View Full Version : TSG16 Results and Congratulations

leif erikson
Aug 22, 2011, 04:03 PM
A list of the submissions for this game is assembled here. ( The list is compiled by date and also by score.

It was a very close race:
First place :trophy: goes to Neuro with a 1690 AD Culture win.

Second place :trophy2nd: goes to tommynt with a 1695 AD Cultural victory and third :trophy3rd: goes to Attaturk with a 1820 AD Culture win. :high5:

Thank you for the spoiler write ups and discussions. Welcome to all the new players, we had 52 submissions, hope you learned as much as I did. :cheers:

:thanx: to all who played the game and participated in the discussions Keep posting issues you find. :goodjob:

Please help us out by using the upload system for your results as we need to exercise it some more. Special thanks to AlanH for compiling the results. :thanx: