
but it just doesn't seem right.

So, the idea:
1> Culture radius's are doubled, but Culture deposit rates are unchanged (so past your core, your culture deposit rate is pretty anemic).

This lets mega-culture cities contribute to border control further away.

2> Culture deposit should decay always, reaching a steady state after a certain amount of time. At 4%, that's 25 turns to reach a steady state at normal speed (scale with game speed), or a half-life of about 17 turns.

This makes culture more dynamic -- your current production matters!

3> Culture deposit under a unit of an enemy civilization, or one that is not adjacent to one of your own Empire's tiles (including itself) that isn't occupied by an enemy, or any tile occupied by a unit of that civilization, is reduced by half. Whew.

Enemy in this context means anyone you are at war with.

Culture deposit reduction by an occupying unit is limited by the unit's strength in a way that encourages using more modern units (rather than warrior-spam). (maybe production cost * unit strength / 10, halved if the unit cannot get defensive bonuses, doubled if the unit cannot attack?)

Military presence matters for borders. An Army distributed at the border can be a useful technique with these rules.

4> Culture deposit in a tile controlled by another Empire is reduced by half. This makes taking tiles from another civilization harder. This stacks with #3.

Owning a tile is a significant advantage -- it takes effort to flip a tile. Beware when a tile does flip!

5> 40% of the culture deposit of a civilization is weighted by the controlling Empire, the other 60% by the Citizens in the City. (Note that military+tile ownership can reduce the Enemy Citizen culture by 75%)

This makes the battle of taking control of hostile territory difficult.

6> Units take 5% damage per turn of movement in hostile culture territory, and cannot heal past 90% while in hostile territory.

This makes tile ownership matter more.

7> Units gain an increasing bonus of +5% per age for fighting in their own territory.

Borders gain in importance as ages pass. The benefits to forcing your border forward become more and more key.


Teaching the AI to understand these different rules might be tricky.

It should make your current culture production more important, and not just in your border cities. A level 4 city can deposit culture 8 squares away, far enough that an interior city can help out your border...

This is a very rough draft, and would definitely need some testing before pushing out there.

Jul 04, 2007, 10:01 PM
I think all of this sounds great, I'll be looking forward to its release. :)

Could be very useful as a mod component as well.

Jul 04, 2007, 11:50 PM
I also think this looks like a very interesting system, I hope your able to implement some or all of these ideas.