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Dec 01, 2011, 09:56 PM
A Fresh CiV

A Fresh CiV is a mod which changes the Unique Traits and Social Policies of Civilisation V. This mod will work even with mods which effect the original traits (though it will not work with mods which add new Traits, unless loaded after those mods).

Note: All DLC Civilisations are included, but are entirely optional.

This mod is avaliable in the Mod Browser, but is also attached to this thread. Simply place this file in your My Game/Sid Meier's Civilisation 5/MODS folder, run the game, enter the Mod Browser, and Click Install.

EDIT: An alternative version of the Unique Traits is avaliable, wherein the traits have been made exclusive to one another; for those who prefer such.

Additionally, a Swedish Civ can be found here:

Bold represents those which are contained within the alternative version. Values in Italics are those changed in the alternate version.


America: Increased Relations with City-States. Cost of Purchasing Tiles reduced by 50%. +30% Attack against City-States. +5 Gold on Landmarks and Manufactories.

Arabia (Now Scholastic Mercantilism): +15% (10%) Science and +15% (10%) Gold in all Cities. +1 Gold and +1 Science on Plantations. Oil yields double quantity.

The Aztec: Gain Culture from each Kill. 35 less XP is required for levelling up a unit. Barbarians will surrender 100% of the time when raiding an encampment.

Babylon: +60% Great Scientist Birthrate. +10% Wonder Construction. +2 Food per Engineer Specialist. Great Scientist at Writing.

China (Now Dragon Economics): +15% Growth in all Cities. +1 Food on Farms. +50% Great Scientist Birthrate. Begin with an extra Population.

Denmark: No penalty for pillaging. +1 Movement for embarked units and their is no penalty for disembarking. +1 Food, Gold and Production on Camps. Infantry Units begin with the Charge promotion.

Egypt: +20% Wonder Construction. +1 Culture on Cultural Buildings. +25% (20%) Worker Improvement Speed. Free Great Engineer at Masonry.

England: +2 Movement for Naval Units. +50% Golden Age Length. -30% Unhappiness from the number of Cities. +20% Combat Strength in Foreign Territory.

France: +2 Culture in each City. -20% on Social Policies. +25% Great General effectiveness. Free Great Artist at Acoustics.

Germany: Land Unit Maintenance is decresed by 25% (45%) . +45% Combat bonus against City-States. Units begin with extra movement. Engineer Specialists gain +2 Production.

Greece: +50% Culture and Food from City-States. +75% Great People Birthrate. +1 Science on Quarries.

The Inca: No Maintenance costs on Mines; half cost elsewhere. +20% Cultural Border Expansion. +15% (10%) Combat bonus when near a Mine. +3 Gold from Trade Routes..

India (Now Spiritual Labourers): Unhappiness from Population reduced by 60%. +1 Science on all tiles adjacent to a River and take no penalties when crossing them. Begin with a Free Worker.

The Iroquios: Forests act as road and may form trade routes in friendly territory. +15% Combat Bonus when near a Trading Post. Units begin with the Medic promotion and heal twice as fast.

Japan: Units fight as if at full strength, even when damaged. Infantry may attack twice. Great Generals birthrate increased by 100%. +2 Food on Whales. +2 Science on Forts. +5 Science on Citadels.

Korea: Science Boost when a Scientific Building or Wonder is constructed in the Capital. +3 Science on Improved Ocean tiles and Strategic Resources. +3 Science on Great People Tile Improvements and Specialists.

Mongolia: Begin with a Great General, which are considerably more effective. +50% Combat against City-States. +1 Movement for Mounted Units.

The Ottomans (Now Empire of Communion): +1 Food, Production, Gold and Science on Specialists, Siege units begin with the Logistics promotion, +15% Great People Birthrate and +15% Combat Strength during a Golden Age.

Persia: +15% Cultural Border Expansion. +25% ([I]50%) Golden Age Length. +35% Great People Birthrate. -25% Unhappiness from Population.

Polynesia: Begin with the ability to embark into the ocean. +1 Sight for Embarked Units. +40% Cultural Border Expansion. +20% Combat bonus when near a Moai Statue.

Rome: +25% Production bonus on Buildings already in the Capital. +50% chance of converting a Barbarian to your side. +30% Border Expansion. -15% Gold to purchase items in all Cities.

Russia (Now Productive Hinterland): +30% Science in the Capital. Double Horse, Iron and Uranium. +1 Production on Strategic Resources. +2 Production for Specialists.

Siam: +25% (50%) Culture and Food from City-States. +1 Food on Plantations. +15% Wonder construction. Free Great Engineer at Theology.

Songhai: Embarked Units may defend themselves. X3 Gold from pillaging cities and Barbarian Encampments. +25% Barbarian Conversion. Units take no penalties from crossing or attacking over rivers.

Spain: Yields and bonuses from Natural Wonders doubled. +3 Gold on Trade Routes. +25% Longer Golden Ages. Units begin with Barrage or Drill I. Begin with a Free Scout.

Dec 01, 2011, 10:01 PM

Dec 05, 2011, 03:48 PM
IMO, UAs shouldn't have same bonuses (such as longer golden ages: this should stay only on Persia)

Dec 10, 2011, 11:48 PM
I'm not sure if this was just your mod, or you mod and others that I have screwing with each other, but several of the Civs stopped showing their UB. I not positive, but I think it was China, Egypt, Siam, and maybe Songhai? Pretty sure they were all civs with UBs, and it was the UBs that disappeared. Got replaced on the choose leader screen with the palace

Dec 11, 2011, 05:06 AM
It's probably to do with my mod, unfortunately. For those specific Civs some of the effects of their traits were only achieveable through giving them a unique Palace (for instance, for China to begin with 1 extra population they needed to begin with a unique Palace, which grants that bonus, though it otherwise acts the same as a normal Palace - this is due to the lack of modding tools avaliable). I'm not sure what mod might conflict in this way, but even if it is not showing the Unique Buildings, those Unique Buildings would still be avaliable ingame.

Perhaps you can try disabling some of the mods which add new buildings (especially unique buildings), or change any of the Civs, and then deleting the cache folder and seeing if this fixes the issue. Otherwise you can try and get this mod to load last (or first, if that fails). I usually play with Civ NiGHTs, which I always tick/load first, with A Fresh CiV last. Let me know if you have any success. Thanks for bringing this up, of course, as well as for using my mod.

Dec 11, 2011, 05:23 AM
Just as a note, only China, Japan, Egypt and Russia have unique Palaces, so if any more than them are showing up without their Unique Building then the problem isn't this mod, it'll be another. If you're using the alternative version, only Egypt uses a Unique Palace.