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Jun 11, 2002, 10:47 PM
Im playing the the one after cheiften, couse i thought cheiften was too easy but now the ai bully's me and if i reject i end up loosing many city to them and if there is a spot on my territory that i havent filled they ai end up building there, and i do tell the ai to get off my land but they just keep going!

Could someone help me out with some tips and **** couse im loast and this happens often even on cheiften

Jun 12, 2002, 12:33 AM
Welcome Diode !

Like you I found the move from Chieftan level to Warlord a big step (yes I know some will scoff at that).


1.Make sure you have a strong military or the AI will bully you. If the AI threatens you - don't refuse to trade make a counter proposal you will be less likely to be attacked.

2.Don't trade world or territory maps too early - if there is land you want to settle trading maps will let the AI know about it and it will head to it and build on it .

3.Build grannaries early in your cities - you will then be able to build settlers faster (as the city population will increase faster) - giving you the chance to grab land.

Check out this forum often - you find some great tips and look in the civfanatics war academy - some useful info there as well.

Good luck!

Jun 12, 2002, 01:29 AM
Heh ya i got alote of newbie'ness right now so i just love this game, it has so much freedom =D.

anyway the germans mad war on my a$$ just now so im prolly gonna die since there attacking from the inside from boat drops and stuff =(, that my other problem keeping corruption down to build a good enough army and if i do have an army if i attack it does nothing to them barely but if they attack me they go through my guys like butter, any reply's to this would be helpfull

Jun 12, 2002, 10:32 AM
Somewhat disagree with Hawksteer, but then again I am still on cheiftan level myself. I like to give them everything they want, maps and all, get tech, cash, etc. from them. Here is why;

When I begin a game I expand, and fast. Build warriors, then workers, then settlers. Generally I don't, nor do I have to, build anything else before I have at least three settlers from one town. Just mix 'em up with workers and warriors.

I begin by exploring, and big time. Looking for the goodie huts and more importantly the enemy (another civ). As soona as I find 'em I build up next to 'em and work my way back.

In the game I am currently on I have a mess load of towns, largest civ in all the world, but my poor city placement, mainly due to resources needed and terrain, I have left some holes. More dangerous is the large amount of unsettled land I have left, or rather barred from the rest of the civs, below my front lines. Those fools think that all because I haven't used it yet that I am never going to use it so they just walk right through my kingdom and start settling towns! We can't have that!

My problem is that I have two civs doing this to me at once, and I certainly cannot allow it, but at the same time I cannot fend them both off at once. So what do I do? I let 'em, or at least one of 'em.

Grease the palms of one of 'em while you build your army up. Give this one money, maps, etc... everything you can so that you can establish a ROP (very important). At the same time yell at the other one when ever they come on your land and try to bar them off by making a line of troops in front of them. If your at peace they should just turn around and go home, or hang out waiting for you too move (this better, because your going to get some workers).

When you get a large army up attack the idiot you've been yelling at, and ask the one you have a ROP with to help. I have never been turned down for help from someone I have a ROP with. Fortunatly, the one you asked for help with will not have that great of an army, since they have been expanding, mainly into your territory. They will attack once, but the idiot civ your at war with will slowly start to take over the idiot you made a pact with towns. Keep driving your forces in to the civ your at war with until you have expanded significantly enough. Then call for peace. Stop greasing the palms of the one who helped, and start greasing the palms of the fool you just tromped on. Raise another army, get a ROP with the other CIV, and attack the CIV that has already encroached on your territory. It should be pretty easy to take over or raze the towns within your "borders" that he has placed.

Sound complicated?

Basically, use diplomacy to your advantage. In your case, with one civ moving in on the land you want, I say let 'em, and let 'em think you want 'em to. Be very nice, give them maps to help them find good spots for their new towns, get stuff in return too. While they are busy expanding, you should be busy raising an army to take and protect these towns. Don't think of them as building towns for their empire, think of it as 'em building towns for yours. Hey, you might even get a leader out of it!

Jun 12, 2002, 12:18 PM
Youll find that the harder levels you play the faster and meaner the AI is in the begging a good strat is get a few cities then start pumping out military units say like archers. Let the AI settle near you if they want just take all their cities. An early Offense is very helpfull.

Jun 12, 2002, 12:43 PM
Build about 5 archers, vets preffered, only if possible. Send them over to a neighbor, except the Greeks, also try not to go to any scientific civ, and conquer 2-3 cities out of their 5 or so cities. They will be crippled now for the rest of the game. Rush up some spears, and soon you'll be able to make peace. Demand cities, techs the works from them, and you got yourself somewhere.

Then later in the Ancient era, build horsemen or chariots which will be upgraded to horsemen, and send 10-15 over to another civ and conquer half of them, or totally eliminate if possible.

Jun 13, 2002, 12:51 AM
Hmm warmongers unite!

My reply was based on a peacful strat (I am no warmonger) - fast expansion is the key and keeping the ai at least polite.Military for me is for defense (unless very strongly provoked).

I am currently on warlord level having moved up from chieftan which I found I could win on more often than not with a peacful strat unless given a really bad starting position.

I have found that as long as you have a strong military (keep a good number of attack units visible near your border) when the AI demands something - say a tech if you make a counter proposal for the same tech (esp if it is in polite mode) and ask what they will offer you will often get a very good trade maybe techs / gold per turn or luxaries.

Unless you are going for domination victory then your empire doesn't need to be too big - as long as you have access to the major resources then its is big enough - concentrate on building your cities for max production or culture. Too big and you get problems with corruption, the dense build strategy (first few cities very close together) helps a lot in the early stages as does getting as many goody huts as you can. Trade techs / luxaries often to keep the AI on side and gain the advantage - selling any techs you gain to other civs can reel in the gold and keep them polite.

It all depends on what victory you aim for!

I've won many games on chieftan level by staying peacful and only defending when attacked.

Jun 13, 2002, 05:24 AM
Hawkster is right: there's entirely too much warmongering on this forum. On Emperor and below, I can out-expand the AI in most cases through intelligent city placement and build choices. Starting out your first city on archers is an enormous gamble; sure it might work, but what if you DON'T capture those cities? Then you're screwed and you've lost the game. On the other hand, you can win just about any game with a peaceful start. I've played over a dozen Civ3 games to completion, spanning all 6 difficulty levels, and I have yet to lose one. This is a direct result of my playing style that minimizes gambles and focuses on building over destroying. :)

Having trouble on Warlord? Don't know what to build, how to start, what to research, where to place cities? Try reading some of the information in my training day succession game, where I'm helping a group of players win on Emperor level. You can click here ( to read about it. There's some good discussions and strategy in there! :D

Jun 13, 2002, 09:39 AM
Yup, yup Warmongering is ravaging the forum, and the world...

I always seem to play for domination, and for that I always lose in the end. My poor city placement always allows for the neighbors to infiltrate my space, and this is something I hate, but have to deal with. Ussually, I just destroy them. I never want more land than I initially claim, yet unfortunatly I claim land without building in it, and this always leads to war.

Heck, the game was made to have some level of Warmongering in it, if not than why the units?

In my current game I have established a city, rather far from my major cities, that is surrounded by five diamond resources!!! Perhaps I will try bartering with the my neighbors this time, and with diamonds not with lead.