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Apr 12, 2011, 05:29 AM
Tutorial: How to add Units

Hi guys, this tutorial will help you learn how to add units to your game mod. Just follow all of these steps, and it will be simple once you learn how to do it. It is pretty simple if you download a working unit. Let's get this start :goodjob:

Step 1: Go toComputer/Local Disk (C):/Program File(x86)/ Friaxis Game/Civ Complete III/Conquest

Now you have arrive on that spot. You will see Scenario, COPY and paste it on your desktop for quicker access next time instead of doing the long way to find it again.

Now Let's get the game set up, we are going to make a mod, to avoid having you making mistake and ruin up your game, we are going to make a mod folder.

Step 2: Go to Scenario/Create a New Folder

Name the folder MyMod

Go inside it, and create 2 new folders Art and Text.

Go inside Art and create 2 more folders Civilopedia and Units

Inside Civilopedia, create new folder Icons

Inside Icons, create new folder Units

Now you got all the folder set up for modding. Before you start downloading units, there is some important file that you need to add first. Civilopedia and PediaIcons. Where do you find them? Follow this step, it will show you where to find them.

Go back to Conquest
Go to Text and select Civilopedia and PediaIcons. COPY
Go back to Conquest
Go to Scenario/MyMod/Text PASTE

Now, those 2 files should be in MyMod/Text folder. Again, before you start adding unit, you need to add unit_32.pcx. That's a file which allows you to add new unit icons to it and make it appear in the game.

Go back to Civ Complete III
Go to Art/Unit and search for unit_32 COPY and go to MyMod/Art/Units PASTE

That was simple, these are the three basic needs you need to start adding units.
Time to add new units to the game! :goodjob:

Download this unit

This is a good example of teaching you how to add units to the game. When you have completed downloading this unit, click on Extract All to unlock the unit. You should see the folder Madusa, now, COPY the folder Madusa.

Now, adding that unit is quite simple. Just do these steps.

Go to Conquest/Scenario/Mymod/Art/Units and Past.

Copy MadusaPedia_sm and MadusaPedia_lg. They are an image that represents their icon ingame.

Go to Mymod/Art/Civilopedia/Icons/Units and PASTE.

Go back to your Madusa Folder in Mymod/Art/Units and open up the 32 pixels image file that all the units normally have. Preferrable you to use paint program GIMP. I recommend you to download that program from this website.

Download at:

Open up the Unit_32pcx too. COPY Madusa icon and drag it to a empty pink square in Unit_32pcx. Make sure it fits the small empty pink square, it is nasty if you have part of the image chipped off. :eek:

Save it. Then click EXPORT. That's not so hard, isn't it? Now, time for you to learn some coding to add this unit to make it work in game! Let's learn it!

Go to Mymod/Text/PediaIcons

Click PediaIcons and open it up. Scroll it down until you reach units list like this.

Scroll down to the end line of unit. Adding the new unit is quite simple, however on one condition. The Folder name Madusa must be exactly same as the configuration setting text, which should also say Madusa. (Tips: Configuration setting text are known as ini.file, be sure they are working properly or they will give out error ingame)

Now that you have check both. Add those code to your PediaIcons.

#ICON_PRTO_Madusa (Must be same as the folder!)
art\civilopedia\icons\units\MadusaPedia_lg.pcx (Represents Large Icon for it)
art\civilopedia\icons\units\MadusaPedia_sm.pcx (Represents Small Icon for it)

Not bad right? It is simple, it is like heaven if you understand these. You can give it a description for these new units, BUT, it is not required to do these, since it won't affect in game, but without adding description, it will make your new unit look bad, kinda, no information about them. :sad:

Before you close PediaIcons. Scroll Down all the way to the down. You will see something like this. (For your information, these are my new units, your is different, so don't let it cause confusion to you)

Add these new line to the end of the unit line.


That's it. Now Save it. It will give you a message that you can't save it in your game mod folder. Save it in my Document section. Delete PediaIcons from Mymod Folder, and go to Document Section, Cut PediaIcons and go to Mymod then paste it. There you go. :)

Now... go to Conquest Editor, the program that allows you to make maps, design maps for cool things. That program, open it up. The map will be blank, just ocean, that's normal.

Now go to the file tab, click on Scenario, you will see custom players, custom map, custom rules. select them and say yes to all of them. Click yes when a warning message pops up "Changing rules might cause unpredictable result." :nuke:

Go to file tab, click Rules, Click Edit, Click Units.

Unit Screen tab will pops up. Beside Rename units, Click on Add.

Type in this one: Madusa or to Whatever you want to call it

Type in Civilopedia Entry: PRTO_Madusa
This one must be exact same as you typed in PediaIcons, otherwise, the new units you added in Conquest Editor won't find it and possible give out error for the game.

Next, Find the icon image that matches Madusa, After Mobile Sam icon, you should see Madusa Icon. Select that. Now, give Madusa any stats you want, ANY stats you want.

Close the Units Tab Screen. Do not close the Conquest Editor yet. You still have to do something first.

Go to Scenario Properties. (The one with hand holding notecard icon). Click it and it will pops up.

Type in Scenario Search Folders: MyMod
It must be exact same as your folders, otherwise it won't find it and will return to default civ 3.

Close scenario properties.

Now, go to file and select Save as and name your map anything you want.


Now you are done. :goodjob: Let's test it.
Play the game on Civ 3 Complete and go to your game mod. Play it and test your new unit out. If it work then... :goodjob::goodjob::goodjob:

Congrats! You just mastered on adding new units to the game!

I hope this tutorial helps you very much.

Ares de Borg
Apr 12, 2011, 07:06 AM
Nice, but there have been tutorials around for years now, so your work may have been unnecessary.


Adding Units to Civ3 Conquests ( Thorough Guide for the Newbie by Colonel Kraken

Apr 12, 2011, 08:06 AM
Moved to the Tutorials sub-forum.

Apr 12, 2011, 10:38 AM
I have recently thought of making a tutorial for adding units to the game.

I originally learned by using Colonel Kraken's tutorial, but I thought it was long and some of the instruction was not necessary for someone adding their first unit.

A tutorial that is point form with a few pictures would be ideal for a beginner.

Apr 12, 2011, 02:58 PM
Which is what i'm planning on doing this. I'm just creating a tutorial with all the necessary things they need to add new units to the game.

Apr 15, 2011, 04:42 AM
That's pretty good, I like brief and concise, thanks.

Apr 15, 2011, 05:11 AM
No problem, I think this is the shortest and easy to understand unit tutorial than other unit tutorial. Colonel Kraken tutorial was quite too long, and it is easy to get distract with all of unneccessary information. I simply just summarized things up and explain how to add units in a short way.