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Robert Smith
Aug 04, 2008, 02:20 AM
Is it rely OK to get 390 points or more in one game?

With this strategy you can get the most difficulty achievements in only one game.

Strategy from badger53 on Start a game on the Blitzkrieg scenario, group your three warriors together into an army, and pick on your nearest neighbour. Research bronze and put an army of archers into each city while your research your way up to knights. While you're doing this you want to pick off as many cities as you can with your army. You'll probably want to avoid the capitals until you have several knight armies since they always have extra defences. Don't worry about buildings, except possibly barracks, just focus on pumping out knights and then pick off the other races one by one.
I did it with Shaka (Zulu) playing scenario Blitzkrieg on Deity difficulty, with following achievements

Indistinguishable From Magic (45)
640K Ought to be Enough (30)
Power Never Takes a Back Step (25)
Absolute Power is Kind of Neat (25)
That We May Live in Peace (25)
You have won as an African civilization! (15)
Citizen of the World (45)
Embiggens the Smallest Man (30)
Playing the Game (45)
The Guy Who Signs the Checks (30)
Such Joy Ambition Finds (45)
Vi Victa Vis (30)

Maybe you shouldn't be able to get more than one victory achievement in one game, and maybe you shouldn't be able to get achievements in a scenario game.

Aug 04, 2008, 10:31 AM
I think it's quite an achievement to do this the first time around, when you haven't unlocked the individual achievements yet, so you deserve all 390 fair and square.

I agree you shouldn't get achievements in scenario's.

Robert Smith
Aug 04, 2008, 10:44 AM
Thx, I did it once more with the Germans, you don't have to build barracks (no buildings, maybe libraries in some cities). Wait a little to research iron so you can get free upgrade, make sure to use different warrior/armies (only 3 victories to elite) and the same before you research feudalism (if possible use great science for "light bubbling"). At the time you research feudalism you will have a lot of elite or better knights (game is over around year zero), no need for catapults, maybe some spy's to take out some defence.