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Jun 10, 2009, 12:30 PM
All Leaders and our one Governor please post instructions below for our Friday Turn Chat to be held at 1630 hrs (4:30pm). With Daylight Savings Time, that means UTC/GMT -4 hours. I plan it to be a Turn Chat, so please drop by.

We will use the following save:

Jun 12, 2009, 05:26 PM
Chatlog, Pictures and the save:

Next turnchat will be Sunday, June 14, Time TBA(probably 6:30PM or 1830 EDT)

16:35 *** TheOverseer714 joined #turnchat
16:35 +++ Chieftess has given voice to TheOverseer714
16:36 TheOverseer714 I am here
16:36 TheOverseer714 Begin turn chat
16:37 TheOverseer714 Get the game up and running
16:41 TheOverseer714 With a total lack of instructions, I'm going to wing it
16:46 TheOverseer714 Do a once-over on our empire, we have 12 more turns of our GA
16:47 TheOverseer714 JS Bachs is due in 8 turns
16:47 TheOverseer714 our cities are full of happy people
16:50 TheOverseer714 Fomoravh Mace slaughters an exposed Knight, another Mace, Knight and Archer show up
16:50 TheOverseer714 Anwyn Settler=>Pikeman.
16:52 TheOverseer714 Green 11 Library=>Settler
16:52 TheOverseer714 City Red Trebuchet=>Settler
16:55 TheOverseer714 Orange 6 and 7 both win vs the damn Maces.
16:57 TheOverseer714 At Hastings, Orange 1 kills a pike, redlines and promotes
17:00 TheOverseer714 Blue 6 kills a Spear clea, Hastings burned to the ground, 1 slave taken
17:04 TheOverseer714 Move Settlers up
17:04 TheOverseer714 Short break
17:13 TheOverseer714 Back
17:15 TheOverseer714 Blue 3 kills Fomorach Knight, redlines, Blue leader covers.
17:17 TheOverseer714 cover Orange 1 with Blue 1. Move several GSs and ACs toward Birmingham.
17:19 TheOverseer714 Lower tech slider to 80%
17:21 TheOverseer714 End of turn 1, 710AD, 767 gold, +2gpt, Metallurgy in 1 turn.
17:21 TheOverseer714 Press Enter
17:21 TheOverseer714 No Fomorach movement
17:23 TheOverseer714 Metallurgy researched, Military Tradition next in 5 turns(unadjusted)
17:23 Chieftess How goes the war?
17:23 Chieftess Almost to Cavs, I see.
17:24 TheOverseer714 Hey there
17:24 TheOverseer714 going pretty well
17:25 TheOverseer714 Caitlyn University=>Bank
17:26 TheOverseer714 Siobhan Caitlyn University=>Bank
17:27 TheOverseer714 Lorna Pikeman=>Knight.
17:28 TheOverseer714 Imbolc Library=>University.
17:29 TheOverseer714 NemaususPikeman=>Mace
17:34 TheOverseer714 Glynnis and Shannon Founded South and West of Coventry
17:38 TheOverseer714 Note that Lorna is building a regular Pike, change build to Trebuchet
17:39 TheOverseer714 At Birmingham, Green 3 kills Pike clean
17:40 TheOverseer714 Green 5 kills Spear clean
17:41 TheOverseer714 Green 1 kills Mace, -3hp
17:41 TheOverseer714 Birmingham taken, I keep it for now
17:46 TheOverseer714 Blue 5 kills a Spear at York
17:46 TheOverseer714 Loses 2hp
17:47 TheOverseer714 Blue 5 kills a Spear at York, loses 3 hp, a Mace remains
17:48 TheOverseer714 Green 4 kills Archer at Coventry
17:49 TheOverseer714 on that note, I'm taking a dinner break
18:17 TheOverseer714 Back
18:18 TheOverseer714 For those interested, it was pork chops, fried potatoes and green beans
18:19 TheOverseer714 my arteries won't like it but my tummy did
18:23 TheOverseer714 End of turn 2, 720AD, 767 gold, -44gpt, Military Tradition in 4 turns
18:23 TheOverseer714 Press Enter
18:25 TheOverseer714 2 Fomorach Knights and a Mmace show up
18:25 TheOverseer714 Tara Knight=>Knight
18:26 TheOverseer714 Moira Knight=>Knight
18:26 TheOverseer714 Rhiannon Knight=>Knight
18:27 TheOverseer714 Aerona Knight=>Knight
18:29 TheOverseer714 Knight loses to Knight at York
18:30 TheOverseer714 AC Avenges, -1 hp
18:32 TheOverseer714 Blue 5 dies on Mace
18:33 TheOverseer714 Blue 4 kills Mace, -1 hp, burns York, 1 slave taken
18:34 TheOverseer714 Blue 1 dies on Mace
18:35 TheOverseer714 Knight kills 2 hp Mace Clean
18:36 TheOverseer714 Blue Leader dies on a Knight
18:42 TheOverseer714 Eileen founded northeast of Coventry
18:43 TheOverseer714 End of turn 3, 730AD, 728 gold, -36gpt, Military Tradition in 3 turns
18:45 TheOverseer714 Press Enter
18:45 TheOverseer714 Wounded Fomorach Knight retreats
18:46 TheOverseer714 Breyr Mace=>Pike
18:48 TheOverseer714 Pillage Fomorach Horses
18:49 TheOverseer714 Gwendolyn founded Southeast of Glynnis
18:55 TheOverseer714 Trade China Music Theory for their WM and 40 gold
18:58 TheOverseer714 End of turn 4, 740AD, 732 gold, -32gpt, Military Tradition in 2 turns
18:59 TheOverseer714 Short break
19:05 TheOverseer714 Back
19:07 TheOverseer714 Press Enter
19:07 TheOverseer714 No Fomorach movement
19:08 TheOverseer714 Lorna Trebuchet=>Trebuchet
19:13 TheOverseer714 At Brighton, Blue 6 defeats a Spear, -3hp
19:16 TheOverseer714 AC kills a Spear, -4 hp, and Brighton is burned, no slaves taken
19:18 TheOverseer714 Change Aerona to a Caravel
19:19 TheOverseer714 End of turn 5, 750AD, 700 gold, +142 gpt, Military Tradition in 1 turn
19:20 TheOverseer714 Saving, Screenshots and all that
19:25 TheOverseer714 Ending turn chat

Pictures later, after a blue sky break:

China deal, pretty pathetic:

Our core:

The warzone:

The save:

Jun 14, 2009, 06:38 AM
Any idea which time will be closer? The later the better for me.

Sorry. I thought that said 1630 or 1830. Got it now.

Jun 14, 2009, 04:20 PM
I forgot to put up a new thread for this current turn-chat, but apparently there was very little interest in this past one. I guess I'll put one up on the off chance someone shows up.

Jun 14, 2009, 04:20 PM
Hey, I can't even get into the Chatroom. Check in later.

Jun 14, 2009, 06:51 PM
I forgot to put up a new thread for this current turn-chat, but apparently there was very little interest in this past one. I guess I'll put one up on the off chance someone shows up.

Didn't see a thread for a while, or any other activity for that matter, and forgot to check back here until now. Sorry for the lack of instructions

Jun 14, 2009, 09:12 PM
Just checking in. As you can see, I tried earlier to join the chat, but could in get into #civfanatics. This place either closes my browser, freezes my screen, or denies me access. :rolleyes:

Jun 15, 2009, 03:44 PM
Stupid question, Cyc? Did you just uprade to IE 8? I had some problems when I did that. If you use alternate browsers, that can cause problems too.

Jun 15, 2009, 09:46 PM
No, not yet, TO. I have been thinking about it, but didn't want any headaches. I have never used any alternate browsers. Although I do have Google Search.