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Aug 11, 2009, 10:39 AM
Days have passed since the last T/C. This is kind of short notice on Wednesday night's Game Session.

It's been real quiet in the forums lately, so I'm thinking that the short notice of the upcoming T/C can be overlooked. If you have a problem with this, please let me know.

A brief summary of the last 5 turns will appear later.

Ministers and Mayors may post their Instructions below.

Aug 11, 2009, 07:00 PM
With Flight coming in next turn, I believe we should start building Airports along our Southern coast. At least 5, maybe 10. We will need fghters to combat the Bomber attacks on these cities. We will also be producing Vet Fighters.

We will have the Intelligence Agency in 4 turns. Expelling the Greek spy should be one of our top prioriies.

With the Harbor in Aydin, our cities will get the Ivory Lux, and the Ottoman continent will get Coal, so I'll transport some Workers over there to build Railroads.

Maeve is now the top city of the world. Another great accomplishment for the Hibernian nation.

Aug 12, 2009, 07:59 PM
Staring T/C.

Running Chat Log:
+++ Chieftess has given voice to Cyc
<Cyc>: Starting T/C
<Cyc>: Checking Instructions
<Cyc>: Starting C3C
<Cyc>: Micro managed Moira for more growth
<Cyc>: Micro managed Ergili for more commerce
<Cyc>: (2 Scientists)
<Cyc>: Did the same with Sinead
<Cyc>: And Nottingham and xford
<Cyc>: End of pre-turn
<Cyc>: 1525AD/ 1953g/ +553gpt
<Cyc>: Flight in 1
<Cyc>: Greek Bombers and ships still ravage Anyang
<Cyc>: Persian ships in Ottoman Channel attack battleship and head South
<Cyc>: New Persian Armada replace them heding North
<Cyc>: We discover Flight and tart Computers
<Cyc>: Maeve Tank--> Airport
<Cyc>: Caesarea Temple--> Airport
<Cyc>: Nicaea Marketplace--> Temple
<Cyc>: Trebizond Cathedral--> Marketplace
<Cyc>: Caitlyn Battleship--> Airport
<Cyc>: Fionna Tank--> Tank
<Cyc>: Shannon Hospital--> Library
<Cyc>: Change Anyang to Airport
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Greek Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Battleship sinks Greek Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Greek Transport
<Cyc>: Elite Destroyer sinks Ottoman Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Tank Army Furiey attacks and takes Antalya, tarts Temple
<Cyc>: Vet Cruiser sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Cruiser sinks Persian Reg Transport
<Cyc>: New 16/16 Tank Army (CB) loaded in Transport
<Cyc>: End of turn 1
<Cyc>: 1530AD/ 2507G/
<Cyc>: +5gpt
<Cyc>: Computers in 9
<Cyc>: Tara Tank--> Airport
<Cyc>: Moira Tank--> Airport
<Cyc>: Resistance in Bursa ends
<Cyc>: Glynnis Stock Exchange--> Flak
<Cyc>: Septum Artie--> Artie
<Cyc>: Nemausus Factory--> Flak
<Cyc>: Reading Artie--> Artie
<Cyc>: Vet cav dies against Vet Guerilla outside Antalya
<Cyc>: 3/4 Cruiser sinks atacking Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Cav redlines against Vet Guerilla (Ottoman)
<Cyc>: Rush Marketplace in Heraclea for 124 gold
<Cyc>: End turn 2
<Cyc>: 1535AD/ 2346g/ +2gpt
<Cyc>: Computers in 8
<Cyc>: Eileen Factory--> Flak
<Cyc>: Nottingham Cathedral--> Library
<Cyc>: Nicaea riots
<Cyc>: Hrclea Marketplace--> irport
<Cyc>: Warwick Hospital--> Harbor
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Destroyer
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Vet Battleship sinks Persian Vet Frigate
<Cyc>: Persians had landed 3 Vet Infantry and 1 Elite Infantry
<Cyc>: 14/14 Cav Army kills Elite Infantry
<Cyc>: 19/19 Cav Army kills Vet Infantry
<Cyc>: 17/19 kills Vet infantry
<Cyc>: Elite* TO Cav kills Vet Infantry
<Cyc>: Persian threat outside Aydin gone
<Cyc>: CB Army kills Ottoman Vet Guerilla, Reg Guerilla, and wounded Vet Guerilla
<Cyc>: Rush Temple in Antalya for 112 gold
<Cyc>: Rush Temple in Bursa for 100 gold
<Cyc>: Promote Vet Pike to Infantry for 180 gold
<Cyc>: End 3
<Cyc>: 1540AD/ 1994g/ +0gpt
<Cyc>: Computer in 7
<Cyc>: Greek bombing and shelling continue
<Cyc>: The trade embargo against us between Chaina and the Greeks ends
<Cyc>: Bursa Temple--> Library
<Cyc>: Maeve aIRPORT--> fIGHTER
<Cyc>: Molly Intelligence Agency--> Wall Street
<Cyc>: Terrible news! The people of Antalya have deposed our Governor
<Cyc>: Aerona and Smyrna riot
<Cyc>: Breyr Tank--> Tank
<Cyc>: Siohan, Liverpool, Leeds, and Green #11 riot
<Cyc>: A lot more cities riot
<Cyc>: Rush Harbor in Aydin for 112 gold
<Cyc>: CB Army attacks Izmit, kills Reg Rifle
<Cyc>: CB Army attacks Izmit, kills Reg Spear, takes city, start Temple
<Cyc>: Vet Tank attacks Antalya, takes city, starts Temple
<Cyc>: Furiey Army attacks Konya, kills Vet Rifle
<Cyc>: Furiey Army attacks Konya, kills Reg Rifle
<Cyc>: Furiey Army attacks Konya, kills Conscript Rifle, takes city, starts Temple
<Cyc>: The Cairde trade a Territory map for a World map
<Cyc>: The Cairde have still not lost any cities.
<Cyc>: End of turn 4
<Cyc>: 1545AD/ 1773g/
<Cyc>: +124gpt
<Cyc>: Computers in 9
<Cyc>: The Greeks now have Bombers and Marines.
<Cyc>: They offer us peace plus 150 gold plus both maps
<Cyc>: We accept
<Cyc>: Constantinople Cathedral--> Hospital
<Cyc>: Glynnis Flak--> Tank
<Cyc>: Aydin Harbor--> Library
<Cyc>: Warwick Harbor--> University
<Cyc>: Siobhan Battleship--> Stock Exchange
<Cyc>: Oxford Aqueduct--> Cathedral
<Cyc>: Fionna Tank--> Bank
<Cyc>: Shannon Library--> Bank
<Cyc>: All cities restore to Happiness
<Cyc>: Reg Cav Army attacks Sinop, kills Vet Rifle
<Cyc>: Rush Temple in Izmit for 116 gold
<Cyc>: Rush Temple in Nicaea for 76 gold
<Cyc>: Most, if not - all of the nation is in WLTKD
<Cyc>: Attempt to plant spy in Greece fails. Spy caught and killed.
<Cyc>: Alex re-declares war on us
<Cyc>: Rush Marketplace in Rhona for 80 Gold
<Cyc>: Rush Cathedral in Naissus for 164 gold
<Cyc>: Against my better judgment, we trade the Cairde Ivory for their World map and 160 gold
<Cyc>: They are still annoyed
<Cyc>: End of turn 5
<Cyc>: 1550AD/ 1660g/ -13gpt
<Cyc>: Computers in 6
<Cyc>: Saving and uploading
<Cyc>: End of T/C

Aug 15, 2009, 07:01 PM
Well, Alex caught our Spy on the first attempt. You know how Alex is. He declared war with us again. That was on the last turn of the T/C, so first turn of our next Game Session will be an interesting one. I think we're prepared for it.

Will probably play another 5 turns tomorrow.

Aug 15, 2009, 07:49 PM
I'd say only build a few airports in our core, they can crank the air units out fastest. We can use airfields for overseas transport, when the time comes.

EDIT: Did the peace with the Greeks destroy our treaty reputation? If we had an alliance against them with anyone at the time, we'll have trouble making new treaties.

Aug 15, 2009, 08:15 PM
Sounds good, TO. The only reason I was thinking about Airports in remote coastal locations (like Anyang) was to repair fighters quicker. I will double check this thought.

Aug 16, 2009, 03:09 PM
Not sure if I'll be able to do the second 5 turns now. Possibly in 5 or 6 hours.

Aug 16, 2009, 03:29 PM
Once we get fighters in the few cities in range of their continental bombers, they will be losing most of their bombers really quick. Airports are pretty pricey in upkeep, so I would build only a few. Shave a few workers off of some low shield cities and make some airfields around those towns getting bombed, put the fighters there rather than in the towns, since an airfield does almost anything an airport can do, and costs only a worker. Bseides, I've never seen a Bomber go for an airfield.

Aug 16, 2009, 07:05 PM
I've never thought of that - the relative upkeep cost of airpots and airfields that is. Makes airfields more useful than I thought.

Aug 16, 2009, 08:13 PM
Not sure how many turns I'll get in but I'll crank up the game and do what I can. Airfields it is.

T/c starting now.

Running Chat Log:

Aug 19, 2009, 01:28 PM
Ok, I'm not sure what hapened to the Chat Log I posted (not sure I posted the save), but I was under the impression I had posted SOMETHING. The Chat Log is gone. I will now post the save and summary. The T/C was on the 16th and ran well past midnight.

SUMMARY: Once we finish off the Ottomans, the rest of the world will be Fascists. The Fascist regime of the Greeks will still not talk with us, and they are average to us militarily. For some reason, I forgot to replant a Spy in Greece. I will correct that error next T/C.

Persia, weak to us, is lacking Motorized Transportation of the Techs we have (besides the top rail of the Industrial Age). They only posess 19 gold. Their nation is next on the invation list, as soon as I tidy up the remains of the Ottomans. We will start in the South and work our way Northeast. I'd kinda like to see both their Gems and Furs on our store shelves, so picking them up as an ally against Greece is up for reconsideration.

Our bretheren, the Cairde, are annoyed at us again. Probably because they still have no rubber to build their Panzers. Like the Persians, they have the top branch of research of the Industrial Age over us, but seem to have completed all the Techs in that Age plus Ecology. They do not have Computers. They possess 11 gold. The Cairde can cancel our Wine trade route legally at anytime, although we still have 10 turns on the Silks.

After Rocketry (Aluminum), we will head for Ecology and Synthetic Fibers. Then maybe we should turn back to Miniaturization and Genetics for the Wonders. I believe we should change Maeve to the Seti Project, doubling the 93 Science it now has. I'd also like to switch Molly to Mech Infantry and fill our next Army with MI. And we can continue to use the capured Workers for Airfields. The Greeks have pretty much devastated our Air Force.

Score-wise, we now have twice as many points as the 2nd place Cairde nation and the 3rd place Greeks. The Hiberian Armed Foces will keep a watchful eye out for more invasions. On the next to last turn of this T/c, the Greeks landed Vet Infantry and Cavalry next to Edrine after we captured it. That threat was eliminated.

The next T/C will be soon. Date/Time unsure. Any requests?

Aug 19, 2009, 02:25 PM
Maeve should be the best site for SETI, so go ahead and start it there. If we are after the Internet, we should start a palace prebuild about the time we finish researching Synthetic Fibers. By the way, we should trade for Ecology, MA techs are too expensive to research if you can trade for or steal them.

Aug 21, 2009, 08:52 AM
Yup, I'd say let Maeve finish the fighter then start SETI, assuming we're the only ones with computers.

Aug 23, 2009, 04:29 PM
Took the liberty of playing off-line this afternoon.

Running Chat Log:
Rush Marketplace in Canterbury for 52 Gold
Rush Temple in Caesarea for 73 Gold
Increse Entertaiment by 10%
End preturn
1124g/ -3gpt
Rocketry in 8

Bursa riots
Uskudar riots
Caesarea riots, builds Temple, starts Marketplace
Canterbury riots, completes Marketplace, starts Cathedral
Breyr completes Tank, starts MI
Dover riots
Kyleigh riots
Falcon's Haven completes Tank, starts MI
Shannon completes Bank, starts University
Gwendolyn Factory--> Hospital
Imbolc Library--> Hospital
14/14 Cav Army attacks Instanbul, kills Vet Rifle
11/14 Cav Army attacks Instanbul, kills Vet Rifle
Vet Tank attacks Instanbul, kills Reg Rifle, takes city, starts Temple
We now own Hanging gardens and The oracle
12/17 Tank Army Furiey attacks Iznik. kills Vet Rifle
19/19 Cav Army attacks Iznik, kills Reg Musket
Takes city, starts Temple
People we have destroyed the Glorious Ottomans
Switch Septum from Flak to Cathedral
First attempt, we now have a Spy in Athens
The Greeks have 82 Infantry compared to our 44 Infantry
They are average to us.
End turn 1
1580AD/ 1047g/ -2gpt
Rocketry in 7

Persians sink one of our Cruisers that couldn't make it back to port
Moira Fighter--> MI
Maeve Fighter SETI program
Molly MI--> MI
Varna Sub--> Marketplace
Rhiannon Army--> Army
Heraclea Cathedral--> Library
Caitlyn Fighter--> Battleship
Warwick University--> MI
Fionna Bank--> Granary
End of turn 2
1585AD/ 1045g/ =3gpt
Rocketry in 6

China and Greece have signed a trade embargo against us
China and Persia have signed a Mutual Protection Pact
Tara MI--> MI
Glynnis Tank--> Airport
Nicomedia University--> Commercil Dock
City Red Tank--> MI
End turn 3
1590AD/ 1050g/ -3gpt
Rocketry in 5

Geeks attack Izmit with marines, killing the Vet Cav there and take city
Persians declare war on the Cairde!
Eileen Flak--> Bank
Molly MI--> MI
Aerona Stock Exchange--> Research Lab
Maire Factory--> Granary
Nemausus Flak--> Hospital
Camulodunum Marketplace--> Hospital
Our Spy in Athens has been captured!
Vet Battleship sinks Persian Vet Frigate off Antalya
Vet Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate off Antalya
Elite Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Frigate off Antalya
Elite Destroyer sinks Persian Vet Transport off Antalya
17/17 Tank Army Furiey attacks Izmit and kills Greek Tow Infantry
14/14 Cav Army attacks Izmit and kills 2 Greek Rifles
Elite* TO's Return attacks Izmit, killing Vet Greek Cav. Only a red-lined marine is left there.
End of turn 4
1595AD/ 1046g/ -2gpt
Rocketry in 4

The trade embargo between te Chinese and the Greeks have ended as...
The rampaging Cairde has destroyed the Chinese!
Moira MI--> Fighter
Breyr MI--> MI
Siobhan Fighter--> Fighter
The fighters around Anyang have destroyed 4 0f the 6 Bombers attacking there
Anyang Granary--> Temple
Liverpool Marketplace--> Aqueduct
Fionna Grnary--> Batleship
Lorna MI-->MI
Falcon's Haven MI--> Granary
17/17 Tank Army CB attacks Izmit, kills wounded Marine, takes city, starts Temple
End of turn 5
1600AD/ 1107g/ -11gpt
Rocketry in 3
Saving and uploading

Aug 23, 2009, 05:58 PM
Argh! Didn't know we had this thread, had my headed buried in other things.

Aug 24, 2009, 07:09 AM
Quite alright, my friend. I know you've been busy. :thumbsup:

The nex 5 turns in a couple of days. The Persians have declared on the Cairde, so it looks like another alliance coming into effect.

Aug 24, 2009, 07:11 AM
That means we must finish the Ottomans quickly and make the evil Persians pay for this violation.

Aug 24, 2009, 04:57 PM
Bowsling, we finished off the Ottomans in 1580AD. They are no more! :)

We are currently regrouping and resupplying for an assault on Persia. Mums the word...

Aug 30, 2009, 08:19 PM
I've completed another 5 turns off-line. Fairly uneventful Session. The Greeks keep trying to take Ottomanland. They are also building The United Nations, which is going to throw a new wrinkle in the game. itried twice to plant a Spy in Athens, but failed. Tried and failed to plant one in Persia also.

Still trying to build a respectable Navy and Air Force. 2 MI Armies. SETI in motion.

Some pics later.

T/C begins
MMd some cities for happiness
shuffled some troops
Rushed Temple in Endrine for 84 gold
End of preturn
1600AD/ 1023/ 165gpt
Rocketry in 3

Tara MI--> MI
Edrine Temple--> Marketplace
Iznik riots
Molly MI-->Battleship
Warwick MI-->Cruiser
Shantund riots
Septum riots
Green #11 Factory--> MI
End of turn 1 1605AD/ 1188g/ +492gpt
Rocketry in 1

Learn Rocketry, start Ecology
Moira Fighter--> Jet Fighter
Rhiannon riots
Aerona riots
Caitlyn Battleship--> Battleship
Coventry Library-- MI
Siobhan Fighter--> Mobile SAM
Moira Granary--> Mobile SAM
City Red MI--> Cruiser
Imbolc Hospital--> Bank
We now have 4 cities producing 50+ shields per turn (1 of them is 64 spt)
Failed twice to plant a Spy in Greece. Then failed in Persia once
End turn 2
1610AD/ 1361g/ -22 gpt

Greece lands troops in Ottomanland
Glynnis Airport--> Jet Fighter
Breyr MI--> University
Siobahn riots
Rhona Bank--> University
Dyrrachium Harbor--> Library
Dover Temple--> Library
Kyleigh Factory--> Bank
Septum Cathedral--> Bank
Falcon's Haven Granary--> Mobile SAM
16/18 Tank Army kills Greek Vet Tank outside Izmit
Elite* Cav TO's Return kills Greek Vet Tank
13/18 Tank Army kills Greek Vet Infantry
Threat gone
Rush Temple in Istanbul for 92 gold
Failed to plant Spy in Greece
End turn 3
1615AD/ 1138g/ -34gpt
Ecology in 7

Tara MI--> Mobile SAM
Istanbul Temle--> Marketplace
Rhiannon Army--> Army
Konya riots
Nicomedia Commercial Dock--> Destroyer
Shannon University--> Stock Exchange
Gwendolyn Hospital--> Bank
Sharona Harbor--> Bank
The Greeks are building The United Nations
End of turn 4
1630AD/ 997g/-43gpt
Ecology in 6

Moira Jet Fighter--> Jet Fighter
Molly Battleship--> Battleship
Heraclea Library--> Bank
Siobhan Mobile SAM--> Mobile SAM
Green #11 MI--> Hospital
Greeks land Vet Tank next to Instanbul
Vet Tank kills Greek Vet Tank, promotes
End of turn 5
1625AD/ 956g/ -44gpt
Ecology in 5
Saving and uploading

Aug 31, 2009, 08:14 PM
With planting spies and being at war, you have to wait 4 turns after a failed attempt or the failure rate is 100%.

Aug 31, 2009, 09:37 PM
Sorry, TO, but I HAVE to disagree with you. I have proven that rule wrong many times and have seen evidence of others proving it wrong. Don't believe everything you read, my friend. Of course it's possible that I wasn't at war some of those times, I didn't make note of that.

EDIT: Just did a little research, and I have to say I still disagree with your assessment. :)

Sep 01, 2009, 06:40 PM
Just in my experience in playing, I have never had that theory disproved. I got the information from an experienced SG'er whose judgement about things civ seems damn near infallible. I have been wrong, but just anecdotally, this theory seems correct. I think we can afford to keep trying, but I think it is a waste of money. I'd like to see further data on this theory though, so keep trying, and you can rub my nose in the theory being wrong if proven so. If I'm wrong, and you are ever in Columbus Ohio, I will buy you a steak dinner.

Sep 02, 2009, 06:04 PM
Did another 5 turns offline. TO, start saving for a filet minon dinner. :thumbsup:

Chat Log:
Starting DG

Attempt to plant Spy, 1st thing.
Attemp successful. I believe the cost was 144 gold, not sure.
Pic posted.Please make that a filet minon, TO. :)
Unfortunately stealing a tech from Greece carefully costs around 2500g. Stealing one sfely costs over 3300g.

End of pre-turn
1625AD/ 845g/-34gpt
Ecology in 5

We lost our supply of Dyes from the Cairde.
Cities riot
units moved
end of turn 1
1630AD/ 823g/ -24gpt
Ecology in 5

we shoot down 2 of the Greeks last 3 Bombers (at last count)
Nicaea riots
other cities restore
Glynnis Jet Fighter--> Jet Fighter
Caitlyn Battleship--> Battleship
Warwick Cruiser--> Cruiser
Maire Mobile SAM--> Tank
Falcon's Haven Mobile SAM--> Tank
Richmond Library--> Cathedral
Rush Harbor in Chalcedon for 20 gold
end of turn 2
1635AD/ 779g/ -30gpt

Greece and Persia ally against the Cairde
Tara MI--> MI
Moira Jet Fighter--> Jet Fighter
Aerona Research Lab--> Cruiser
Breyr University--> Crusier
Siobahn Mobile SAM--> Battleship
Chalcedon Harbor--> Library
Anwyn Factory--> Bank
Nemausus Hospital--> Harbor
Birmingham Factory--> Destroyer
Shannon riots. Change to Colosseum
Our naval units in Ergili sink 3 Greek Destroyers and a loaded transport
One of the Greek Destroyers sinks 1 of our Battleships and a sub
End of turn 3
1640AD/ 725g/ -36gpt

Molly Battleship--> Battleship
Fionna Battleship--> Battleship
Tavia Artie--> Artie
Nicomedia Destroyer--> Destroyer
Imbolc bank--> University
We offer the Cairde 3 luxs, 2 alliances and 2 trade embargoes, along with both maps, and they still won't part with 1 on their 2 luxs
End of turn 4
1645AD/ 725g/ -35gpt
Ecology in 2

Tara MI--> MI
Rhiannon Army--> Army
Warwick riots, switch to Colosseum
City Red Cruiser--> Cruiser
Shannon Colosseum--> Tank
Shuffle troops and ships
End of turn 5
1650AD/ 690g/ +117gpt
Ecology in 1
Saving and uploading

Sep 04, 2009, 06:08 PM
Just don't expect the Japanese Steakhouse...($60-80 a meal) I might be able to afford the Outback Steakhouse/ Applebees/ O'Charley's range.

Sep 05, 2009, 11:04 AM
:rolleyes: Sheesh!

If we're not going to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse, then I'll just have to relieve you of your obligation, TO. ;)

No one seems to be able to accept the fact that Spies can be planted immediately after a failed atempt, at least at first. I've been doing it for years.

I just wish we had enough gold to steal a Tech from the Greeks. :(