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Jan 01, 2003, 09:44 AM
Below thereīs a little pic to explain what I mean. As you see, the unit is not centered on the white "crosshair". Of course I can move around the unit gfx in the storyboard from flicster to correct it, but this is a lot of work for several units (and I have even more extreme cases). Is there a method to place a unit correctly from the start? How exactly does Civ3 calculate the coordinates for the white crosshair?

I thought rendering all unit anims at the same size would help, but it doesnīt. It only prevents the unit from "jumping around" (the effect when you have different sizes of anims).

Thanks in advance :)

Jan 01, 2003, 10:35 AM
Well, this is what I do. When I'm rendering each frame in Rhinoceros, I divide the screen into eight identically sized windows--one for each direction. I use Boulbougadol's "blank views" Rhinoceros file, which has the viewpoints--SW, S, SE, etc.--saved. Then I zoom out the same amount in each frame, keeping the unit's size the same. When I zoom out I place the cursor over the middle of the unit, and use the Mouse's "wheel" to zoom out. That way the unit stays centered in the window, and therefore will be centered in the rendered image.

Sorry, if this isn't very clear. Oh, you may not even use Rhinoceros . . . well, I tried to help. Hopefully, I helped. By the way, how is the in-game speed of your units? I'm having problems with mine.

Jan 01, 2003, 10:58 AM
Well, I was trying to think of how to adjust things once the storyboard and everything was completed. This is what I came up with. Maybe, it will work. Rather than change each frame individually, you could make multiple, simultaneous selections and move them all at once.

I know that you can do this in photoshop; it should work in PaintShop Pro as well. In your storyboard, make a selection box around the unit, which you want to move. Make the selection box as small as possible around the unit to prevent overlapping into the next frame.

Then holding shift, make a selection box around all the frames, which you want to move the same exact number of pixels in the same direction. Let me try to clarify this. Certainly, all the frames in the same direction--East, for example--will need to be moved the exact same way. Maybe, West or South will also need to be moved the exact same number of pixels and in the same direction. Anyway, select all the frames that will be moved the exact same way.

Then you should be able to "drag/move with the arrow keys" all the selections at the same time.

That should save some time, I would think. :)

Jan 01, 2003, 11:06 AM
Thans for the suggestion, although Iīm not sure I can use the same method in Cinema 4D (my modeler/renderer) ;)

I think the problem is also not the unit itself, I can center it easily in the frame(s), however, that doesnīt seem to affect this white crosshair...

To the speed: Yes I noticed also some "strange" effects - the in-game speed seems to be a strange combination of flicsterīs playing speed, the number of frames in the anim and the speed value specified in the unitīs .ini file.

For example, anims with only a few frames play very slowly in the game, even if you set up the fastest rate in flicster and edit the .ini files in a similar way. I usually add more frames then (simply add the first frames again to have two loops then). I have not understood completely how it works in Civ3, I always have to try and correct some anims several times.

One thing that helps is to look in Civ3īs normal units - eg. when you make a new tank, use similar frame rates, number of frames and speed settings like the existing tank or panzer unit, same for other types of units. I used this method for my jets, they have exactly the same settings and length as the civ3 jetfighter, I think therefore I had no speed problems here.

Dragon Warrior
Jan 01, 2003, 12:49 PM
In flcster seperate it into multiple flcs. Those will come with an ini file that if you open in flcster it makes it back into one flc. Anyway in the ini file you will find x and y offset number values. Changing the x value moves the unit left or right (less is left and more is right I think). Ex. if it says x offset= 74 and you change it to x offset= 76, the animation will be 2 pixels right of where it used to be. Changing the y value moves the unit up or down(less is up and more is down, I'm sure on this one). After you change the values to what you think they should be open the ini file in flcster, put the new flc in the right folder, and test it in game
*You have to do this for every animation, and the values may not be the same for every animation

Hope this helps:)

Jan 01, 2003, 01:46 PM
Thanks, Iīll try that :)

Oh, and utahjazz, the multiple selection works for me too (I use Corel Photopaint to optimize/edit storyboards of rendered units). Makes things a bit easier ;)

Jan 01, 2003, 02:09 PM
Dragon warrior nailed it.

1. export storyboard to a flc file
2. export flc file into "multiple flc files (8 files)
3. you'll get a warning, continue
4. adjust the y offset by opening the ini in text.
5. open the ini in flicster, it will make a flc with a new offset.

Jan 01, 2003, 06:20 PM
This is very helpful information. I believe my V3 Rocket was shifted a tad, and I do not want to re-do every frame. :D