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Jun 19, 2009, 03:27 AM
From 3.19 patch RTW Directory

Change Log:

Code Breaker (improved C3I & logistics)
Anti Tank Gun (early artillery)
Tank Destroyer (tank guns & destroyers)
Chiang Kai-shek added
USSR invades Poland! (fortnight 2 September 1939)
UU graphics (most, some units don't have any)
Captured cities gain 500 culture
Settlers for "Open Play" mode & random maps
Can now play random maps & pre-made maps
BtS events converted to RtW
Can now play ALL nations
Moved intro text before Dawn of Man (instead of turn 1)
Moved mode chooser to turn 1 (instead of turn 2)
Infantry get bonus versus siege units
Siege get bonus versus armor
Armor get no bonus versus other types
Anti Air get bonus versus air
Iberia now called Nationalist Iberia
China now called Peoples Republic of China
Unit costs (EG: tanks more expense)
PzIV's slightly nerfed
Cavalry moves = 3 (was 2)
Medium Tanks moves = 3 (was 4)
Broadcast towers gives loads of espionage benefits now (and generate Great Spys)
Bitter Winter affected area increased (as intended originally, but with turn-speed slowdown)
Nations don't speak American any longer, speak their language (or closest)
Great People from the era
Bombers no longer carry units
City/colony/distance maintenance costs reduced
Finland-German open borders for Continuation War
War Weariness nerfed
Tweaked artillery bombardment
AI will build a lot more fighters
English infantry now Commonwealth infantry
AI more aggressive and handles naval invasions
Paras and Marines strength to 20
Fascist industry now supports 100 units
Spies now invisible (including GS)
Sea trade routes fixed (oil fix)
People's Republic of China now Republic of China (with correct flag)
BF-109 fighter now before FW-190
Chairman Zedong now Chairman Mao
Anti Air units can now be put into Interception mode correctly
Anti Air units can no longer bombard
Destroyers cannot bombard
Winter terrains fixed
All processes now convert production at a rate of 100%
Spelling/grammar mistakes
Losing ability to build nukes fixed
AI Airbombing (AI will now actually factory and civil bomb!)

Jun 19, 2009, 10:51 AM
I beleive that changelog has been there since 3.17.

Jun 20, 2009, 01:45 PM
Yeah to me it looks like 3.17/UE changelog.