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May 17, 2001, 08:21 AM
It is finally out, after waiting for months. And when it works, it is awesome. I have teamed up with other players to kick the crap out of Orions and Rommies. (Only AI though.) Pity I'm going on vacation, I'd like to stay and defend my planets against a klingon attack that was going to start.

Now the Problems.

1. People have had difficulty running the game (I'm thinking of Cornmaster.) If you sitll have the CD and the time, you could try reinstalling and upgrading to the current version, they solved a lot of problems.

2. The servers are mostly full and some can't get on. But it's been working fine for me though.

May 17, 2001, 01:16 PM
Rommies OWN the Dynaverse!!!!

I haven't got on yet though.

Everytime I try to create an account, it's says page not found and I can't connect.


I did get to work well. An now that I've upgraded to I need to join my Romulan brothern and destroy the Federation!!! MUHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!

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May 17, 2001, 09:36 PM
Your a dirty Rommie? I may have been nice to you at the Taldren forums (amazing coincidences, eh ) but now I shall crass your green ass back from the mud from which it came.

Allow a visual representation

Rommie Federation

Rommie Federation

Rommie Federation.

Notice a theme? Anyways, the Rommies have dominated on the Early East server because of a mssive coordinated attack with the Klingons versus very weak federation players. (Federation have a higher learning curve.) However, on the Interplay Late server, where my newly bought F-BCJ and trusty USS MacArthur (NCL, and yes its mispelled) have destroyed several Rom's AI's. I have since shifted my base of operations, destroying an AI dreadnough with only my NCL, a friend in an FFG, and an AI light cruiser ally. Oh, and then I smashed my first human oppenent the next turn...

However, just join the Interplay Late, and we shall meet! (Unfortunately, I'm going out of town tommorrow, and will be gone for a while. I'm not wimping out, I'll most likely have to restart when I return.)

So, beware evil Rommie Scum, we shall meet again...