View Full Version : Need help with Patch 2.08 for warlords

Jul 03, 2009, 06:28 PM
I can't get the 2.08 patch to install it says the is no version of civ 4 warlords on my machine. Now since i know better than that I am left sitting here confused. The only other information i can give you is my system specs which i think may be part of the problem.

Windows Vista Ult 64 bit
Nividia GeForce 9800GTX ++
I dont really think the ram or processer hdd or Disk Drive really matter so...

See i think the problem may be where vista 64 bit has to 2 program file folders one with the extension (x86) on it.

Now when i installed my game it put it in the one labeled x86 but i couldn't get any mods to work so moved it to the other folder.

Another bit of info is that i had the game installed on a previous computer before i built my new one.

Also i am using Civ4 gold which comes with both civ4 and warlords on the same disk.

ANY help would be very nice
Thanks in advance,