View Full Version : I have MOO on my computer but it freezes.

Feb 14, 2008, 01:57 AM
I have the game working fine on my computer, but it seems to freeze when I have to big of a game going. I have no clue what it could be. Could you help me out?

malicious bloke
Feb 14, 2008, 09:39 AM
for some reason i have a similar problem since i reinstalled it

occasionally it will completely freeze when i hit the next turn button.

The only way to fix it is ctrl+alt+del and then restart it

Feb 14, 2008, 10:00 AM
Are you running native or using DosBox? How much EMS was allocated?

Feb 14, 2008, 02:48 PM
I am running it off my xp..not using dosbox.. i have the EMS on auto

Feb 14, 2008, 03:00 PM
I ran at 1024 rather than auto, not sure if that is the issue or not. I now run it in DosBox. Dfend_V2 makes it just a click, I use DosBox for Ascendancy and Alien Legacy now as it is easier and I can do screen captures with no problems.

I also like the window aspect as it lets me run Winamp and rejects songs with no hassle.

Feb 14, 2008, 04:26 PM
where can i get dosbox?

Feb 14, 2008, 04:32 PM
its still freezing on 1024..i have no clue what it is

Feb 14, 2008, 05:01 PM
where can i get dosbox?

Put DosBox into google and it is the first one up or

Feb 14, 2008, 05:30 PM
ok i have dosbox installed..just having problems with getting it to play the game.

Feb 14, 2008, 06:34 PM
when i try to get to the orion directory with cd oldgames it says unable to change to oldgames cause thats where i have the game stored

Feb 14, 2008, 07:41 PM
It is so much easier to get the Defend app that should be linked on DosBox. It makes setting a snap. I see they have added much since I last updated (.065). The dowload page has many front end tools of which Defend is one. Install one of them and they will handle the dosbox commnads and you can create a shortcut to Moo that will start dosbox and issue the commands and run Moo.

Feb 14, 2008, 07:53 PM

start DosBox. At the Z prompt enter
mount d D:\MPS\Orion
switch to drive D using dos command D:
get to \MPS\Orion directory and enter Orion

Feb 14, 2008, 08:57 PM
i have it on my c drive.. when i try to switch directories it says unable to change

Feb 14, 2008, 09:23 PM
i got it working with dosbox yeah :)

Feb 14, 2008, 09:54 PM
Sweat, try one of those front ends, you will save some work.

Feb 14, 2008, 10:27 PM
i got it figured out now :) lets just hope it doesn't freeze this way

Feb 15, 2008, 05:30 PM
it froze again with dosbox..but the game was pretty much over anyway. I was the humans and was in the final war and only had 7 planets lol

Feb 15, 2008, 08:07 PM
I have had freezes or crash on a rare occasions, so I tend to save frequently. It is an old habit from the early Dos days that saves me grief from time to time.

Apr 05, 2008, 04:48 PM
I also find that MOO is not 100 % stable. I do get occosional crashes too - not very often though. If the crashes are too frequent it might be that Windows Shell extensions that have been installed by other programs are interfering with the application. If there are a lot of Shell Extensions installed the Windows Message Server has to process these zillions of Shell Extensions every time it accesses the hard disk. It may choke on this. Microsoft gave the Windows Message Server too much to do all at once anyways - even without additional Shell Extensions from other programs. I usually try to cut down on Shell Extensions as much as I can. But this isn't always easy. Some programs will refuse to run, if you disable their Shell Extensions and some of Windows' own Shell Extensions are buggy too. When you disable them other problems arise. I have even gone as far as uninstalling certain programs just because they were using Shell Extensions. Norton Systemworks has some nasty Shell Extensions that are very intrusive. But that is not the only software known for this. Most antivirus programs behave like a virus themselves. Windows behaves like a virus itself. Firewall programs behave like viruses themselves. Sometimes even mainboard drivers cause programs to crash. Programs that install any kind of toolbar using browser helper objects (BHOs) behave like viruses. So quite a lot of other software programs can cause these problems.
It's best to keep things as lean as possible. I use different OS partitions for different purposes. I have an OS partition that is for offline purposes only. So I never even installed any internet software on that partition and use a different partition to go online. Actually I even have one PC that is offline only and never sees the internet while I go online with the other PC. I use the offline PC for gaming.