View Full Version : land transport challenge!

May 28, 2009, 08:59 PM
In case anybody is looking for an interesting AI challenge, I submit ... land transport. It is easy to create a mod where there is a fast land unit with cargo capacity. The problem is the AI will never use it. It will take the slow military units and walk them across the land, instead of building a land transport and zipping them there.

This would be really helpful for the Dune mod which is in progress. There are a number of different ways we could build all the land units; for example, if using DOMAIN_AIR is easier, that would fit into Dune as well.

I have pretty well established that there is no mod which does this today. It is easy to find previous discussions, which means there is interest from multiple modders; but if anybody had time, I think it would be a cool project.

Any takers?