View Full Version : General tactics to first worker and resources?

Sep 22, 2010, 04:07 PM
So far I find myself playing similar to Civ4. I'm trying to get a general build, I want to get the basics down before getting used to beeline strats. I think it's easy to grow dependant to gambits unless the basics sit in the backbone.

If I can get 3food, work it and swap for max prod and get worker out.

Build: Scout>worker

Science: Animal husb. for possible horses. Feel it's possibly reduntant though as 1 prod is marginal.

Next up to tech for calendar/masonry to unluck luxury and gold from working it.
Calendrar route preferred since pottry unlocks worker.

Does anyone use trading posts early? I find myself growing my city and working luxuries rather tbh.

Also befriending a maritime city-state for growth.

Past this I'm unsure, befriending a cultured city-state and building monument>granary seems decent. Great Library for civil service is the elephant in the room, I also like Stonehenge if there are lots of good tiles to work. I guess getting both will be difficult on higher difficulties though.

Social policies is still experimental for me. No general pattern so far.


Sep 22, 2010, 05:10 PM
Getting the bonus against barbarian social policy seems best at the start. There are a ton of barbarians in this game and they keep spawning deep into the game.