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Aug 13, 2007, 03:29 PM
Polish Civilization for Civ4:BtS (An Alternative)
It is based on Polish Civilization by team.
Original thread:
I decided to finish my work on it and post because there were people asking for BTS version. NikNaks93 already posted another version today, by as I have already finished this one, I decided to post it after all.
This version includes all the music and files from the original mod for warlords, unless I replaced it with something else Edit: I removed main menu music and polish civilopedia entries. I will add them if you want

Quite many things are different, so maybe someone will find some use for this 

Adds Polish civilization to Civ4:BtS

Starts with agriculture & hunting


Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great) – Protective & Philosophical, favorite civic Hereditary Rule

Jan III Sobieski – Spiritual & Charismatic, favorite civic Representation

Both leaders with their special music (based on Bogurodzica & F. Chopin Etude C-dur)

Unique unit – Winged Hussar, replaces Cuirassier. 25% bonus against gunpowder and melee units

Unique Building – Spichlerz. Replaces Granary, +10% wealth, can turn one citizen to merchant (Sejmik was never an actual building, just a meeting at large open area. We still use this word for White stork’s meetings at the meadows ;)

Units with Polish sounds

I made a new flagdecal for Poland. The one from the original mod was too modern looking for my taste. I replaced it with the banner from the times of Casimir the Great.

See attached image below for some of the mod features.

I have also added description for Spichlerz and reworked and expanded Winged Hussar description.

Update 7.09.2007
See spoilers for details

New Winged Hussar skin by Danrell (even better than previous one :crazyeye:
Reorganized xml files to make items (buildings, units etc.) appear in the right places; marked changes with <!-- POLAND MOD -->
Removed two files : CIV4BuildInfos.xml and CIV4SpecialBuildingInfos.xml Inside were changes to monasteries (not obsolete with scientific method) and chop production (form forest 30 jungle 0 to forest 20 jungle 10). That was not supposed to be part of this mod, sorry for including it in the first place (forgot to remove).
Changed hussar bonuses form 50% against gunpowder units to 25% against both melee and gunpowder units

First, Updated download is here;8497505;/fileinfo.html (13 MB)
To use as a mod, unzip to Mods folder in your BTS installation directory. Then select it from within civilization.
To play as a standard game, unpack to your custom assets directory in MyDocuments/MyGames/ Beyond the Sword

I tried to make finding my changes easier by marking it with <!-- POLAND MOD -->
Only exception are audiodefine files, they do not work well with such addition.

If any of you care to try it and notice any problems or typos (or simply bad english), let me know. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I also welcome any ideas and suggestions.

Have fun :D

Leaderheads by Kodzi
Hussar model from Danrell’s Polish units pack

I used knight model because it looks more appropiate for winged hussar than cuirassier one
Spichlerz model by Rabbit, White
Poland and partially Hussar pedia entries by Berenika Stefańska
Unknown creator of Winged Hussar icon. Sorry, I forgot where I got it
Polish sound for units - from jobabr
Music clips disclaimer:
Music By: InkwizytoR on the motives of:
Bogurodzica (Casimir) and F. Chopin Etude C-dur (Sobieski).
Used Intruments:Claymore Set,NaturalStudio.
Used Software:ModPlug Tracker 1.16, Audacity.
All Rights Reserved, Niepołomice 2006

Thanks for great mod for all team

Aug 14, 2007, 02:21 AM
For the people that might prefer (as I finally did) bonuses for Winged Hussar as +25% to both melee and gunpowder, an unpdate below.
Justr unzip it to assets folder of the mod, it will find it's way down. One file should be replaced.
Edit: Included in the main download so no longer needed. If you want 50% bonus against gunpowder units only, let me know, I will add it here.

Also, I decided to post my pedia descriptions in a separate file. I think it explains some of the changes I did in the mod. Also, it will be easier to get all you native speakers to look into it and tell me about all mistakes I did ;)

Sep 07, 2007, 04:33 AM
40 downolads and no single comment? :cry:
Is it so good or so bad? ;)

Anyway, here is the update to this mod. If you have it installed, remove old one and put this one instead.;8497505;/fileinfo.html
It should not break saves, but I am not 100% sure as I did not tested it.

Sep 08, 2007, 05:43 AM
"light" Hussars (early ones), were equipped with lance and turkish round shield and often a bow (it was more of a horsearcher).
Later "heavy" hussars were armed with plate armor, clased handligh sabre, bow or pistols.
Late hussars wore scale armor, whitch provided less protection that plate mail, was heavier, more expensive, but looked good ;). Thos hussars used pistols as ranged weapons.

And late or "heavy" hussars should replace Cuirassier class (in BtS it is present) [and it does ;p].

And i dont like winged hussar name. Hussar, or Husaria it should be called.

Seems like most people visit modpacks, not mod components section. That may be reason for low comments.

Sep 13, 2014, 12:23 AM
When I try to follow the download link, it says "File Not Found" :(