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Jul 24, 2008, 11:42 PM
Well, I played about 30 minutes of my first game on diety today (and no I did not get wiped out that fast :lol: , I just had to quit to go workout). I have to say that, well, I've been extremely lucky. I hit single player, new game, deity, and right away the cursor was on the English, one of my more favorite civs, as I've had good experiences with them. The game begins...

My settler was started in a balanced position, but really could've been better for growth. I started with 2 grassland, 3 coast, 2 forests, 1 hill. Switch my city to build production, and whip out a few warriors to go explore. Well, I found a barbarian hut to right outside my borders, on my left, and after conquering it, it told me about an artifact just south. Infact, if I built a galley I could get there in 1 turn. So after I build my 3 warriors, I switch actually to food/science, instead of production for a galley. Could have been a mistake. I go for horseback riding, so I can open up the bee-line for fuedalism right off the bat. My warriors explore just a little to the left, and bam, I meet Genghis. Not only are there tons of mountains in our little peice of the continent, but we are sharing that small peice of the continent with only 2 small exits.

One of my other warriors defeated a barb hut, and guess what, it told me there was another artifact to the east. Again, I count the squares it would take me to get there with a galley. 2 turns and I could get that artifact as well. By that time London grew to size 3, and I had horseback riding, so I switched to production and built a galley. I also reached 100g, and settled a nice production city near hills/mountains/forest, with not very much growth potential. Mind you, I had no where to go that had good growth potential, because there were way too many mountains, hills, and forests.

My galley went south, and I got an artifact that built the Great Wall in London. Very useful in the beginning, so I can keep peace when I want to, and won't have to feel to pressured from the diety AI. My warriors in the mean time also meet Shaka. He's fairly close as well, and is North-East of me. I take my galley then to the other artifact, which is a much more useful one. It gives me great people, in fact, a great humanitarian (nice for my low growth cities) and a great scientist! I was currently on alphabet, and so I switched my cities to nearly all science, and got it 1 turn later. Then, I had already opened up feudalism, so my great scientist got that for me on the next turn. I had no bronzeworking/archers, but I had a free knight built in london, which I immediately switched to start building more knights. I then tech for bronzeworking, so I could get my longbows, and once I had that I set my second city to build archers. With the gold I have, I rushed barracks, so that my future armies could be veteran.

Meanwhile, my galley went exploring to the west, past the Mongols where there was a chain of islands. Now that I had the capability to produce knights, I spent some gold to rush an army, and declared war on Genghis. I used the army to wipe out his lone units outside of his cities first, because I could over-run them, and gain the Infiltration promotion. Then I went for his capital, and had another knight army on the way. At this point, the galley that I had sent exploring to the west, found a goody hut. It gave 25g, and told me that there was another artifact to my north. I go up there, and it gives me 200g. I get currency for free, and rush libraries in my cities. My knight armies finished off Genghis not much later.

At this point I was feeling pretty pleased. I knew that diety would be hard, but I was getting so lucky (units winning close battles, finding lots of artifacts that gave me great bonuses), that I didn't feel like I was playing on diety at all. Also, at this point, I meet Bismarck, to my north-west. I still have my 2 knight armies, both with infiltration now, and have my other cities build some archers to send to the Mongol cities (which are building barracks for future knights). I also use some of the money I still have to build an important network of roads for my next conquest. Since my knights are still good (AI still only has legions and archers) I decide to invade Bismarck. I figure taking Bismarck out early would be better, because otherwise his elites would constantly upgrade, and stay strong, throughout the game.

I move my knights up towards Bismarck, and I see some Zulu legions and archers outside his city. Next turn, they declare peace. Might be good for me, might not be. Depends how weak the Zulu's got the Germans (not very, I imagined). Shaka kept his units outside germany's city, blocking my attack route. So, I declare war on Shaka, over-run his units, keep enough movement points that I can still attack Germany, and on that same turn, talk to Shaka again, who offers me peace (really appreciate the Great Wall for that). I start my invasion on Germany, attacking the city with one of my knights, while the other defends the attacking knight. He counters with legions, which my defending knights wipe out, but get weakened. His next legion army attacks, and it was a close fight, but my knights won, and I got a Great General. It is now only a matter of time before the German's fall, because my knights have 37 attack when fighting his city, and his archers only get 18 defense at this point. I also have more knight armies on the way :D.

At this point I had to leave, so I saved, and had to admit that I felt good about beating up an AI deity, but I also kept in mind that I was extremely lucky with the artifacts/wonders/knights/gold. I know my next game I play on deity will be much harder (unless I get lucky again :lol:), and I was looking forward to the challenge. The game I have right now, as the English, I just can't not go to war (especially with Genghis/Bismarck/Shaka as opponents). It's a fun game, but I was kind of hoping for more resistance from the AI.

In terms of the "who is winning screen" - I'm on par for technology, ahead in domination cause I conquered the Mongols, I have the economic lead, and culture lead as well.

Oh, and it terms of what year it is, it is still very early A.D (less than 1000 A.D I believe).

Jul 25, 2008, 05:26 PM
dietys not that hard, you just need to know what to do or find something that works for you.......or be extremely lucky.

Jul 26, 2008, 12:12 AM
Well, I finished the game today, and could have won any victory I wanted. I got even more lucky. To make a long story short, I wiped out the Germans (where I had left off at from last save), then went to war with Shaka. Half-way through the war I got the Invention. Then I started to tech for riflemen, and after that tanks. Thats when, the free cruiser I got from teching, found the lost city of Atlantis artifact (I got all 4 artifacts this game). I built Leo's workshop, which made my many knight armies now tanks. Shaka still had archers. Took him over easily enough. Hit modern era, and turned to democracy for gold/science. Didn't bother trying to declare war on the Greeks, the last civ, just to my north. They would declare war on me soon enough.

When they did, I attacked with fighters for close to 100 strength (thanks to a 63 naval support bonus) and my tanks were attacking with close to 170 strength. I didn't bother building much more military cause I already had many tanks. The naval support itself was crazy enough I could have probably did it with knights :p

My first game on diety, was very easy. Mostly due to the luck of finding all 4 artifacts, but nonetheless, it was still a fun game. Won a technology victory by building a spaceship, maxed out with fuel/propulsion/habitat/life support.

Will try diety again tomorrow, and hopefully I will get to see what a real diety game is all about. :D

Jul 29, 2008, 08:47 AM
Wow this is impressive. But how did you get 63 naval support? Even with a fleet of battleships, its only 36 naval support. Also I keep hearing about the England fuedalism jump, and am going to have to give that a try soon.

Jul 29, 2008, 12:02 PM
Not quite sure, but it said 63. Would it be cause they were veteran, or because I was attacking from a hill? I also had other battleships nearby, but I'm not sure if you can get naval support from more than one unit. I also has samurai castle wonder so that may be why?

Jul 31, 2008, 07:18 AM
It was probably veteran you said it yourself you spawned barracks in all cities. But then again 36 + 18 = 54? where the ten come from? + 3 samarai gives 57. Did you have units on the battleship or fundamentalism or somethin?

Jul 31, 2008, 03:37 PM
It was probably veteran you said it yourself you spawned barracks in all cities. But then again 36 + 18 = 54? where the ten come from? + 3 samarai gives 57. Did you have units on the battleship or fundamentalism or somethin?

Figured it out. 54 for veteran +3 for english's +1 naval attack/defense is 57. +3 for fundamentalism makes 60 and +3 for samurai castle finishes it off at 63.