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Jun 14, 2002, 10:52 PM
This is a mod that I have been tinkering with, since it is up to date for the most part I figure that I would post it to see what players thought of it. Kinda off the wall and unrealistic but it seems that Civilization 2 also had some different themes with it also. As always any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hawqeye's Revenge Scenario Version 0.80

Mod was made using Civilization III Version 1.21, not sure about
backwards compatibility.

Special thanks to Civfanatics for the server space for the files.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download all four files to the same directory.

2. Rename these files. to HawqRevVer080.z01 to HawqRevVer080.z02 to HawqRevVer080.z03
Note: Do Not rename the file

3. Backup all files that will be affected. Most are additions
but some files might still be affected, example of this is
some text files will be overwritten. (Some graphics also)

4. Open and extract to the location where
Civilization III is installed.
Default location:
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\

5. The file to play is located in the SCENARIOS folder.
Hawqeyes Revenge 80.bic

6. Bugs? Comments? Ideas? All are welcome.They can be reported
in this thread created at Civfanatics.

Outside Credits

Resource Icons - Harlan

Unit Icons - MOON

Units added to Mod - Original unit name in (..)
Original Name | Name in Mod | Credit for Unit
(ISU) | Advanced Infantry | Smoking Mirror
(Death Knight) | Camelot Knight | Yaniv
(Tiger) | EG-5 | Kentonio
(Bandit) | Hoplite Cavalry | Dark Sheer
(Pershing) | Immortal Tank | Kentonio
(Sherman) | ImpiMech | Kentonio
(Imperial Marine) | Indian OPS | TVA22
(Grunt) | Legion Infantry | Kal-el
(Yamato) | Nagasaki Cruiser | TVA22
(KV1) | Napolean Tank | Smoking Mirror
(Peltast) | Prussian Spearman | Kryten
(Churchill) | Sherman | Smoking Mirror
(T-34) | T-34 | Kentonio
(Apache) | Helicopter | BoneDoc
(Gatling) | Gattling Mecha | Kinboat
(Mecha) | Mecha | Kinboat
(MechWalker) | MechWalker | Kentonio
(Veritech) | Veritech | Kinboat

**Version 0.80** - Fixed some Civilopedia Bugs, made silks a
requirement for more units. Fixed Sherman Tank requirements.
Added Techs Nanotechnology, Cyborgs, Neo-Utopianism with
updated modern science advisor screen. Added government
Neo-Utopianism. Added Resource Tobacco as a luxuryresource
with new Resource Pix. Changed some settings on the
Militocracy government. Added new units Gattling Mecha, Mecha,
MechaWalker, and Veritech. Changed the Helicopters animations
to Apache. Changed many of the Unique Units to custom units
Credits for units should be on this readme.
Added improvment Technology Lab (50% Science). Added Wonders
NIST Laboratory (Grants all cities the Technology Lab) and
Federation of Earth (Allows Diplomatic Victory). The united
Nations changed to not allow diplomatic victory instead grants
SAM Missle Battery to all cities.

Hawqeye's Revenge Enhancement List

Movement on Roads is 4

Starting treasury is 500

Golden Age lasts 30 years

Tax Collector citizen is not discovered until banking
Scientist citizen is not discovered until engineering
All special citizens produce double than the default

Silk changed to a Strategic Resource

New types of Government:

New Small Wonder:
Military Base

New Great Wonders:
NIST Laboratory
Federation of Earth.

New Civilization, Hawqeyes, replace the Iroquis

Added civilization bonuses for all

All Civilizations have 2 unique units.

Added units include: Units in (..) are downloaded units used
in the mod.
(ISU) Advanced Infantry - Hawqeyes
Babylon Defender - Babylonians
(Death Knight) Camelot Knight - English
Chinese Immortal - Chinese
(Tiger) EG-5 - Egypt
Hawq - Hawqeyes
(Bandit) Hoplite Cavalry - Grecian
(Pershing) Immortal Tank - Persian
(Sherman) ImpiMech - Zulu
(Imperial Marine) Indian OPS - Indian
Jaguar Ninja - Aztecs
(Grunt) Legion Infantry - Roman
(Yamato) Nagasaki Cruiser - Japanese
(KV1) Napolean Tank - French
Panzer Chariot - German
(Peltast) Prussian Spearman - Russian
Revolutionary - American
(Churchill) Sherman - English
(T-34) T-34 - American

Other changes to units include:
Settlers can build roads and movement is slightly increased
Explorers have the ability to attack and defend
Marines have abilities to build road, build fort, and paradrop
Paratrooper has larger paradrop, compensate for marine
All tanks have the ability to bombard
Artillery units have been improved for distance
Cruise Missle has increased movement and bombard distance
AEGIS Cruiser has ability to carry missles
Subs have been modified.
Heilicopter is now an attack unit
Civ specific units have been tweaked
Man-O-War and F-15 available to all Civs.

Added Three New Techs.

Base hit points increased for all levels of units

Barbarians are Pikeman and Knight

Strength agaist barbarians increased

Civilopedia primarily up to date.

Visit the Hawqeyes Revenge ( site for more information.


Jun 14, 2002, 10:56 PM
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Please see the previous post for installation instructions

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