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Mar 21, 2011, 09:07 PM
Balanced Sniper Mod V2.1

Check out Version 3 here (

Balanced Combat, Promotion and Flavor with updated graphics, strategy, and historical info. This Mod is a offspring of the Mod Sniper mod created by Harald B. I made The Skirmisher and Sniper more balanced to the game, also added a Modern Sniper into the Modern era that can paradrop. The Crossbowman, English Longbowman and Chu-ko-nu upgrade into the Skirmisher.

Tech: Rifling
Obsolete Tech: Replacable Parts
Combat: 8
Ranged Combat: 20
Cost: 200
Moves: 2
Range: 2
Promotion: Small city Penalty
Promotion: Only Defence

Tech: Replaceable Parts
Obsolete Tech: Radar
Combat: 12
Ranged Combat: 26
Cost: 280
Moves: 2
Range: 2
Promotion: Small city Penalty
Promotion: Only Defense

Modern Sniper:
Tech: Radar
Combat: 16
Ranged Combat: 34
Cost: 400
Moves: 2
Range: 3
Promotion: Small city Penalty
Promotion: Paradrop
Promotion: Only Defense

Image: 732_n.jpg 263_n.jpg 26_n.jpg 724_n.jpg

Version History:
Initial Release
Tweaked Flavor
Corrected GoodyHutUpgrade
Added new Graphics
Modern Sniper has been moved to Radar Tech
Sniper named changed to Skirmisher
Enhanced sniper name changed to Sniper

Authors: Harald B. , Spencer Hart.
Balanced Sniper Mod (v2.1) - No Promotions.rar (
Mirror (

Mar 28, 2011, 09:03 PM
Updated to version 2.1

Added new units
Tweaked flavor
Tweaked unit icons
Tweaked units

Jun 26, 2012, 05:11 AM
didn't try it yet
should add a +200% versus great people, so snipers could one shoot enemy Great Generals and other lost Great People and -200% versus armored unit and ships