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May 27, 2009, 11:07 AM
All Leaders and our one Governor please post instructions below for our Friday Turn Chat to be held at 2100 hrs (9pm). With Daylight Savings Time that means UTC/GMT -5 hours. This will be a Turn Chat.

We will use the following save:

DemoGame, May22nd, 500AD.SAV (

May 27, 2009, 08:49 PM
Will we visit war upon the dreaded Foromach in this session?

If 'Aye', then is it unto the death?

If we mean to remove the Vile Orange Stain at this point, then we might want allies. Should we only desire to show them our justified disapproval of their continued existance (by grabbing all their luxuries, for instance) our allies may take it upon themselves to do than we desire.

(I have always thought that we, and none other, would despoil the last Orange abode, and that our armies would deliver the final, killing blow. However, close and continued contact with the royal squints and geeks has taken it's toll of my time to tap into the courtyard gossip :D)

May 28, 2009, 03:43 PM
I like taking their luxuries and otherwise giving them a general drubbing, but not wiping them out....yet.

May 28, 2009, 04:45 PM
Yes, it appears we are on the brink of war. I agree with TO's strategy, but am prone to razing misplaced cities. :mischief:

May 28, 2009, 05:10 PM
Technology Recommendations: Military Tradation is still the big goal for us. Research rate should be determined by the in-game situation.

Trade Recommendations: No worthwhile trades at this time, but that could change depending on when The Sistine Chapel is built and by whom. We want to keep Invention to ourselves until after The Sistine Chapel is done if we plan to build Leonardo's Workshop.

Military Alliances are not desired in the upcoming, limited war with the Foromach. To be more specific, we do not want to make any alliances against the Foromach. Should someone else declare war on us (except the Dark Blue), then MAs are acceptable.

May 28, 2009, 07:50 PM
1.) Knight (replacing University, no shield lose)
2.) Pikeman
3.) University
4.) Pikeman

May 29, 2009, 07:55 AM
Upgrade 2 Archers (2/1/1) to Longbowmen (4/1/1) current turn for 60g each, 120g total
Upgrade 4 Warriors (1/1/1) to Medieval Infantry (4/2/1) for 90g each, 360g total)
Upgrade 1 Catapult to Trebuchet for 30g)

Total cost to upgrade ALL obsolete units to current tech level : 520g

Gather together 3 stacks of units along the English Border as follows:
Orange Group : 4 Medieval Infantry, 2 Longbowmen, 1 Trebuchet
Green Group : 1 Knight and 6 Gaelic Swordsmen
Blue Group : 1 Knight and 6 Ancient Cavalry

Use the rest to defend the cities:
13 Pikeman + 1 Spearman + 3 Gaelic Swordsmen + 3 Ancient Cavalry for City defense (20 units for 18 cities)

Once War with the English is declared follow the paths laid out below (

There are 3 Groups

One group (Green) will attack Warwick to the south, go on to take Birmingham (should have little resistance), continue on to Hastings, and then take Brighton

The Second group (Blue) is group to will take Reading and then continue on to join the Orange group

The Third group (orange) will go for Coventry and go onto raze York

Try to stay on mountain, hills, forests, and do not attack over a river (following the lines on the map should allow for that)

May 29, 2009, 02:38 PM
The queue seems okay, number 4 can be a replacement Knight.

May 29, 2009, 02:59 PM
Yes, it appears we are on the brink of war. I agree with TO's strategy, but am prone to razing misplaced cities. :mischief:

I feel the need to quote the constitution to prevent any accidental miss-steps this turnchat

Section F.1 Declaration of War
To declare a war, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will create a normal poll for the Assembly. If more than 50% of the voters, not counting abstain, support the declaration, war can be declared.

No such poll has been generated, so the Military Instructions for this upcoming turnchat should be used for preparations only. Until a valid poll is conducted we can not actually declare war this turnchat (and with less than 24 hours to the turnchat, there isn't reasonable amount of time to conduct the poll).

May 29, 2009, 05:32 PM
Follow current city placement directions.
Tara continues Sistine Chapel, if beaten switch to Leonardo's.
Molly has a palace prebuild. If Tara finishes Sistine Chapel, have Molly build Leonardo's. If not, continue on palace, just make sure it doesn't finish.

May 29, 2009, 08:17 PM
I'm here. Sorry, had to work late. T/C now.

May 29, 2009, 09:30 PM
Running ChatLog:

<Cyc>: T/c starting9:19pm
<Cyc>: Game loaded
<Cyc>: Checking Instructions
<Cyc>: Apparently our war has been called off because we lacked THE poll.No problem. I can get the troops in line and then decide how much further to play. We don't want our neighbors planting new cities on our borders
<Cyc>: We'll also work on upgrades.
<Cyc>: Only upgraded 1 Archer (Vet). The other is Elite and go straight to the front. We shouldn't reduce Elite units to Vets via upgrades.
<Cyc>: Only sent 3 Warriors towards Barracks for upgrade. The 4th is blocking Settlers
<Cyc>: Cat upgraded to Trebuchet
<Cyc>: Defensive units set in place, except for one Gallic Swordsman heading for the Capital to replace the Longbowman
<Cyc>: Kicked the Byz Med Inf off our Southern lands.
<Cyc>: Sending last Warrior to Barracks
<Cyc>: Offensive units set in motion or place.
<Cyc>: Still headed for MT at 50%. No Allies needed.
<Cyc>: Rhiannon que changed
<Cyc>: Instructions complete.
<Cyc>: Changed Caitlyn's Harbor to Aqueduct
<Cyc>: Improved Breyr's Micromanagement and changed Imbolc Library to Marketplace.
<Cyc>: Gave Tavia 1 growth (food)
<Cyc>: Gave Fionna 2 extra shields
<Cyc>: End of preturn
<Cyc>: 500AD/1355g/-21gpt/Gunpowder in 9
<Cyc>: Rhiannon completes Knight, starts Pikeman
<Cyc>: Byzs are building Copernicus' Observatory
<Cyc>: 2 Workers sent to chop Forest for Moira's University
<Cyc>: Road completed connecting Rhiannon directly to NW
<Cyc>: End of turn 1
<Cyc>: 510AD/1334g/-23gpt/Gunpowder in 8
<Cyc>: Rhiannon produces an AC
<Cyc>: Units advance
<Cyc>: End of turn 2
<Cyc>: 520AD/1311g/-25gpt/Gunpowder in 7
<Cyc>: Chinese city of Nanking completes Knights Templar
<Cyc>: Cairde switch to Copernicus' Ob
<Cyc>: Workers finish Forest chop @Moira, start another.\
<Cyc>: 2 Warriors upgraded.
<Cyc>: End of turn 3
<Cyc>: 530AD/1106g/-25gpt/Gunpowder in 6
<Cyc>: Rhiannon completes Pike, starts University'
<Cyc>: Byzs are building CO
<Cyc>: Byz are building Leonardo's Workshop
<Cyc>: Persians are building LW
<Cyc>: Cairde are building LW
<Cyc>: End of turn 4
<Cyc>: 40AD/991g/-26gpt/Gunpowder in 5
<Cyc>: Aerona completes Aqueduct, starts Harbor.
<Cyc>: Caitlyn complete Aqueduct, starts University
<Cyc>: End of turn 5
<Cyc>: 550AD/965g/-26gpt/Gunpowder in 4
<Cyc>: Saving uploading, an taking a break.

<Cyc>: Back to the DemoGame
<Cyc>: Pressing Enter
<Cyc>: Breyr completes it's Aqueduct, starts Cathedral
<Cyc>: Lorna completes Library, starts Marketplace
<Cyc>: The Greeks are building Leonardo's
<Cyc>: The Molly sinks off the coast of the Cairde. Trecherous waters are to blame.
<Cyc>: Fomorach borders expand. Liz kicks us out.
<Cyc>: 2 more of our units auromatically go across the Fomorach boders according to travel orders. Will bring them back.
<Cyc>: Still blocking Byz Med Inf in South.
<Cyc>: End of turn 6
<Cyc>: 560AD/849g/+23gpt/Gunpowder in 3
<Chieftess>: Long gap... :)
<Cyc>: yep, fell asleep.
<Cyc>: Liz asks that our most recent arrivals leave. I agree and do a quick scan of what she has
<Cyc>: Maeve completes, starts Worker
<Cyc>: Ottomans are building Leonardo's
<Cyc>: Rhiannon produces another AC
<Cyc>: Sistene Chapel due in 3
<Cyc>: End of turn 7
<Cyc>: 570AD/873g/+20gpt/ Gunpowder in 2
<Cyc>: Maeve completes Worker, starts University
<Cyc>: End of turn 7
<Cyc>: 580AD/893g/+46gpt/ Gunpowder in 1
<Cyc>: We have discovered the uses of Gunpowder and now persue the most expensive researches of the lot, Chemistry
<Cyc>: Fionna produces Marketplace, starts Harbor
<Cyc>: End of turn 8
<Cyc>: Make that End of turn 9
<Cyc>: 590AD/ 939g/-12gpt/Chemistry in 11
<Cyc>: Tar completes The Sistene Chapel, starts Cathedral
<Cyc>: Siobhan completes Colosseum, starts University
<Cyc>: Byzantines start Leonardo's
<Cyc>: Byz start Copernicus' Ob
<Cyc>: Persians start Leonargo's
<Cyc>: Persians complete Leonardo's Workshop in Arbela
<Cyc>: Cairde switch to Copernicus' Ob
<Cyc>: Cairde complete Copernicus' Observatory in Berlin. Yeah!
<Cyc>: Doesn't appear to be Saltpeter anywhere on our Continent. :(
<Cyc>: End of turn 10
<Cyc>: 600AD/927g/-14gpt/Chemistry in 10
<Cyc>: Saving, uploading

May 29, 2009, 10:10 PM
Saves and Screenshots

DemoGame, May 29th, 550AD (

DemoGame, May 29th, 600AD (

May 30, 2009, 06:47 AM
"But sir, we must not attack the evil Foromach due to their fearsome archers"
Gotta love the foreign adviser sometimes.