View Full Version : Exterior of cities, and the flag

Nov 13, 2008, 07:20 AM
Another thing that maybe few people see (at least a top20-30 didn't know that and maybe not all people know that) is the exterior of the cities. By looking that you can know if he is building buildings (seeing that a building is coming), a wonder, seeing that a wonder is coming up. If he isn't building these 2 things, he is building units.

You can see all wonders he has built, buildings and the flag can help you to know how many units he has. The size of the flag means the POWER of his units and when you kill a unit the size changes, the quality of the flag means his culture, if the flag is clear and huge it means he has a huge culture and a huge power of units.

If you take care also about his technologies and yours, then you can know what he is building, and seeing if the flag size changes maybe could mean he sold archers to build pikemen.