View Full Version : New distribution of the general's experience

Oct 25, 2009, 12:34 PM
Indeed, in the basic game, when you want to lead a soldier for example, the 20 experience points were distributed randomly. So I create a new distribution of the general's experience.
First, when you click on the basic button, a new popup will appear.
You can choose how many point you want to distribute and you must to select which units will receive experience.
While you have got experience the popup will be launched. So, if you want to give experience point by point you will be able to do it :D.
After, you give some experiences you can see directly the unit experience.
Once, you will finish to distribute, the original popup will launch.
Bad news :lol:, you must to wait the next version of DoaNE to use it.
I am very nasty :p.