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Gary Childress
Apr 16, 2009, 05:46 PM
For those of you who have Paint Shop Pro this is a quick tutorial on creating camo textures for your units.

Required programs:

Vanderlee Camoflage creator (, free plugin for Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro or similar photo editing program.


1. Download and install the Vanderlee camo plugin.
2. Open Paint Shop Pro.
4. Choose PLUGINS
5. Click on ADD
6. Navigate to the folder named "Camoflage" in the "Program Files" directory (This is the program folder for the camo program.)
7. Click OK.

This will install the Vanderlee Plugin into Paint Shop Pro. Now you are ready to start making camoflage.


1. Click on FILE>NEW and choose a size for your new image and click OK.
2. Go to EFFECTS>PLUGINS>VANDERLEE>CAMOFLAGE and open the camo creation program.

You will get a screen that looks something like the following:

3. Now simply choose what colors you want in your camo scheme. You can use up to eight different colors in a single camo scheme. Simply put a check in the check box under the color swath you want to use. You can check or uncheck as many boxes as you want but note that the first box on the left MUST be checked by default.

To change the color of a swath to a custom color simply click on the color swath and it will bring up a color palette like the one below:

Once you've selected the colors you can play around with the "Scale", "Blur", "Size fall-off" and "Pattern #" bars to adjust your camo scheme to your taste.

Click OK and the new camo scheme will appear in your new image window which you created earlier.

Going with the default settings I ended up with something like this:

Now you can customize the image using special effects in Paint Shop Pro.

One effect I like is "Gaussian Blur". Go to ADJUST>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR to set the amount of blur you want. This is good for creating a "worn" look to a pattern. If you use colors that are all very close and then apply a gaussian blur you can create a sort of natural "wear and tear" look for textures.

This is a texture using gaussian blur I used recently for my backpack prop to make it look a little better than simply giving it a simple solid color texture:

Blue Monkey
Apr 17, 2009, 07:54 PM
Very nice tutorial. The only addition I could suggest would be a picture of a finished unit wearing the camo.