View Full Version : Time Limit issue with the campaign.

Jul 11, 2008, 11:57 AM

Noticed this game dusting away in my game collection, and figured I'd see what it was about, had limited memory of what it was like when I first purchased the game.

To jump right into it, for how old the game is, I really enjoy'd the concept - despite not being flawless as no game is, it has alot of potential fun.

The issue I have, the only issue I have, is trying to enjoy their Campaign - but finding it more of a bother fighting vs their common 90mintue time limit.

Now, if I custom make a game/scenario - I know I can adjust/work around this, or via online - but I do much so wish to play their campaign.

Is it possible to extend, or remove the time limit via editing files?

I've found my way into;
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\conquest
To see if I could find any leads on it, and all I've noticed, was 3 files stating "static time limit: 90"

I figured that must be the root of my annoyance, and tried to change the number by only a slight amount, 120, 150 ect.
But after due experiments, nothing has changed, so I come to this forum in hopes that someone may know more then I on this topic...which wouldn't be hard, I'm sure ;)

Nov 17, 2008, 10:11 AM
I haven't tested for the other campaigns, but the conquer the world respects the settings in the conquestrules.xml file (in Thrones and Patriots\data folder).

Use notepad to change the values in the <CONQUESTSTYLES> section for each attack/defense type.

Each attack type has a different set of timers look for these values:
min_victory="15" max_victory="15"

I tried setting victory to other types, but since you have no town on some attacks/defense it is an instant loss or win. So it looks like you will have to enter at least some value and leave the victory type as: victories="Time Limit". I only tried conquest, so there may be another game type that would work, but I think most end when you have no buildings or the enemy has no buildings.

I would also not set the min_victory too high, as on the defend your base mission that may be how long you have to hold out? Not sure if the computer will keep sending waves or stop after the normal 15 minutes.

At the start of each attack/defense the game will tell you the conquest rule set that is selected, so if there is one you don't like the settings for you can change them. Example, i think the first attack against a barbarian is always "Barbarian Rally".