View Full Version : Can't get a scenario to work in CTP-2

Jun 13, 2009, 02:09 PM
I can't load maps such as Forlani and Grandeur in such a way as to get a scenario off the ground. :(

How do you use the scenario editor?

I create settler units but then they disappear as I try to load them as a game and I can't get a scenario to load at all! :(

Despite its merits, no wonder this game has suffered - its scenario editor is the most counter-intuitive I have ever come across. :(

Live long and prosper.

Jun 30, 2009, 11:48 PM
The scenario editor for CtP2 (and especially CtP1) does have it's quirks ;)

A lot of the problems with it have been fixed in the Apolyton Edition (see my signature) for CtP2, so it would be a good idea to install that first.

I would then recommend downloading the Mod Guide pdf file. It explains how to modify a lot of variables in CtP2, and how to set up and save different kinds of scenarios from page 12 onwards. You can download it from here:

If you have any other problems it would be better to post at Apolyton ( or WePlayCiv ( CtP1/2 forums, as not many CtP players read or post here.

Jul 01, 2009, 01:55 PM
Many thanks for the response, Maquiladora. :goodjob:

Will investigate.

Live long and prosper.

Oct 29, 2011, 07:52 PM
im currenty developing my own scenario and my map is nearly finished the first scenario im working on is the Japan korea map and i set the max cities 6 times over the original rules for instance monarcy was 20 now its 120 cities. so far on this map theres 4 civiliaztions Japan ,korea ,china ,and russia. so far only korea is finished and it has 104 cities game will start in 1856 AD based on the 1860 boundaries of russia and all cities will be placed regardless of when they were founded based on actual locations. i got my japanese up to 180 something cities and nearly completed japan. ill have 3 scenarios based on this map 1856 ,1905 ,and contempory 1950 to now. wont have one for korea annexation 1910 and manchuria occupation 1930s because with all the hundreds of cities the japanese would have it be a deadlocked war between russia and japan and impossible for russia to force japan into a surrender in 1945 like real life because japan will be more powerful and control most of the maps cities and because its only a map of a small piece of the world and besides id have to change the max cities again in the govern.txt file. id like to upload it when its finised but im not sure if civfanatics can have call to power 2 scenarios added to its data base but let me know if its possible to upload CTP2 games to civfanatics.

Martin Gühmann
Nov 18, 2011, 11:55 AM
id like to upload it when its finised but im not sure if civfanatics can have call to power 2 scenarios added to its data base but let me know if its possible to upload CTP2 games to civfanatics.

I don't know whether civfanatics accepts CTP2 files, and frankly I don't care, since civfanatics didn't welcome us as CTP2 community. But you can upload it to the Apolyton CTP2 scenario section ( :)


Nov 18, 2011, 11:42 PM
thanks martin hey heres a progress report on the Japan and korea scenario for call to power 2. i have 3/4ths of the map finished 2 of the 4 civilizations on the map are finished only portions of manchuria and russian far east need to be completed. korea has 104 cities and japan has 197 cities for a total of 301 for thos two countries. i got my apolyton acount and after the scenario is finished ill upload it. and its a tottally original concept based solely on non-modified files. so far i have not seen anyone at aployton make a uplod of any of these scenarios.

scenario will have 3 chapters and you play as japan.

1850s to 1905...based on russia entering the map.
1905 to 1910....based on outcome of russo japan war
1945 to 2012....based on the division of korea

Im still Developing the scenario but i used the destroy city function on a few city locations when i was using the editor and now i have to re-create the scenario because when i did that it created a glitch. also on the 200x400 sized earth map it has well over 1000 city locations on it. but there is also a glitch on that one as well and its that the Computer took control of the Americans which were game player number 11 and now i can't use the scenario editor on players 11 though 27. I can select any of the other players when i begin the scenario except for the Americans. it i pick the Americans it causes the game to crash. also the computer player has really built up the Americans too much over the years i have been making this scenario and the Americans have the largest Military power in there power graph chart. the British commonwealth still have the largest Score and could get a points Victory. But it took me years to build up the 200x400 size earth map and im not going to try to re-create it just because one of its Civilizations has a glitch.

Nov 12, 2013, 04:27 AM
Most of the scenarios i can get to work on my version of CTP2 but this is a list of Scenarios i cant get to work.

Red front

Mexican Conquest

Lord of the rings


3 or these 4 scenarios have maps that cant be downloaded from Apolyton. but the Lord of the rings scenario has a map. so i would never be able to create my own versions of these scenarios because their maps have not been uploaded.