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May 26, 2008, 03:48 PM
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Civilization III: Governments

Governments: Civilization 3 Complete V1.22 What you should know: (
Town: 1-6 population
City: 7-12 population (requires fresh water or an aquaduct)
Metro: 12+ population (requires a hospital or the Shakespeare's Theatre wonder)

Hurry Method: you can either buy units or buildings (rate is 4 gold for a shield). Or you 'whip' people; 1 citizen for 20 shields.
Corruption: how much commerce and production is wasted.
War Weariness: When at war, your citizens can grow tired of the war and become unhappy. Or not.
Draft Rate: the number of citizens you can draft per turn.
Military Police Limit: Max number of units in a city that makes 1 content citizen happy.
Unit Support: number of units that cost you no money. All units 'over the cap' cost you 1gpt.
Under Republic they cost 2gpt, under Feudalism they cost 3gpt.