View Full Version : Anyone ever play USNF '97?

Aug 05, 2001, 01:47 AM
I recently purchased "Fighters Anthology" by Electronic Arts (and Janes) and have been enjoying it a great deal.

However I'm having trouble with one of the games in the package - USNF '97. Specifically the Vietnam Campaign.

It seems that I'm a friggin LOUSY Mig Killer. I can't kill Mig-17's in my F4 phantom. They shoot me down EVERY time. If i can see them and go on the offensive FIRST then I can shoot em down. BUT.. if they get on my tail - I'm toast. I can't ever seem to shake them - no matter what i do. Those little sports cars can fly circles around the family sedan that the US NAVY flew (the phantom). They get behind me and then slowly tear me to shreds with canon fire. Drives me INSANE!

Any hints would be appreciated.