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Jun 02, 2009, 11:40 PM

Welcome to the official Office of the Term 4 Governor. I'm sure you're all aware of the responsibilities of the Governor, so there's no need to repost them here. If those responsibilities do come into question, they can be found in the Constitution and the Code of Laws.

Our primary focus will be the nation's cities that do not have active Mayors to make suggestions for their cities. In lieu of an active Mayor, this office will post build ques and Worker allocation requests for each Game Session.

The next post will contain a list of our cities and their proposed build ques/Worker requests. If you have any suggestions or questions please post below.

This thread is a work in progress.

Jun 02, 2009, 11:41 PM
Proposed City Ques

Tara - No changes

Moira - Change citizen from unimproved grassland to coastal forest SE,SE of city

Maeve - No changes

Molly - No changes

Rhiannnon - No changes

Aerona - No changes

Caitlyn - No changes

Breyr - Move citizen from roaded Grassland by river to hill

Siobhan - No changes

Fionna - No changes

Lorna - No changes

Tavia - No changes

Imbolc - Move citizen from unimproved Grassland to forest by river

Anwyn - Move citizen from fishing to mined tundra

Green #11 - No changes

City Red - Move citizen from roaded Grassland to hill. Move citizen from Bonus Grassland to roaded hill. Build Settler next

Nemausus - Move citizen from Grassland to mined hill

Falcon's Haven - No changes. Build Library next.

These are only the suggested ques to be used for the next Game Session. If you have suggestions or changes you would like to see in any of these cities, please post below. Any Mayor who posts instructions for their city will supersede the above ques.