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Jul 01, 2008, 04:53 PM
COTM 50: Zululand!

Most of a day late, so the game is extended a day to Aug. 2nd. Saves are up!

Civilization: Zululand
Rivals: 10 pre-selected
Barbarians: Raging
Difficulty: Regend
Land Form: Pangaea, 60% ocean, Standard map.
Geology:5 billion years old, Wet and Warm.
AI Aggression: Normal

Conquest-Class Bonuses:

A Bonus Galley
Knowledge of Alphabet
100 more Bonus Gold

Open-Class Modifications:


Predator-Class Obstacles:

AI get 2 Pikes and 2 Bonus Unit Support each
Do not know Warrior Code
AI Bonus Unit Support per City set to 2

>>Read the Pre-Game discussion. (
>>Go download the starting saves. (