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Lab Monkey
Jan 17, 2003, 02:57 PM
This library is no longer being updated by me. If someone wants the job, feel free!
125 munits and counting!

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Thank you :)

A message from Lab Monkey

When I set up the library in March 2002 I had that most wonderful of jobs, that of a computer boffin with unlimited web access and a pretty low workload. Now, however, I am somewhat more busy, and am only able to update these pages about once a week (if I'm lucky). So I'll appologise now for the scant attention that I have been and will be paying to keeping these lists updated.


A few things to note...

This library gives credit to both the original unit creator(s) and to the creator of the multi unit. The bracketed names are the original creators.

There will be no image previews for a while until I figure out a decent system.

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:27 PM
Ancient Units

Vanilla Civ3 multi Units

Archer by Kryten (
Bowman by Kryten (
Catapult by Kryten (
Chariot by Kryten (
Galley by Kryten (
Hoplite by Kryten (
Horseman by Kryten (
Immortals by Kryten (
Impi by Kryten (
Jaguar Warrior by Kryten (
Legionary by Kryten (
Mounted Warrior by Kryten (
Spearman by Kryten (
Swordsman by Kryten (
War Chariot by Kryten (
Warrior by Kryten (
Worker by Rabid pop tart (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:29 PM
Anicient Units

Foot Units

Axeman (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Barbarians (JimmyH/Firaxis) by Lab Monkey (
Broadsword (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Chin swordsman (Kinboat) by los krachos (
Chin Spearman (Kinboat) by los krachos (
Eagle Warrior (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
European Swordsman (utahjazz7) by Rabid Pop Tart (
European Swordsman (utahjazz7) by Los Krachos (
Iroquois Warrior (utahjazz77) by xFreak4x (
Jaguar Warriors (Firaxis/JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Jaguar Warriors (jimmyh) by los krachos (
Javelineer (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Imperial Legion (BeBro) by los_krachos (
Longswordsman (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Pict Warrior (utahjazz7) by los krachos (
Phalanx (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Plumed Archer (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Woad Raider (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (

Sea Units

Canoe (Dark Sheer) by xFreak4x (
Dhow (embryodead) by xfreak4x (
Hokulea (embryodead) by xfreak4x (
Junk (TVA22) by xFreak4x (
Longboat (Kal-El) by xfreak4x (
Wargalley (smoking mirror) by Los Krachos (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:29 PM
Ancient Units

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:30 PM
Medieval Units

Vanilla Civ 3 Medieval Units

Cannon by Kryten (
Caravel by Kryten (
Cavalry by Kryten (
Cossack by Kryten (
Frigate by Kryten (
Galleon by Kryten (
Knight by Kryten (
Longbowman by Kryten (
Man-o-war by Kryten (
Musketeer by Kryten (
Musketman by Kryten ( )
Pikeman by Kryten ( )
Rider by Kryten ( )
Samurai by Kryten (
War Elephant by Kryten (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:33 PM
Medieval Units

Foot Units

Assasin (S3D) by lab monkey (
Samurai (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Chu-ko-nu (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Crossbows (CivGeneral) by Lab Monkey (
Eastern man-at-arms (lab monkey) by lab monkey (
Fanatic (Kinboat) by hetairoi22 (
Halberdier (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Highlander by Los Krachos (
Native American Musket (utahjazz7) by los krachos (
Teuton (JimmyH) by Lab Monkey (
Turkish Swordsman (baddog) by Los Krachos (

Mounted Units

Camel Rider (jimmyh) by lab monkey (
Cataphract (jimmyh) by lab monkey (
Medieval Cavalry (jimmyh) by Lab monkey (
Crusader (Kinboat) by xFreak4x (
Crusader (kinboat) by Lab monkey (
Dark Knight (Yaniv) by sprnv8 (
Eastern Knight (Lab Monkey) by Lab Monkey (
Horse Archer (kal-el) by Lab Monkey (
Hussar (jimmyh) by Lab Monkey (
Norman Knight (Kinboat) by xFreak4x (
Paladin (jimmyh) by Lab Monkey (
Tarkan (jimmyh) by Lab Monkey (

Sea Units

Arabian Caravel (Kinboat) by xFreak4x (
Corvette (Colonel Kraken) by xfreak4x (
Iron Frigate (Smoking Mirror) by xfreak4x (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:36 PM
Medieval Units

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:38 PM
Industrial Units

Vanilla Civ 3 Industrial Units

Artillery by Kryten (
Bomber by Kryten (
Destroyer by Kryten (
Infantry by Kryten (
Marine by Kryten (
Panzer by Kryten (
Paratrooper by Kryten (
Rifleman by Kryten (
Tank by Kryten (
Transport by Kryten (
Worker by Rabid Pop Tart (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:39 PM
Industrial Units

Custom units

Foot Units

Boer Rifleman (Wheel Gator) by los krachos (
Industrial swordsman (Kinboat) by xfreak4x (
Prussian Fusilier (nemesis rex) by Los Krachos (
Scots Guardsman (Lab Monkey) by Los Krachos (

Mounted Units

Dismount attack cavalry (Wheel Gator/Kryten) by Elsilhe (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:40 PM
Industrial Units


Maus (Hunter) by los_krachos (
Kradschuetzen (nonnob3) by xfreak4x (
KV2 (Smoking Mirror) by Los Krachos (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:42 PM
Modern Units

Vanilla Civ3 Units

Cruise Missile by Kryten (
F-15 by Kryten (
F-15 by sprnv8 (
Helicopter by Kryten (
Jet Fighter by Kryten (
Mech Infantry by Kryten (
Marine by Kryten (
Modern Armour by Kryten (
Radar Artillery by Kryten (
Stealth Bomber by Kryten (
Stealth Fighter by Kryten (
Stealth Fighter by sprnv8 (

Custom units

Foot Units

Light Infantry (Balou) by Civanator (
Worker (escorted) (Firaxis/Balou) by Wi1d (


Challenger2 (Utahjazz7) by Los Krachos (
CV9040 (utahjazz7) by Los Krachos (
Humvee (kniboat) by xfreak4x (
Rascal SPA by Los Krachos (
SDK22 (dog) by xfreak4x (
T-90 (Boulboulgadol) by Los Krachos (

Naval Units

British Destroyer (Dragon King) by Los Krachos (
Scud Boat (incubus0223) by Los Krachos (

Lab Monkey
Jan 22, 2003, 12:44 PM
Future/ Sci-fi Units

Armoured Shock infantry (Balou) by Computerdude113 (

Lab Monkey
Mar 09, 2003, 06:46 AM
Fantasy Units

Elven Bowman (Kinboat) by Los Krachos (
Elven Spearman (Kinboat) by Los Krachos (
Elven Warrior (Kinboat) by Los Krachos (