View Full Version : C2C Perfect Mapscript project

Oct 10, 2011, 08:28 PM
Basing a new mapscript for C2C on the Full of Resources mapscript concepts, I understand we now have some talent that can make the generation of a mapscript with the perfect set of options for C2C. This is good news and something we'd been waiting for for a long time (or at least had been when I was here before.)

With the addition of new terrain features, I think we need to now come together to establish our concept of what a perfect mapscript would offer in terms of options.

I offer the following:

Landmass Style:
-Inland Sea

(note that the selections beneath 'islands' would open up other necessary subcategories as are currently defined by those mapscripts)

If Continents are selected:
Volume of Continents - Fixed #, from x to x, 1 per team, 1 per starting civilization

Water % fixed vs Random between x and x

World Wrap: all the standard options

Enforced Start Position Applies to:
Players only
AI only
All civilizations

Enforced Start Position options:
-On Coast
-On River
-On Coast AND On River

Region Starts options:
-All start in Old World
-Start on Any Continent
-Only Players on start on New World, all others on Old World
-(if possible)Initial Culture defines starting continent (thus those with European base culture all start on same continent and so on)

Team Starts:
Enforce nearby
Nearby unless overridden by other causes
Don't consider team when placing civ starts

Shoreline Styles (for Continents)

Continent Size Variations (for Continents)
- equivalent
- asymetrical
- random from small to large

Island Frequency and Size Options

Size and Frequency of Lakes

Frequency of Rivers

Terrain Volumes: list each terrain type and ask for 0-5 with some defaults assumed (0= none, 5 = overwhelming)

Terrain Features: List each and select to group by static # or from x to x and to determine frequency of groups on a scale of 0-5.

Goody Frequency

Resources: 6 categories:
-Strategic Land
-Health Land
-Happy Land
-Strategic Water
-Health Water
-Happy Water
rate each frequency on a scale of 1-5 and make sure the map will spawn at least one of every type of resource somewhere on the map before any map is finalized.

This seems pretty comprehensive to me. Can anyone think of anything I've missed or would you specifically NOT want to see something that IS here? How about the implementation? How possible is all this? This is just a wishlist right now after all.