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Jun 20, 2009, 06:11 PM
All Leaders and our one Governor: please post instructions below for our Sunday Turn Chat, to be held at 1900 hrs (7:00pm). With Daylight Savings Time, that means UTC/GMT -4 hours. I plan it to be a Turn Chat, so please drop by.

We will use the following save:

Jun 21, 2009, 05:02 PM
Start Redirecting Troops to the Byzantine front.

Maintain a Defensive on the Southern Front until we can get a larger concentration of troops in the area.

Jun 21, 2009, 08:11 PM
Turn-log, pictures and the save:

Next turnchat will be Friday, June 26th, Time TBA(probably 7:00PM or 1900 EDT)

19:07 *** TheOverseer714 joined #turnchat
19:07 +++ Chieftess has given voice to TheOverseer714
19:08 TheOverseer714 Turn-chat begin
19:08 TheOverseer714 Music on (Led Zeppelin)
19:09 TheOverseer714 Save loaded and running. CivAssist 2 also...
19:14 TheOverseer714 Switch Breyr to a Knight
19:17 TheOverseer714 Greeks want way too much for Saltpeter, and I won't lose Newton's on a cascade
19:18 TheOverseer714 End of turn 0, 1196 gold, -71 gpt, Magnetism in 4
19:18 TheOverseer714 press enter
19:19 TheOverseer714 Ottos warn us about caravel
19:20 TheOverseer714 Disaster occurs, Byzantine Cavalry defeats our Pike and they burn Imbolc!
19:21 TheOverseer714 Fomorach send an Archer
19:22 TheOverseer714 Breyr Knight=>Knight
19:27 TheOverseer714 GS kills redlined Cavalry clean
19:28 TheOverseer714 vGS Green 3 kills Archer, -2hp
19:30 TheOverseer714 Move as many defensive troops south as can be spared
19:33 TheOverseer714 End of turn 1, 1111 gold, -69 gpt, Magnetism in 3
19:33 TheOverseer714 press enter
19:34 TheOverseer714 Persians warn us about Caravel
19:36 TheOverseer714 Byzantines send mostly Maces, but a Longbow and a Knight are the current threat
19:36 TheOverseer714 Fomorach send an Archer
19:37 TheOverseer714 Warwick Temple=>Barracks
19:38 TheOverseer714 Tavia Trebuchet=>Trebuchet
19:38 TheOverseer714 Anwyn Pikeman=>Mace
19:40 TheOverseer714 Falcon's Haven Library=>Barracks
19:42 TheOverseer714 Trebuchets ping Knight twice
19:43 TheOverseer714 vKnight wins vs vMace -2hp
19:45 TheOverseer714 our vMace wins vs Byz rMace clean, promotes
19:48 TheOverseer714 vGS wins vs 2hp vKnight, -2hp
19:49 TheOverseer714 vGS wins vs Longbow, -1hp
19:52 TheOverseer714 Battle of Canterbury: vKnight Orange leader wins vs rSpear, -1hp
19:53 TheOverseer714 eKnight Orange 4 leader wins vs rSpear, -1hp, and Canterbury is ours
19:54 *** Falcon02 joined #turnchat
19:54 +++ Chieftess has given voice to Falcon02
19:55 *** Falcon02 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:56 TheOverseer714 Battle of Liverpool: vAC Blue 6 wins vs rSpear, -1hp
19:56 *** Falcon02 joined #turnchat
19:56 +++ Chieftess has given voice to Falcon02
19:57 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 3 wins vs rSpear, -1hp and Liverpool is ours
19:57 TheOverseer714 Heya Falcon
19:59 TheOverseer714 2 slaves captured
19:59 Falcon02 Hey
20:00 TheOverseer714 It's been a bit rough
20:01 Falcon02 I can imagine we weren't in the best of position at the save
20:02 TheOverseer714 Lost Imbolc to a Cavalry, they burned it
20:03 Falcon02 lovely
20:03 TheOverseer714 Yeah, I shoulda put a second defender there
20:04 Falcon02 yeah
20:04 Falcon02 all our cities with them should have at least 2 defenders, especially given the Saltpeter gap
20:05 TheOverseer714 jost lost a vAC to an rSpear at Leeds
20:07 Falcon02 Is Molly still Undefended?
20:07 TheOverseer714 Anyway, I have A pike in a Caravel, gonna try to pillage Byzantne Saltpeter
20:07 Falcon02 And Honestly with Liverpool our's I think we should probobly Sue for Peace with Liz... take Canterberry and Leeds, let them keep Dover
20:08 Falcon02 good luck, the odds are high in our favor, though
20:09 TheOverseer714 I say I'd like to make them an OCC and keep the war going for awhile
20:09 TheOverseer714 we need the war happiness
20:10 Falcon02 Last I checked the Save England was willing to give us All their cities except their Capital
20:10 TheOverseer714 In 2 turns, I can get the Saltpeter from Greece
20:10 Falcon02 only reason I didn't suggest it was that Liverpool is too large a culture flip risk
20:11 Falcon02 If that still holds true we can reduce them to 1 city (Dover) and send more forces on the English Front to Byzantine
20:11 TheOverseer714 Yeah, peace too soon would be asking for a flip
20:13 Falcon02 Dover isn't nearly as bad of a culture flip risk though'
20:13 Falcon02 Yeah, get access to Saltpeter ASAP
20:13 TheOverseer714 2 turns, I hope
20:14 TheOverseer714 Anyway
20:14 TheOverseer714 End of turn 2, 1018 gold, -69 gpt, Magnetism in 2
20:17 TheOverseer714 Ottos rush 2 Caravels out, probably to land settlers in empty spots
20:17 TheOverseer714 Tara University=>Knight
20:18 TheOverseer714 Siobhan Barracks=>Knight
20:19 TheOverseer714 We lose Gems, Furs and Silks due to trades ending
20:19 TheOverseer714 plus lots of gpt
20:23 TheOverseer714 Trade Dyes and Incense to Persia for Furs and 5gpt
20:27 TheOverseer714 Battle of Leeds: vAC Orange 6 wins vs rSpear, -1hp
20:28 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 6 retreats vs rSpear, -3hp
20:31 TheOverseer714 vAC Blue 3 wins vs rSpear, -1hp, and Leeds is ours
20:33 TheOverseer714 The war vs the Fomorach is all but over
20:34 TheOverseer714 Land my Pillager Pike on 2 Byzantine workers, ttaking them as slaves
20:37 TheOverseer714 Battle of Naissus: vAC wins vs rSpear, -2hp
20:38 TheOverseer714 rGS Daveshack wins vs wins vs rSpear, -1hp and Naissus is ours!
20:39 TheOverseer714 I won't burn it yet, we nneed Settlers to replace it
20:42 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rArcher twice, vGS wins clean
20:44 TheOverseer714 Rush 2 Settlers, try to Block Ottos
20:53 TheOverseer714 End of turn 3, 799 gold, -79 gpt, Magnetism in 1
20:53 TheOverseer714 press enter
20:54 TheOverseer714 Magnetism is researched, we are now in the Industrial Age!
20:57 TheOverseer714 Set research to Steam Power in 10 turns at -10 gpt
20:57 TheOverseer714 Fionna University=>Barracks
20:58 TheOverseer714 Kyleigh Settler=>Settler
20:58 TheOverseer714 Shannon Settler=>Settler
21:05 TheOverseer714 Move troops toward the front
21:07 TheOverseer714 Begin big trade round
21:09 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to Greece for Saltpeter, WM, 120 gold, and 38 gpt
21:12 TheOverseer714 Upgrade 1 Pike to Musket, 1 Knight to Cavalry
21:17 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to the Cairde for Silks, WM, 10 gold, and 22 gpt
21:19 TheOverseer714 Trade Magnetism to Persia for 20 gold, and 3 gpt
21:21 TheOverseer714 Switch all Knight builds to Cavalry
21:22 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rMace twice, eMace wins clean
21:22 TheOverseer714 Ping a ByZ rMace once, vKnight wins clean
21:26 TheOverseer714 End of turn 4, 750 gold, -72 gpt, Nationalism in 7
21:26 TheOverseer714 Short break
21:36 TheOverseer714 Back, press enter
21:42 TheOverseer714 Lone Byz Longbow stands on mountain near Molly
21:42 TheOverseer714 No builds complete
21:48 TheOverseer714 eKnight wins vs rLongbow, -2 hp
21:51 TheOverseer714 No Byz units except 2 Dromons in our territory
21:53 TheOverseer714 Successfully pillage Byzantine Saltpeter
21:54 TheOverseer714 Save game, take screenshots
22:03 TheOverseer714 Turn chat ends
22:05 TheOverseer714 next turnchat, Friday, June 26th, 7:00 PM, EDT


We have Saltpeter!

Some money for Magnetism:

A little more money for Magnetism:

The warzone:

Our East Core:

Our West Core:

East old Fomorach:

West old Fomorach:

The save:

Jun 21, 2009, 08:45 PM
Oh, darn. Missed the Led Zeppelin. :sad:

On the West coast now. Reception/connection MUCH better. Too bad I was late. Decided to switch to Nationalism? Good move. Too bad about "Spring Festival". Way to pillage Byz Saltpeter. Going to go check the save.

Jun 21, 2009, 09:00 PM
I figure Nationalism is great trade bait, should we do a gifting up round. Steam Power is not as useful with our lack of workers.

Jun 21, 2009, 09:12 PM
We can also improve relations and get more gold by selling the World Map. Improving relations is the main benefit. If Alex pulls the SP, we'll need those Riflemen.