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Mar 18, 2008, 06:53 PM
As the thread title indicates, I'm looking for a way to decrease the amount of water tiles generated by the Fractal map script. The .py file in the maps directory seems to just say "do the fractal function", and the only other thing I can find are some areas where it refers to SEALEVEL_LOW

As it seems right now, Low/Med/High Sealevel gets you roughly 50/60/70% water. I'm looking to change that to about 35/43/50. (I only play Single player, so not concerned with how it affects anything else). Can someone tell me where I might find these numbers to change?

I don't really care if it affects all map scripts that have sealevel references, or just the Fractal script, since I use that for 90% of games, and the others I used don't use sealevel at all.

Mar 18, 2008, 07:50 PM
I have do it in my mod, search for CIV4SeaLevelInfo.xml in the XML folder of CIV4....

you con see something similar to:


Change the value iSeaLevelChange to -55 decrease a lot the sea level...

It works perfercly in fractal map as it does not work on Big and Small

Mar 18, 2008, 08:35 PM
It works perfercly in fractal map as it does not work on Big and Small

The sea level is taken in count in the map script . A multilayered fractals map like big and small generate all regions one by one and don't take in count the sea level option . Some others apply the sea level option but with some limits .

If you just want to change the fractal map , you can do like that also :

edit with python or notepad ++ and change :

def generatePlotTypes():
NiTextOut("Setting Plot Types (Python Fractal) ...")
fractal_world = FractalWorld()
fractal_world.initFractal(rift_grain = -1, has_center_rift = False, polar = True)
plotTypes = fractal_world.generatePlotTypes(water_percent = 78)
return plotTypes

78 is the default value , if you want to reduce water percent by 20 just put 58 . This produce some very interesting maps with this setting : Big pangaea , a large continent that circonvulate the globe , some king of snaky archipelago with big inland seas , 2 or 3 big islands ...

This is my favorite script also :)

Tcho !

Mar 18, 2008, 09:01 PM
Thank you both! I think I'll go generate a bunch of new maps to see how it works!

Edit: Sometime later --- the function was actually in, and I had to use the one in the Warlords subdir, but it worked great! Dropping the base water level to 63 now lets me get some above average to REALLY big maps, that I can play 19 civs on with lots of room, plenty of barbarians ... and still have the fractal unpredictability.