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leif erikson
Oct 15, 2011, 05:34 AM
Welcome to the TSG22 Game in Progress thread. This thread is used to discuss the game once you've started playing. There are no reading or posting restrictions as such (apart from normal decency), although we encourage players to use the spoiler tags for screenshots. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play. Please remember that we are running a family friendly site, so express anger or frustration with this in mind. :)

Please use this thread to discuss your goals for the game and your opening moves through about the first 80 to 100 turns.
- What difference did it make in early planning to know the map type?
- Were there any early wars and did you start them?
- What Social Policies did you choose and why?
- What tech path did you follow?
- What Wonders did you prioritize?

Once you've completed the game, head over to the TSG22 After Action Report thread.

Oct 15, 2011, 09:43 AM
At turn 111 now. Gone pretty well, but a few major setbacks, lost a total of four units from unwise movement. Just got DOWed by China and Russia, nice culture from killing their units though. Founded three additional cities, hoping to pop a legalism opera houses soon, but one town looks like I might miss it.

BO: Monument, Jaguar, Granary, Worker, Jaguar, Library, NC, Oracle, Settler, Settler, HS
Tech: Pottery, Mining, Writing, Philosophy, Calendar, Theology, Animal Husbandry, Trapping, Civil Service, Education.

Got Oracle 71, Stonehenge(in second city) 90, Haga Sophia 96, Porclain Tower 98, Notre Dame 99. Should have gotten PT turn 97, but got the GE on wrong side of river. :(

Priority now is to fight these two wars, get the opera houses and blast through the renesance. Filled Liberty, and got Aristocracy and Oligarchy in Tradition so far, then off to freedom.

I was happy about this game, wanted to play the Aztecs all week. :P

Oct 16, 2011, 01:44 PM
I definitely did not play a great game. Made some mistakes early that really sealed my fate. Every single civ has hated every other civ for the entire second half of my game. No love here...

Fortunately its king difficulty and no civs ran away with the game so I'm going to finish around turn 340. I am dominant in every demographic so now Im just enjoying myself.:lol:

Oct 16, 2011, 08:30 PM
Update turn 101 :

I never focused very much on how cultural victories can be well done in a short time. I started some practice games before playing this one. I followed what i think would be a nice way to start a game.

Obviously settled in place. I built scout-scout-granary-Stonehenge. Found every civs and cs soon enough to get a good idea what is going on this map. I picked free settler from Liberty before free worker. I settled on a wine east of here and sold it for rush buyed worker. Stole one from a cs later then the free worker from Liberty for 3 total for 2 cities. Allied 2 cs.

Second city built Oracle after library. Meanwhile, capital is building the NC. I attacked Washington with a scout to steal his settler for another free worker. Made peace some turns later(nothing in return). My army was still only 2 jags at that time. Allied 3 more cs.

Some turns after, i began to build 2 settlers from cap when Catherine decided to go at war with me. She destroyed a settler...had to build another one. I upgraded my 2 jags thanks to 6 iron tile showed up in 2nd city. I built 2 more and make Russia afraid enough to make peace(nothing in return). Later, with 4 cities, Oda declared war to me too and still fighting him(fresh new war). I have a decent army now. I allied 2 more cs.

Yes, you heard that. I allied 2+3+2 cs among the way :eek:. Lot of lucky quests and wandering scouts stealing workers from barbs. 2 maritime and 5 cultural in all. I generate 100 CPT and i'm in good shape:) Bad news, the GL was built turn 46. With all these monasteries, i don't have the time to get a short cut to Acoustics. I will rush buy 2 monasteries and will get temples, monuments and monasteries in all 4 cities before acoustics around turn 115 :goodjob:

Oct 17, 2011, 12:23 AM
Update turn 177 :

Used a gs for Notre-Dame in Tlatelolco(3rd city). Started PT in cap and Hagia Sophia in 2nd city while other cities are building temples).

I popped a ge and a gs at the same time. Gonna use the ge for Louvre later. I'm preparing myself to invade Russia. China went at war too but faced a wall of allied cs. Made peace later for some gold but she broke a damned RA.

I also attacked Washington some turns later.

I couldn't take Russia's capital so i made peace for another 10 turns. But i got Washington though. The Louvre is almsot completed and i'm building and rush buying museums everywhere.

Finally taken Moscow later. Started some wonders in some cities. Empire has elarged.

I allied the last cs katmandu and signed my 2nd RA only. I just can't sign much of them because the AI is always broken and i suck all his money too. I think i'm doing ok, i have 10 policies left to get and i'mgetting them in less than 8 turns each. The problem is with no RAs i can't reach industrial very fast and i simply relay on early massive cultural cs allying to keep a good pace of all this. But i just begin to pop up artists and the freedom finisher will give a nice blast. I'm gonna break my personnal record for sure(turn 314). I will probably finish this game barely entered in the industrial era giving me at least a factory.

Situation turn 177 :

Oct 17, 2011, 02:46 AM
Update turn 235 :

Making a lot of gold, i decided to give some and sign a bunch of RAs to get Radio and Mass Media in time. Surprinsingly, despite all AI broken, i had enough gold to fund myself and others and signed a total of 6 RAs in less than 9 turns. But it was too good!

They declared all war to me in less than 5 turns! :mad: Only Oda stayed friendly. I think they hate me.

Turn by turn, i made peace with some of them. I signed another RA with Germany, hoping to not losing it this time. Well it went good enough and i researched broadcast towers and sydney just in time. The 2nd RA that matured into the whole game gave me Mass media and i started Sydney in capital. I rush buyed 4 broadcast towers and 1 factory in my capital.

Now at turn 235, i popped a gs and a ga for the last time. I will burn the artist for a golden age. He will not change anything in my plans if i settle him. I will get my 29th policy when Sydney will be finished, in 12 turns. I will get aluminium soon and buy an hydro plant in time thanks to the last gs. Then i will start on the final wonder : Utopia.

I will start Utopia at turn 247, maybe i will finish under 260 turns i dunno.

Oct 18, 2011, 03:39 AM
You've got to love the AI's behavior on this map - they are so insane! It's like when you put too many rats into a cage - they start to eat each other. In my game the denouncements started rolling in around turn 70ish, followed soon by a couple of DoWs (Oda and Cathy). I guess they didn't like my building every wonder. Plus, every new city you found (I settled 2 more) has to settle toward someone, since you are always in the middle wherever you are on this map. The AI just doesn't have enough room to expand how they would like and it makes them really testy.

By turn 110 I was at war with everyone on the map except for Napoleon, who was hostile. My biggest issues are trying to balance fighting off the silly AI's (not difficult, but annoying) while also building what needs to be built for the cultural game, and being really low on gold due to no trading partners. If I had about 1000 gold to upgrade my swords to LS and archers to crossbows I could really raise some havoc. I've been allying 3 cultural CS and that is draining most of my cash. I'm on turn 150 with policies coming about every 10 turns and 15 policies left to go before Utopia. So far I have completed Liberty, Piety and most of Tradition, and will take Freedom next. Haven't decided yet what 5th tree to take, probably Honor.

Mazer Rackham
Oct 18, 2011, 10:40 AM
It's turn 209. I realize I've opened 6 policy trees. :hammer2: Maybe I need some more work with Cultural victories...

Still not in horrible shape. I have 13 policies left to go, but am about to have Sydney come online then Cristo. I have 2 GEs saved and have recently grown the population of Tenochtitlan to prepare for the hurry. I went with the Rationalism opener and will switch to Piety as soon as Mass Media (this turn) and Telegraph pop. Once Rifling back-fills, I will be taking on the world with 6 Jag-Infantry and a Khan to try to boost culture through war.

We'll see how it turns out.

leif erikson
Oct 18, 2011, 11:47 AM
You've got to love the AI's behavior on this map - they are so insane! It's like when you put too many rats into a cage - they start to eat each other.

It is the first time we have tried Random Personalities. :mischief:

Oct 18, 2011, 12:49 PM
I went with the Rationalism opener and will switch to Piety as soon as Mass Media (this turn) and Telegraph pop.


Mazer Rackham
Oct 18, 2011, 02:58 PM

Unconventional, I know. My "high score" on my PC actually came from a Cultural Victory at turn 288 where I used this method on Immortal with Bismark and a large puppet empire. I thought I'd be able to trim some major time off, but its not looking favorable at this point. Going into 6 trees sure didn't help.

Oct 23, 2011, 11:39 PM
Turn 101:

Settled in place, 2nd city on the horses by the source of the river to the east, 3rd city near the lake to the south (close enough to get the gems). 4th city planned on the iron to the west, right by Mt. Fuji.

Build order in capital: Scout-Monument-Granary-Jaguar-GLib-NC-(buy Settler)-HS-Oracle-(buy Monastery)-Temple-Settler(for 4th city)

Techs: Pottery-Writing-Calendar-AH-Philosophy-(bulb Theology w/GLib)-Mining-(beeline to Education)-working my way back through the bottom of the tree now

Social Policies: Tradition-Aristocracy-Liberty-Collective Rule-(loooong break while I concentrated on expansion and science)-Piety-Organized Religion-Reformation-Citizenship-(Representation is next)

I bought 2 Jaguars in addition to the one starter and the one I built, which should have me set for melee units the whole game (Iíve never needed more than 4 for a peaceful game). Iíll build a couple catapults when the time is right and that should be enough to fend off these craaaaazy AIs. Russia and Japan have DoWíd so far (fended off for quick peaces in 10 turns or so), but Iím sure they wonít be the last.

Stole 2 workers from City-States resulting in Permawar from Stockholm, Vienna, and Brussels. Idiots. Making plans to puppet at least one of them.

What Iíve learned so far: Aztecs are way fun, and this is a good map (thanks Lief!). I hope my final turn count is remotely competitive.

Oct 24, 2011, 06:00 AM
Hi there ! This is my first real TSG. I started TSG19 and failed 2 times ─had to get used to standard game speed as I am used to marathon─ but third attempt looks winable though longbows are giving me a hard time.

So with TSG22 I settled in place, started with Honor and built 2 Jaguars ─no scout─ then went for Stonehenge. King is easy so I got GL too. As My Jaguars had discovered two barbarian camps just before my first SP I went for Honor and a few turns later I was at my third SP !

My first Jaguar discovered a lot of CS ─went SE then all the way NE─ which allowed me to buy a worker quickly, got another one soon after with Liberty, a third one stolen from Dublin and a fourth liberated from barbarians which I kept rather than give back to China. Land arround my capital was quickly improved so I settled 2 more cities ─SE on the river, horse poped out under it a few turns later, and S on wine─ with a settler from Liberty. Barbarians snatched a russian settler, as the gold to the W was thus still available I settled 2 squares from it.
By that time I had produced 2 more Jaguars to hunt barbarians instead of the first ones who had reached level 2 and were now training further at Dublin.

They were less than one level from March when I pulled them back to upgrade to Swordmen. One turn before the upgrade, I got a general from the second Honor SP and France declared war. I promptly upgraded and wiped his attack in a few turn. Vienna was allied to Napoleon so I layed siege to it for while, first upgrading to March on best Jaguars then getting a few promotions on two more Jaguars, a newly brought catapult and a gifted archer. I finaly puppeted Vienna and was about to finish off Napoleon when he offered all he had for peace, especialy a large amount of GpT I couldn't refuse.

Thanks to the technological advance ─others had pikemen at best─ I could consider my army battle-ready. Catherine had started denoucing me and wouldn't grab more than one whale anyway so I attacked her, razed all her cities and pupetted Moscow.
Everyone was broke from commerce so couldn't get many RA signed. I had quite a nice technological advance by then anyway, same in score so I was being offered less and less for my goods and only Germany was still friendly. So I figured I was better off forgetting about commerce and RA and getting luxuries by force.

By then I had upgraded to LS allowing me to devide my forces into two conquest-ready armies which I did picking on Japan on one side and Washington on the other. He offered a good peace before I could capture any city, I accepted to go finish off Napoleon because my 5th Jaguar was stuck behind unfriendly lines without Embark. I needed him badly especialy because I forgot to build a 6th one before Metal Casting.

Napoleon is now dead ─Paris pupetted, razed the rest─ and with the 5th Jaguar upgraded to LS I started wiping Washington from the N.
On the W front I pupetted Osaka form the cotton and pondering what to do next with Oda since that late in the game ─arround turn 190─ I don't want to puppet too many cities because I'm low on happiness ─my 4 cities are quite populated─, maybe gift Kyoto to my last victim ?

That's where I stopped. I just got Scientific Method. I got all interesing wonders ─missed 3 or 4─ with at least one per city. I believe I am quite behind schedule on SP, Liberty and Piety finished, one missing in Honor, 1 done in Tradition and juste started Freedom. I just got my 4 Opera Houses for free and started a few turns ago to use full artist specialists everywhere, second GA improvement just built in capital. I allied all the cultural CS and two maritime which puts me at ~13 turn per SP.

I believe I can win by conquest within 50 turns or less. Cultural should take me much longer as I need 10 more SP, not much experience there so I'll go for it for training by keeping one civilization alive.
I forgot to take screenshots, sorry, will do so when I get back in a few days.

Thanks for the game, it's nice to play ; never got so many of the same luxury from just my first cities before.

leif erikson
Oct 24, 2011, 07:36 AM
:wavey: Welcome to CivFanatics and GOTM.

Glad you are enjoying the game, good luck with your finish. :thumbsup: